UK Murder +27% In 2017; Govt Determined To Ruin What's Left By Embracing Islam

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This is about all the levity you can expect from this article. Sorry! Soak it in. It only gets rougher from here on out. Reality bites.

Islam is a garbage religion. If you subscribe to it, there's a good chance you are a garbage person. I'm sorry to have to be so blunt about it, but the numbers are in, and those numbers are terrifying.

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We'll come back to this, but I want to cut-off the mindless SJWs before they rant in the comments. I bet I wouldn't have to do this if I was bashing Christians. It'd be cool to just make fun of bible-thumping or whatever, because that doesn't get you called racist.

Islam expressly encourages literally endless war for religious conquest (please hold your "Whataboutisms" until the end) and the violent conversion or execution of all non-faithful. It terribly restricts the freedom and thoughts of all adherents. It applies savage and overbearing punishments with no intention of rehabilitation. It is responsible for most of the worst regimes (poorest, most oppressive) on this planet, and almost all of the (non-directly state-sanctioned) terrorism. Frankly, you'd have to be on the lower end of average intelligence to actually believe any of the ridiculous theology. (I wouldn't recommend the Koran if you're not a fan of stories about Muslim Warlord-Prophets raping nine-year old girls for fun...just sayin'.)

That's a rather hefty price to pay for the benefits Islam brings



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I guess fans of spectating capital punishment might see advantages to this faith.

Other than the imams and state leaders at the top of trashy desert countries with citizens' quality of life in the toilet, a few terrorist leaders, and some foreign-based proselytizers, literally no human beings benefit from the existence of Islam. It's a pox on history.

Perhaps most importantly, it has collectively added almost nothing to the whole of humanity other than suffering for almost 1000 years. Although, Islam is rather good at subtracting from humanity. According to Abd'l Latif of Baghdad, (1162–1231) the library of Alexandria "was destroyed by Amr, by the order of the Caliph Omar." So much for the greatest repository of human knowledge prior to the internet. Wouldn't want the plebs to have science, they might not believe magical stories about child rapist-leaders if they have education.

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It is possible this is apocryphal. I was really drunk that night.

Hell, Islam is far worse than even something like Scientology, a bona-fide cult/scam, simply on the basis of Islam's vastly larger reach of pain and oppression. I haven't heard of Scientology bombing any Ariana Grande concerts recently.

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If you disagree, you are a reality denying garbage person, hopelessly brainwashed into political correctness, or an agent provocateur hired by the opposition. If you think this is racist, you are a stupid person who thinks race = religion. This is a culture problem. ("Goat fucking" as a Google search term trend is always at its worldwide peak in the Middle East. At least we just have Kardashians.)

None of these FACTS seem to be stopping the British "deep state/government" from putting in bulk orders for Hijabs and trying to force their women into black sacks as quickly as possible.

In 2017 alone, Islamist charities (many confirmed fronts for actual terrorist organizations, like the Muslim Brotherhood) were funded at least 6 million pounds of taxpayer funds to directly work against the society hosting them. These numbers were revealed in an a study by the Henry Jackson society, and are more illustrative than comprehensive - the problem is suspected of being far more widespread.

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Certainly not a systemic problem with the ideology...

The bottom line is that huge amounts of taxpayer funds are going directly to funding the conquering of those same taxpayers by outside forces who have explicitly stated they wish to destroy their entire way of life.

At St. Stephen's primary school in London, several teachers and administrators were fired and referred to as "Hitler" for maintaining a ban on the Hijab for girls under 8, despite Islam not even requiring it before puberty. We've gotten to the point where the OPPRESSORS are calling the OPPRESSED "Hitler."

Rest assured other schools will be reticent to take a stand now that they expect to be fired over implementing common sense.

Scotland Yard is wasting their time (and citizen's money) going around town to Mosques to try and get "unreported hate crimes against Muslims" reported. Even the concept of hate crimes is juvenile and internally inconsistent, and only a brainless idiot would vote for or implement them....let alone go around town asking for more.

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How about we finish with some stats that justify my brutally blunt opening paragraphs?

I'm a reasonable person and certainly not a hater of any sect of humanity. I attack the ideology or the organization, not the individual, who is always capable of changing their mind and coming to the light.

However, the statistics on Muslim "integration" in the UK are so horrifying that the true haters are anyone not calling out the truth for everyone to hear because they are afraid of some PC bullshit.

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I think I've spotted the problem. You're importing Visigoths savages backwards people incompatible with your culture.

Which one of you politically correct losers wants to defend a 27% increase in homicides IN THE PAST YEAR ALONE? Maybe you'd prefer to take a crack at the 31% increase in knife crimes? The 20% increase in rapes?

Or perhaps we should talk about the 80% RATE OF CHILD SEX ABUSE OFFENDERS BEING PAKISTANI? Come on, are there any Social Justice Warriors out there who want to take on a challenge?

I'll toss you some red meat - maybe we can't blame them because it's not their fault! After all, "Nearly 70% of Pakistanis are the product of inbreeding in Islam, mostly due to the Muslim tradition of marrying cousins via choice or arrangement. BBC also released a study, revealing that approximately 55% of Pakistani immigrants in Britain were married to a first cousin and that Pakistani-British were “at least 13 times likely to than the general population to have children with recessive genetic disorders.”"

BBC, that might be a tougher source to discredit.

A 27% increase in homicides means the UK is already practically at the threshold of Mad Max.

Are you eager to import Islam into your country?

Perhaps more to the point, are you ready to get rid of it yet?

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Copyright: South Park, Pinterest, Funnyjunk, SciencePhotoLibrary, Statistia, The Independent


I'll be your social justice warrior. Your article is complete garbage and you are probably a garbage person also.

Most of your article is what you and western media believe about Islam, not what Muslims believe about Islam. I'll counter a few points, but not really interested in challenging extremist ideologies.

literally no human beings benefit from the existence of Islam

Islam gave us doctors, hospitals, and all sorts, and spread that tech to the West. And they were socially way ahead of us during the Ottoman empire (very gay friendly), but regressed.

The Koran is just a more up to date hardfork of the bible. You can take quotes and read into them anyway you want. From y own reading of it, it is a chill religion which emphasizes doing good, and not hurting people. Even says that Christians and Jews are cool, and there is a signed document that still exists from Mohamed saying not to harm them or their places of worship. Of course lots of religious people don't follow their books or prophets.

On war and terrorism. The Christian terrorism named "war on terror" has claimed millions and millions of lives, making any Muslim terrorism look like child's play.

I'll also be your politically correct loser.

Violence and violent crimes within a population increase as inequality increase. It is a bit funny pointing at a religion and saying "that's the one there! He did it! He raised that crime!" :D

You are correct though about the PC culture preventing police and others from looking into real stuff going on, which is a shameful thing about this country.

I spent 6 months in Pakistan. Dwarfism was common in some country areas. Mainly because the Koran says to give your first cousin preference in marriage :D (Something which people are beginning to drop).
It was very nice to visit a Muslim country. People are a lot nicer and more respectful. And they wonder why we hate them.

Anyway your article comes off as a hateful piece strung together with whatever you could find to support your views.

Being a younger person (your views sound way old), I have a lot of friends in the UK who are Muslim. I would love to import more of their Islam.

You know nothing of history. The so called golden age of islam was a periode where islam stood relatively weak. Islam kills innovation free thought and technology. Name one nobel prize winner from a muslim country. Islam did not give us doctors. What are you even?

Coulf you explain to 100.000 british girls how they were raped and tortured for the greater good of multiculture? Great.

You are retarded.

The hospital was one of many great achievements of medieval Islamic society.

And lots of nobel prize winners have been Muslims from Muslim countries.

You have access to the internet and can educate yourself, but instead you stick to cult of anti-intellectualism.

Why do people like you even exist?

Cool. Send me a link to nobel price winning muslims! :)

But I can do it for you..1,4% of all nobel price winners have been muslims - and I suspect most of them have been the winner of "peace price" which we all know is a bullshit prize.

They like to mention a physicist in 1971 that won lol

So they are 2 billion people and stand for 1,4% of nobel prizes...impressive. what if they "invented" hospitals? Point is that most of the inventions and progress made during the golden age of islam was because it happened during a period where islam was very weak. After that period islam has been strong. Tell me what kind of innovations has come out of muslim countries the last 300 years?


Are you going to look those 100,000 12 year old british working class girls who's vaginas are destroyed forever that that happened for the greater good in the eyes or not?

I guess not.

But you're very good at name calling :)

Maybe It(following awards) can help you the minimum to decide about of Muslim.Not only this but also a lot of noble prize winning examples are available all over the world.Just you need to open your eyes.Please, don't blame us.We don't like debating.We are always fond of peace.So, brother please don't misunderstand us.
Peace Muslim.PNG

1,4% of winners are muslims. You are 2 billion people. You are clearly no math genius yourself..

Btw..these are "peace price winners" which we all know is not real nobel prizes. Just politically correct show. Obama won that price ...says it all. A war mongerer.

And what do you mean? You don't like debating? No..we notice that. You behead and kill people who don't blindly accept your bullshit. You're not fond of peace at all.You are a religion of war. And right now you have very cleverly invaded the western world and you are fighting us from within. I must say well done. And I'm not even sure if I support the west. We're so fucking stupid and naive that we probably deserve to go extinct.

Colonialism is one of many reasons why muslim and arab countries don't have a bigger percentage in nobel prize winners most of those countries got their fake"independence" in the late 50s and 60s.

Colonialism and the ramification it brings is still present to this day

dont blame islam for isis (aka alkaida2.0 aka US proxy army ).isis is a POLITICAL terror group created and armed by the US for advancing her own agenda.

If colonization was so great for the west how come they abandoned them? How comd they did that after the war when europe was in ruins. Makes no sense if colonies were so profitable. In fact is they were not. They was a loss to the british and french. Besides...the most successful coyntries in scandinavia did not have colonies. So explain how having colonoies stopped arabs from having prize winners.

Youre just repeating anti whitd propaganda and self hatred without thinking for 5 seconds.


You can see my post about of Islam.Maybe, It can help you to know about of our great religion. Please, don't blame anyone or any person for your lacking knowledge of this person or religion.
Allah Said in Holy Quran-

O you who have believed, let not a people ridicule [another] people; perhaps they may be better than them; nor let women ridicule [other] women; perhaps they may be better than them. And do not insult one another and do not call each other by [offensive] nicknames. Wretched is the name of disobedience after [one's] faith. And whoever does not repent - then it is those who are the wrongdoers.
So, try to think about of this religion.
History/man deeds cannot be an example.For that reason, you can't blame all of us.The main theme of Islam is "Peace".

You may have overseen something important regarding the interpretation of the Quran: The rule of abrogation.

keep repeating your made up statistics, that have been repeated without any citation on a number of occasions now. It won't be any more true the 10th time you sprout that horse shit than it was the 1st time.

The 1.4% its the first google search on wiki 🤣🤣

except there was no mention of 1.4% in the post that I was replying to....

Care to explain which statistics you are asking for then?

Literally the only statistic that was mentioned in the comment I replied to. Why don't you work that out for yourself champ?

I agree with you,, I have write or maybe litle similiar like you say, but my english not good then I write in Indonesian Language. thanks for your contribution. nice to know you. best regard.

"Most of your article is what you and western media believe about Islam, not what Muslims believe about Islam."

Right, because they totally weren't factual statistics from various government offices and private watchdogs in the UK. LOL.

Jump in and defend that +27% murder rate in one year any time.

Your utter lack of citations make for a very poor argument against well-established statistics.

You hand-wave away massive increases to violent crimes directly linked to a clear demographic.

"I spent 6 months in Pakistan. Dwarfism was common in some country areas. Mainly because the Koran says to give your first cousin preference in marriage :D (Something which people are beginning to drop)."

It would seem you are seeing the reason why I am against Islam. Not sure why you spent the rest of the comment arguing with me, as we appear to want the same thing (better life for people negatively affected by nonsense.)

The rest of your comment is the whataboustism I already dismissed. Further, Western Governments run amok are not doing it in the name of Christianity - so your claims of a "Christian war on terror" are really complaints about another thing I write about regularly - government corruption.

Haven't heard about the Pope launching any holy wars lately, have you?

Ps - Agreed on Ottoman Empire, in some ways. Islam is at a huge regression point, which is kind of my point. It's barbaric and operating on a year 1500 level. Anything like that in the modern age deserves to be eradicated. Islam is practically at the "witch-burning" level of logic in 2018.


@lexiconical there are a lot more topics & articles you can share. Discussing religion especially you know nothing about personally just copying someone’s words is unethical & unjustified. I suggest you shouldn’t have shared this. If you want to discus Islam study Islamic history, study Islamic khalafat. You need to research & study islam & visor some Islamic scholar & discus your reservations & questions. Above discussion & references are unrealistic biased & taken out of context. If hope you’ll take it positively & refrain from such posts in future. Earn money but don’t hurt someone feelings.

I know a lot about islam. Nothing he writes is untrue. Point to where he is wrong instead of "suggesting" he should shut up. Islam is destroying the west. Do yoy want to look 100.000 young white british girls in the eyes and explain to them that they got raped and tortured for the greater good. For multiculturalism. Look yourself in the mirror.

multiculturalism is main problem none that should have happened. it just creates chaos in the world reason why god kept us apart how to get world peace get rid of this idea multiculturalism is a failed idea, well its more cultural marxism.

The value of diversity is often overstated. It should be embraced when valuable, not forced. If people want to immigrate/emigrate and they bring value to a new location, they should be welcomed, assuming they want to be a part of that culture. Attempting to take over cultures by cultural relocation leads to situations like we see in the UK.

You would really look them in the eye and say you were raped because Islam? Most of those women will tell you having had first hand experience that it is not "because Islam" it is about power as it is in any country, and while they may be coming from countries where they have no respect for women, this is down to culture within the country, not within the religion that happens to exist in that country.

"look 100.000 young white british girls in the eyes and explain to them that they got raped and tortured for the greater good. "
I assume you are talking about the domestic abuse of "white british girls" by their own "white british" male partners ? Domestic abuse is indeed a huge problem mostly for women (though some men are victims too) and obviously not just for white girls but for any race, nationality, religion.
If you are referring to something else, can you provide the referenced research source (not a news report but an actual police research report?

No. Talking about the 100k children raped by mainly muslims. Youre not up to date? Provide police reports for your statement first please.

@scandinavianlife you nothing know about islam nor your BIBLE. ask them your brothers who converting muslims rapidly :)

If everyone jumped off a bridge, does that make it right?

The only reason Islam is spreading so fast is birth rates. Having 8 children pumped out by keeping your women chained to the oven for 30 years does make for a widely-spreading faith.

**Even after eight children, our women enjoy a long healthy life. But 60% of your girls and boys become AIDS patients at the age of 30. This is the fact that your community is. Accept it. You should care about your community. You dont need to criticise on our population, our women, our cultural, our religion. First, You should take care of your youngers. YOUR porn industry destroying you Not Islam destroying you and you are blaming ISLAM. Never write anything bad about ISLAM again. Thanks, **

islam is desteoying the west because of thousands of christians converting into islam day by day :)
you are poor people who have no proper clothes to wear, Read HOLY BIBLE and find out where it written that make porn movies ?? You did not accept you HOLY BOOK and talking about HOLY QURAN. what a totally non sense thoughts you have...

I know you're not looking for an earnest debate, but we probably agree on more than you think.

The West, which is largely atheistic or amoral culturally, is not currently a model that should be followed. I, too, do not believe pornography is good for a culture, particularly the modern, widely accessible kind. It's just not good for human psychology, it makes for unhappy people, regardless of any moral complaints

Don't mistake my criticisms for an endorsement of what is left of Christianity or the West. You might notice the rest of my blog criticizes those pretty frequently.

I think most governments and cultures suck right now. Realism is a drag.

Omg it would be nice to talk with you 2, you are both right in a way. There is a lot more to this than you know. I have been researching it for 6 yrs now and you have to go deeper to find the cause. I think the US and the EU has been sold out and the muslem population is being used think about globalism and the left agenda.

You need 3 things to globalize

  1. A equal living standard for all ( this means some are gonna take a huge hit in their way of life to ensure others are and feel equal )

  2. A one world currency ( think digital and no it wont be BC it will be one they can control and rob from )

  3. A one world religion so the dogma fighting will end.

And a again dumbed down working class that cannot threaten them.

You even don't know Abc of ISlam

I'm sorry that the truth hurts. The statistics are in, and they are conclusive.

You don't know the definition of plagiarism.

What statistics are in? 80% of people in an abuse case are Pakistani?

where is this publicated? Why do the post lack references?

Who created ISIS ? not muslims...

America created ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Stop resisting us. You can't win. We own you. You've never hurt us and you never will.



Islam is the most stupid thing in the whole multiverse. If I were Donald Trump or Putin, I would certainly wipe all these motherfuckers out from the face of the earth.

What's the use of those nuclear warheads if they aren't put to test? Just grab some hundreds of them and mix with swine fats, send to Islamic countries for fuck sake.

No more brainless plague to the society worshiping their imaginary friend like an idiot. End of story!

Is this your theses? wounder where the brainless worship is stemming from, you worship trump and putin, and direct hate towards millions of holy men/women, strong case!

Hate breeds hate.... go spread it at facebook

millions of holy men/women

What a fucking joke!

If there's a group of people who were 'somewhat' entitled to the term 'holy' it should be the Tibetan or Buddhist monks, not your stupid rats who don't understand shit.

This is your view ? wounder where the hate comes from... you know many christians live peacefully in Iran side by side with Muslims? There are no calls for unjustified violence in the quran.

What you address is problems with cultures and society, why express your hatred over the millions of ACTUAL holy men and women?

So just because you find Buddhist monks more holy, an Imam can´t be? Argumentation error , Red herring distraction, non consequential information etc etc

Take your petty and small view full of hate to Facebook where you are all equally wise xD

over the millions of ACTUAL holy men and women

Seriously? Best laughs in months so far! I'm dying for your good sense of humor.

Take your petty and small view full of hate to Facebook

What is your authority over me for having the guts to force me express my views on a fully retarded Facebook? I want to know. You seem too special to demand such. Facebook is only for those psychologically incapacitated butthurts, just like you, who would like to preserve their sensitive pussy. Try some lube next time!

Again non consequential i have claimed no such authority merely suggested a place to find equals.

There are over 200 million Muslim why would not 1% be actual holy in their life style ? Again non consequential.

I feel glad to be able to express understanding towards all living things including you! :) There are nothing strange with your view, hatred towards over 200 million humans due to the actions of a few. That is the judgment of hate and pettiness spread by main steam media, don´t eat it whole :)

Why not comment on all the Christians living peacefully with Muslims in Iraq??? ah rite it conflicts with your hate towards 100´s of millions!


There are over 200 million Muslim why would not 1% be actual holy in their life style ? Again non consequential.

So you're saying the 1% of Moslems represent the entirety of Islam? Sound argument you have.

And for your information, I have been a member of more than 1,000 Facebook groups which include Christians vs Muslims, Christians vs Atheists, Christians vs Atheists vs Agnostics, Occultism, Mysticism, Magick, Science, Philosophy, Flat Earth, so on and so forth. I have been to a countless battles online, some morons would resort to life threatening when ran out of reason but I don't give a damn fuck. What's your point?

Reason why I no longer hang out on there is because I realized it would be better to move the battleground wherein I get paid for expressing all my point of views. If you're thinking Facebook is the best place to talk about stuff like this nowadays, then you are a clueless sheep on how bigoted the Pussybook internal censorship can be.

That is the judgment of hate and pettiness spread by main steam media, don´t eat it whole :)

I don't rely on mainstream media nor social media to gather information for fuck sake! I was born and grew up in Mindanao you son of a bitch and I witnessed first hand how retarded and how barbaric these stupid Muklo a-k-a Moslems particularly when they were in their home territory. Get your facts straight before defending some really stupid shit!

You conveniently leave out the part where only MUSLIMS COUNT AS HUMAN BEINGS IN ISLAM.

You are wrong here please search freely on islam and its laws and rights.Islam is a peaceful religion, you can read the history of prophet PBUH .Also you can take lectures of Dr Zakir naik in english for more information.You can read abulaala moudui book deneeyat in English for detail .
.If you can not do this, read Quran in english and tell us the points where you feels that Islam only called muslims human beings with example from Quran or hadith.Islam is polite with all human beings and respect all human beings no matter its a muslim or non muslim
read the history of muslim wars and you will find these rules ,
war will be defense , not killing womens ,innocent childrens ,old mens,ban on destroying non muslims worshipping places, ban on cutting trees and poisoning water

Islam is a religion of mercy to all people, both Muslims and non-Muslims. The Prophet was described as being a mercy in the Quran due to the message he brought for humanity:

"And We have not sent you but as a mercy to all the worlds." (Quran 21:107
Islam is a religion of tolerance. It has granted equal rights to the non-Muslims in the Islamic State, but without imposing equal duties on them. The reason is that Islamic State, unlike the modern national State, classifies citizens into two categories according to their religion or faith: Muslims and non-Muslims. Muslims have different kinds of rights and duties than those of the non-Muslims.As the Islamic State is an ideological State, its defence (jihad) is the duty of the Muslims only, while the non-Muslims are exempted from this duty.

Thank you

If that exists as a legitimate Islamic belief then go find that from a viable source (not propaganda nor extremist individual) and post it here. Because this is looking really ignorant now.

Haha and then u people talk about human rights and shit... while demanding to wipe out 2 billion people! HAHA!

Who says I talk about human rights? Stop assuming you faggot. Also please note, blindfolded idiots don't count as humans in my book. Morality is fucking relative, deal with it you dumbass! Now you've just licked my balls.

well, I assumed that because almost 99% of westerners do believe in human rights and freedom and stuff. I appreciate that you are at least honest about rejecting it. But please, if you dont count these people as humans in your book, then dont expect humanity from them when the going gets tough.

then dont expect humanity from them when the going gets tough.

Well, it's already been a tough situation here (Mindanao) long before I was born into this freakin' world. Almost five (5) decades of sustained armed conflicts have been the socio-political norm. If Russia or the Pentagon would just drop a couple of warheads into these Moslem infiltrated area, that would be awesome.

So you purposely want to kill women and children for this? dude what is the difference between you and the terrorists...

May I ask you a question, what makes these stupid women and children so important than those dying every day from hunger and diseases, as if they have a significant place in the vastness of the entire immeasurable universe?

If killing all potential terrorists be the solution to end terrorism itself, so be it. I don't give a fuck! Again there is no objective morality no matter how you philosophize everything. The end justifies the means!

Free your fuckin' mind and make it up bruh! You're still stuck in the futile conventional way of thinking.

Good opinion

Whats wrong with offending someone?- Is silence a preferred state in your world?

Sounds about right.

We don't give a rodent's rectum about your feelings mate, why don't you scoot off back to Facebook, maybe tweet your mum? Maybe she cares about your feely feelings, i mean, come on, how old are you, 10 ?

Frankly many people do not like your post, because in it telling or attacking one religion, in Steemit we are not recommended for this. My advice, before you tell about a religion, you need to understand it clearly and correctly. There are other things you do not know, behind this news. please consider!

This post is wrong is so many levels. Full of hate speech and bigotry based on complete ignorance. Author claims to have some facts. But zero was provided. Not a single cited source for verification. Initial premise of the post alone clearly intended to spread bigotry and hatred. I have read the entire post to see maybe there is some credible foundation or "facts" as author states. It became clear author is completely ignorant in the matters and has no interested addressing any real issues. But rather chooses to engage in hatred and bigotry. I am surprised and disappointed to see @smartsteem supporting this nonsense.

Anyone can feel hate from this..
Thanx geekgirl to be so determined..
I am really disheart and speechless to see this post.. I always thought steemit is a social media platfrm having respect and love for others.. But now i am totally disappointed..
Its so wrong to criticize a book even without reading it..
How can you believe informations on internet that they are true.. I cant believe.. Anyone can make and discus true or lie here in his blog..
And how can any obe say that reason behind crime is islam..
Burma iraq syria all burning countries are muslim countries.. Who is behind the game world knows about it..
How can you say even without reading quran that islam is teaching crimes..
Only you can claim anything when you read it analyze it yourself

I live in Israel, a country with a difficult history with its Muslim population to say the least. But I usually, but not always have more problems with fellow Jews. This is probably because I don't antagonize people if I know that they are Muslim. I don't have any close friends who are Muslim because I am concerned about extremist Muslims who might pose as my friend and who might try to hurt me. On the other hand I have far more difficulty with many Jews here who might hurt me directly. In general, I try to respect people the way I want to be respected. That generally seems to work for me. I also don't act "holier than thou" all the time. I am not looking for problems in my life.

I can relate to how you don't antagonize the outgroup while being concerned about danger posed by ingroup members. I'm from another land but I can tell you that I have a similar experience while growing up.

Just sad to read this coming from you @lexiconical.
Summarizing a religion in some numbers related to the acts of extremists is just sad.
And calling Islam and whoever disagrees as "garbage", wow

we Muslims are not terrorist, some people ruin the image of we Muslims and that is painful for us.

The distinction may not matter to you, but I'm not saying all Muslims are terrorists. I'm saying the religion (not the people) is hateful and violent, and it oppresses a great many people (women, gays, those who speak out, non-believers).

Anyone who subscribes to an ideology like that is a bad person in my book, regardless of whether it is a religion, a political theory, or a book club.

I agree here also but to state one without the other is a hard sell ..
If those that call go by the Quran and those that go by the Bible ran their lives to the letter or those books. There would be bloodshed in the billions .

That said it is the ones that are going and living by every letter of the book of their religion. If they do and its their right to they will never fit into a multi religion country. This is where our trouble is, the only way they will fit into a multi religion country would be to take it over.

Unfortunately too many of you are. We are fed up now.

And I'm fed up with your types. We get it. You have a larger amygdala. Get over it!

@steemit-fairy I strongly agree with you. Odds are in every religion & community ruining the image of whole religion & society. But such examples couldn’t be generalised.

Sebelumnya saya ingin memberikanbtanggapan saya kepada @lexiconical atas artikel ini. Dari sisi data yang anda ajukan sebagai pendukung pendapat, maka harus saya katakan anda berhasil mengelabui para steemian yang membaca artikel ini. Tapi patut anda ketahui juga, bahwa data kriminalitas yang anda ajukan tidak memuat secara lengkap alasan-alasan tindak kriminal itu terjadi. Satu-satunya alasan yang anda hadirkan hanyalah sejak Islam Hadir di London, angka kriminalitas meningkat. Hanya itu. Menurut saya ini adalah data paling buruk yang saya jumpai bagi seorang penulis artikel. Hal ini makin membuat anda semakin tidak ilmiah ketika anda memberikan pemahaman kepada pembaca tentang ayat-ayat tematik yang secara umum tidak dapat ditempatkan pada tema islam dalam bermasyarakat. Ayat-ayatnyang saudara ajukan berkaitan dengan sikap untuk sebuah keteguhan dalam beragama, bukan untuk menyerang apalagi membunuh. Kedangkalan saudara memahami ayat-ayat tersebut bisa membuat penganut agama Islam tersulut secara emosi terhadap saudara, lalu nantinya siapa yang harus kita cap sebagai provokator, anda atau muslim ??
Disisi lain, saya hampir sepakat dengan @clausewitz (52) yang menyatakan bahwa agama tidak pernah salah, hanya penganutnya yang salah dan itu bukan karena ajaran tapi karena tingkat pendidikan yang rendah, emosi yang tidak terkontrol, provokasi, kepentingan agar mendapatkan vote dan lain-lain.

Saya kira isu Islam sebagai Agama Kekerasan juga sudah tidak laku lagi saat ini, anda bisa penganut agama lain yang juga melakukan kekerasan di berbagai negara selain Islam. Ajaranya yang salah atau pemahaman penganutnya ?? Jadi stop membawa isu agama dalam dunia steemit ini.

Saya kira sesuai dengan semangat relasi dan persaudaran yang diagungkan oleh #steemit, maka artikel ini bisa termasuk ke dalam kategori artikel provokatif dan menyebabkan perpecahan. Kalau saat ini beberapa steemian sedang gencar untuk mempromosikan steemit dan meninggalakan facebook, maka postingan artikel ini bisa membuat para steemian di dunia Islam menjadi muak dan ini tidak baik secara ekonomi. apalagi pelakunya hanya bawa isu tidak penting tentang agama. Seharusnya ada kebijakan tegas terhadap hal ini.
I'm Indonesian, if you dont understand, please use google translate. This the simple like your post using simple intrepretation.
Terimakasih #steemit. Salam persaudaraan

Astagfirullahaladzim, wahai saudaraku, saya membaca blogpost ini penuh dengan kemarahan kerana telah mengutuk Islam dengan sewenang-wenangnya. Sebagai seorang Muslimin, apa yang diterjemahkan dari Bahasa Arab ke Ingerris di dalam Quran itu adalah tidak lengkap. Saya begitu kecewa Islam dikutuk dengan hebatnya di Steemit. Saya berdoa kepada Allah S.W.T negara khilafah akan ditegakkan. Allahuallam sekalian.

Begitulah yang terjadi...hanya demi kepentingan vote dan materi, agama jadi barang dagangan para pembenci agama.

We are not terrorist.Islam is the religion of peace.Islam is the complete code of life.You have to know about of Islam.It can help you proper direction.Do u know, Islam is the only religion who has a complete direction of your life.You should have to read Al Quran.In the Holy Quran said about of Islam-
“O You who believe! Enter absolutely into peace (Islam). Do not follow in the footsteps of satan. He is an outright enemy to you.” (Holy Quran: 2, 208)
“Fight for the cause of God, those who fight you, but do not transgress, for God does not love the transgressors.”
”And feed with food the needy wretch, the orphan and the prisoner, for love of Him (saying) : We feed you, for the sake of Allah only. We wish for no reward nor thanks from you..”

I believe, you will convert to Islam oneday, after knowing the truth about Islam. Or at least you will regret that you used to made a post like this and unfortunetely you cannot delete it anymore..

This is my hero

I just love how concerned white libtards are about the precious innocent muslims. Oh, most not hurt muslims feelings! Must not generalize!

At the same time they are generalizing an entire race and gender (white males) and falsely accuse them of being the root of everything evil in this world.

It's quite bizarre and pathetic to watch - especially considering it's mostly whites doing it :D

Whites - a special kind of retardation.

You only believe that because that is the narrative of the world that the media presents you with. It isn't reality but it makes you feel special for not being as dumb as those other people your media tells you about :D

There is no point of arguing with marxists. That much I know :)

Go embrace your mass murdering heroes and practice that passive aggressive cuck attitude. It suits you. lol

Yeah, and shove that passive aggressive way too high upvote up your bunghole :D

You're just ignoring the facts. They are plain for you to see.

When was the non-Muslim terrorist bombing that made the news? The Unibomber lol? (I'm sure there's at least one more recent.)

Where are these facts? (please share) Are you claiming that the evidence shows Islam is the cause of an increase in murder over 2017 in the UK? Have you realized what you have written doesn't add up? Where are these facts?

Also have you ever been to a Muslim country? Or talked to a Muslim person? Do you have any Muslim friends? Do you think you are an expert and authority on Islam? Where did you study it? The newspaper?

When was the non-Muslim terrorist bombing that made the news? The Unibomber lol? (I'm sure there's at least one more recent.)

Lol about two a week in Northern Ireland. You wouldn't hear about that though on non-NI news stations (unless it was Muslims of course :D ).

Your views on Islam are the same views people held recently against the Irish. I still get shit from older generations who still group people based on what they have been told about them.
I fondly remember having to use special security lanes at Airports. So fun to be treated as a second class citizen.

Here is a paper showing the link between rising violent crimes and rising inequality.

do not talk about something you do not know, we Islamic people never mock your religion, for me my religion, for you your religion.

I will probably not mention the majority of Nazis who go to church, nor will I mention 24 Indians who have committed a mass murder of 96 Muslims in 2002, nor will I mention how the manili incident where 65-70 Moro Muslims were slaughtered, nor will I saying how Miyanmar killed our Muslim siblings, as well as the first world war, second and other possible Muslim wars also involved. nor will I mention how the Indians are treated either by the ready.
all your statements above may be true, I do not refuse if that's your view, and hopefully more 1.8 Muslims in the world don't choose the wrong way of life as you write above

I tended to be a religious person in my younger days but after watching all kinds of nonsense just decided to believe in myself. I don't like to judge other religions; I personally believe each religion is a lifestyle and in the end people end up praying to the same God. I'm not defending Islam in any ways yet I've not seen mainstream media focusing on other religions when fatalities occur; I mean you don't see mainstream media claiming about the religion belief of the most recent mass murder shooter for example, but if they were Muslim? That's another story. I still believe in humanity; Not too much nowadays though.

Wow - you are a total cunt!

You really believe that Islam is the product of rising homicide rates? 5% of the population are Muslim in the UK and almost 70% are Christian! Do the math.

You also reference a recent article on Zerohedge which references Gatestone. I am not even going to comment on that, as I bet you have no fucking clue what that means.

But lets just look at the rising homicide rate. 27% - as reported by the London Mayor's Office. That's indeed what they report. So fucking what? Had you bothered to research anything, you fucking dipshit, then you know that the UK, as most countries, do not fucking report crimes by religious belief.
But being the fecal matter that you are, and plagiarizing an article that's already full of holes, you attest the rising crime rates to Muslims.

That this article have gotten this many votes is truly a testament to how many dipshits there are in this world and how many have the sheep mentality and just follow.

Go spew your hate propaganda in sewers where you were born!islamophobia-and-freedom-of-speech-europe.gif

hi... as I mentioned earlier in my comment above, the data submitted by lexi is only "sentences", but can't be verified. Does he know the whole reason why someone is doing criminal ? surely not, because the data (sentences) , brought in this post does not reflect a true author but haters. if the Author want to be smart and convince people that the religion is the reason for the crime, it's must be part of the law, there is a court statement, psychological data and data prison etc as a comparison. if the data is just that, is it worth believing its validity ?

Keep ignoring the facts, SJW =)

UK 8.jpg

I'm pretty sure it has already been pointed out to you... but this picture you are sharing doesn't represent or accurately transcribe any of those passages, and many of them are out of context.
You are sharing misinformation to promote your views.

Wow - you really are just a mouthpiece of right-wing racism.

Don't even want to spend time on you, and will vote for a witness that will try and keep you so-called "1st Amendment preachers", off this site.

You have a right to shut the fuck up. You also have the right to make articles that are not ripped off the internet, and based on facts. Instead you are trying to incite islamophobia and promote hate!


You don't understand how Steem works if you think we can censor content.

I don't endorse this post but it's better to allow it to be here than the alternatives like Facebook and Friends.

actually they can sorta i think down voting flagging on these subjects is wrong it hides content from everyone just because don't agree with something or some content should not be flagged there alot people with higher rep and steem power doing this. this is wrong flagging should only be used for spam and plageriusm

flagging should only be used for spam and plageriusm
I fully agree with you on this.

Go for it. You won't be missed.

shut up you Dog

lol no. Go fuck yourself.

you are a big idiot idiot no 1

Don't let the door hit you on the way out. (I don't advocate for violence, unlike Islam.)

Yes you do. This post itself is violence, of a far more subtle and insidious kind.

Stop buying into israeli propaganda. People, irrespective of which demented religion they adhere to, are not the enemy.

Government is.

It is Government that has murdered over 262million of their own people in the last century, not Islam. And that does not even account for those who have been murdered by armies in war.

I have traveled the middle east extensively and argued religion directly to their faces, and not even once was I threatened, nor once did I ever feel even remotely intimidated by expressing my non muslim views in any of those counties or with any muslims I have conversed with then, or since. So dont preach it until you have gone there and lived it yourself - and not lived it in the way some MOSSAD programmed puppet like the idiot in the picture is doing in England, but gone to their countries and seen reality on the ground for yourself.

All you are doing with this post, is spreading exactly the type of propaganda the government wants you to spread.

Divide and Conquer is the motto, and fear is the catalyst that drives it. Your Government applauds your participation.

it is truly and deeply disappointing, and somewhat disturbing, to see this type of misinformed, govt programmed, hate speech getting so well promoted and paid here on steemit... 465 upvotes for this type of racist, government fed garbage is truly disgusting ... did you receive a cheque from Downing street for posting this?

I'm not so sure about the "racism" part, although I empathize with your getting deeply disappointed with the content of this blog post. Perhaps there could be a better counterargument to this post other than calling it racist?

For instance, your travel experience in the middle east along with knowledge about govt propaganda could be used to rebut? Thanks!

you want to reverse the facts and change the reality that is going on. try to look to iraq, afghanistan, suriah and some other Islamic countries that have been destroyed. who has invaded all these countries? you are only good at making false news without seeing the reality, whether iraq or afghanistan have already invested in America and Europe? no! you say Islam is spreading war? but you do not see who started it, if anyone attacked you, killed your child, mother and all your family, and when you defended and resisted it, then they say you are a terrorist, does that make sense. it's all because you never know about Islam, and in your mind there is only hatred. think as a genius, not like a kid. and see what happens, how do you feel if any country destroys your country. do you believe that your country is guilty?

I am Muslim and will not be so rude to yoou because I think you need to educate yourself about Islam. we mentioned countries like all of them are criminals; i never thought will find hate on steemit. its first time see someone show us hate. Its really heart breaking when see u genralize your toughts on all Muslims. God guids you to the right bath

Boom. All religions are stupid and I'm having a negative day so I really enjoyed reading this. Perfect timing Lexi.

I just had a negative month so cheer up hon; It's just a day, it'll pass!

I'm with both of you.

I couldn't agree with you more.

+27% rate on murder is heinous. Anyone defending this is a disgusting apologist.

Have you heard of Ayaan Hirsi Ali? She is an ex Muslim activist working towards peaceful reform. She states that there are multiple types of Muslims, two which she brings up are Mecca and Medina Mulsims. Mecca Muslims focus on peaceful teachings, while Medina Muslims focus on war and conquest.

Mecca Muslims just want to perform their rituals, pray etc. I don't see a problem with these people. The issue with immigration is that it's very difficult to separate them from Jihadists and Islamists. In fact, even when we do identify extremists, our governments are often not competent enough to do anything about them.

Don't worry though, because the UK managed to stop a 22 year old journalist Lauren Southern at the border for saying 'Allah is Gay'. Thankfully our streets are once more safe from hurt feelings.

As soon as a reformed sect of Islam explicitly disavows and stops supporting radicals, similar to the modernization of other religions, I'd put them in the same category as any other (mostly) peaceful modern religion. Note that this comes with being willing to live in a society with multiple faiths simultaneously, and not forcing your views on others. That's usually where the problem starts.

We just don't see that happen unfortunately.

She does great work for all the millions of innocent to the deception going on, especially around UK.

Haha no more butt hurt britts, praise the lord!

I think we should stop paying taxes if this is what it buys!
Great writing and there seem to be some issues with "perception" in some "ethical" groups but i wouldn't say that many other groups are better.

The Industrial country populations silently watching as we are enslaved and abused are the true traitors to humanity. We know the way but do nothing!
These middle east humans u mention do now know the way... we must forgive and be greater, wake up!

The world is an evil place not due to evil men doing evil things.
But due to god men doing nothing about it


I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

"in some "ethical" groups but i wouldn't say that many other groups are better."

I figure it's possible you meant ethnic groups here, so I'll respond for the sake of other readers as well, even if you didn't mean that.

I think it's important to note that Islam is not an ethnic group, it is a religion. Those who have equated hating Islam with being racist are running a successful, but intellectually dishonest, campaign to prevent all legitimate criticism of this, most savage of religions.

I welcome anyone who rejects the tenets of Islam for a Western, liberal, individualist view into my country/community. My issue is with the religion.

The religion is not at fault, I do not see the verse as a call to "kill" infidels.
I see it as a call to call truth and slay lies, forgive but remember.... Its cultural and ethical interpretations and traditions at fault. But yeah the religion as it is seen today and worshiped today, is pure satanism!

The religion literally requires killing or enslaving all non believers. Repeatedly. It's all there in the text.

This was once a problem for other religions. They modernized.

If there is to be a "New Testament" for Islam that rejects the outright savagery of the holy book, it is already hundreds of years too late.

I have read it , have it in my hand now, the verses is not directly adressed towards infidels, its addressed towards our egoistic nature, but yeah still worshiped like satanism today. But my book is old one of the older English versions... Idnt might have changed a lot. I´ve heard that the translations past 1950 are more violent and easier to get wrong!

I will not be pulled into further debate with agent provocateurs (or useful idiots) denying reality:

UK 8.jpg

Response to your edit: We all know these are not errors of translation. Too often, too clear. What, did they mistake the phrase "give puppy" for "kill infidel" when translating? LOL.

Koran 2:191 And kill them wherever you overtake them and expel them from wherever they have expelled you, and fitnah is worse than killing. And do not fight them at al-Masjid al- îaram until they fight you there. But if they fight you, then kill them. Such is the recompense of the disbelievers. ?? It´s abour fighting back lol stop spreading lies!

True this can be miss read! Its about desires vs truth, lost in time, translation and culture.

This is a modern translation, which has lost all meaning.

This is the interesting part to address, wounder if its being manipulated for a certain agenda or just reflecting the ever more egoistic nature of humanity as a whole hrm hrm

All of those translations are far of my book here, but i dont like the quran it is hard to comprehend, harder than the bible which is hard! I like the Torah atm, thanks to the work of M.Laitman and commentary he has done. The book of zohar is even harder to comprehend but contains truth as all of these books do in the right hands!

The eastern(tao,buddhism,hinduism etc) learning are perhaps the most accessible today, because they still talk about or nature directly, and has not forgotten their enemies(enemy)!(our egoism)

P.s This is an oral tradition, the original writings have problems with phrasing right away..

Poor pictures and totally cheap propaganda,
you should read complete bro, not a piece. Can you read this phrase "you live in condomonium" to mean you stay, what if I read "you live in condom". Of course wrong like your low interpretation. is it true @clausewitz ?

Yeah the translations here are ridiculous, pure propaganda, then the interpretations of the translations are even worse, sad to see hate towards it.

Point 1 finger, and 3 will point back :)


The final conclusion: Islam has nothing to do with Islam.

This actually cleanly resolves many things that seemingly were contradictions before.

You may be a genius.

Legit religious are so stupid, i'm not sure if anything really good comes from them ever. Christians use to kill people in droves for not believing in their god and now this. Just non stop stupidness if you ask me

You won't catch me defending any of them, but at least most of the other ones have seen steady reform over hundreds of years.

Islam is not a religion of rubbish, you have to think before you say it. I think you know that Islam is a religion in this world that has enough people, They are quite peaceful and very tolerant with other religions in the world. If the religion of Islam is rubbish, I am very sure you and your people will be used as barrels. And they can do it. Allah is the Greatest. (Allahu Akbar)

There are messages from our prophet on Peace , spreading peace and importance of peace in Islam that Prophet (SAW) did exemplify for us and we should know about them and should follow the Sunnah of Prophet (SAW) to bring peace and harmony among Muslims and also to whole mankind. The Hadith on spreading peace is as follows:

“O people, spread peace, feed the hungry, and pray at night when people are sleeping and you will enter Paradise in peace.” (Sunan Ibn Majah)

Abu Umamah reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace, and blessings be upon him, said:

“Verily, the best of the people to Allah are those who begin the greeting of peace.” (Sunan Abu Dawud 5197)

Narrated ‘Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her): The Prophet (PBUH) said, # “The most hated person in the sight of Allah is the most quarrelsome person.” (Sahih Bukhari)

On the authority of Abu Huraira (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), reported: The Messenger of Allah, (SAW), said, “You will not enter Paradise until you believe and you will not believe until you love each other. Shall I show you something that, if you did, you would love each other? Spread peace among yourselves.” (Sahih Bukhari)

Securing peace was a major expedition of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), which was crucial for conveying Allah’s message to others and for the sustenance of a society of individuals who followed Allah’s teachings in their personal and collective affairs. For the first thirteen years of his Prophet Hood, the Prophet (PBUH) remained in his city of Mecca, using peaceful means of persuasion despite the powerful opposition that he had to confront. Despite horrific persecution, he and his followers remained steadfast and determined, preaching to the people and seeking to guide them to the right path. Later, when the situation became intolerable, he left for Medina, where his first effort was to establish peace and to build bridges of love, brotherhood, and harmony between the Muslim migrants.

From above example, we can conclude that no matter what’s the situation is we should try to maintain peace and harmony among us and with others in this way we can follow the Sunnah of Prophet (SAW) and also spread our religion in a peaceful way.

The possible reason that one can come up with related to the presently defame image of Islam is perhaps the negligence of Muslims when it comes to developing an understanding of Islam. It is due to lack of understanding .

Kindly Check Literature of Islam And than argue ,False report

If you look at history Christians started the Jihad, not Islam! Sounds like Islamaphobia to me! Might as well say all Jews are evil people. You know what fuck you! Your just calling names. Now I'm a 'garbage person'. Ya, Bloody brilliant!!

I'm not really interested in childish playground arguments like "who started it" thousands of years ago.

What I'm interested in is who is murdering, raping, and blowing shit up in 2018. The statistics are in and there is a clear correlation that importing a violent, hateful religion that hates you is a bad idea.

Yes, I think people who subscribe to violent and hateful ideologies, based on made up nonsense and used to enforce the oppression of entire groups of people (women, gays, anyone who speaks out against Islam) are garbage people.

I'm sorry the truth hurts.

lol ,you can say what you think i am just feeling that you should search on it before spreading your views its true or not because you are not listening with your ears and not reading with your eyes its the a specific strong and biased lobby propaganda on media blinders are the followers and others are searching the truth

Those person who underestimate other religion, they actually underestimate and insult their own. We Muslims fight against the injustice, but our image now destroyed by some.

Allahuakbar ✊✊ I am the daughter of aceh, I hereby tell you please do not disturb Islam, before all steemit users from aceh vote then please delete this post, because Aceh is more respect for religion, for religion aceh willing to leave steemit if in steemit this is just a place of harassment. may you say islam rape, try to see the background of islam, sometimes pretend to islam, remember by you wahai kafer laknatillah if you do not delete this post hence this aceh Indonesia will wake up to jihad

Aceh is once the Protectorate of the Ottoman Empire. I respect Aceh. Saya hormat Aceh!

@lexiconical you and your article is totally garbage, you think people will believe on your bias useless wrong article ?? you think muslims are terrorists in the world ??
ok, if muslims are terrorists then WHY alot of christians are converting into ISLAM on daily basis??
the truth is you all communists are afraid of increasing of ISLAM in your countries :), in coming 10 years You all christians, non-muslims and your childrens will have to accept ISLAM.
you forget muslims are ruller of all europe. You forget 100 years agreement ???? For your kind information, go and do more research. i advise you to find an original BIBLE from library of congress and read it carefully with open heart.
your total article is baseless, useless. I will not hate you BECAUSE my religion ISLAM didnot teach me to hate someone. ISLAM mean PEACE. its a religion of PEACE.
dont be sad, do research on ISLAM, you will know the truth...
and read this article, you will know muslims are are terrorists or YOU...

The UK, Canada and Europe are all lost, they have these hate speech laws instead of free speech. As a result anyone who opposes the implementation of sharia law will be locked up for speech crimes. They are basically fucked. It will all be called the Northern Caliphate. I don't think we can bail them out of this one.

Muslims are not terrorist . its drama of isreel

some truth to that statement!

Why can't we just live in peace.

It's because selfishness

You're probably correct. The extreme selfishness of many of the corrupt at the top renders resources scarce enough that we all must fight over them, despite being in an age of relative plenty.

and even more selfishness from the middle / bottom layers doing nothing about it!

I think its because of ignorance.

I don't know what to say. Though It is an interesting article and makes a lot of sense.

We all look forward to your upcoming neo-nazi support article.

Pope Francis again made an astonishing statement. In an interview with the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, the Argentine Pope explained his belief in God. "I believe in God, but not (to) the Catholic God," the Pope told the founder and former editor of La Repubblica daily, Eugenio Scalfari. Scalfari who was quite surprised to get a personal interview with the Pope, was increasingly surprised by the statement. Then Scalfari asked the Pope to elaborate on his statement. "God is not Catholic, God is universal, and we are Catholics because of the way we worship Him," the Pope said. Moreover Pope Francis explained that as a Catholic leader he believed in God and Jesus Christ as the incarnate Lord. "Jesus is my teacher and leader, but God, Father, is light and the Creator is what I believe in. Do you think our beliefs are so different?" the Pope asked Scalfari. The 76-year-old whale adds that he does not always agree with what has been the standard of the Catholic Church. "The Vatican centrist view has ignored the world around us, I do not agree in this way, and I will do anything to change it," the Pope insisted. Ever since he was elected leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis proved to be a liberal pope. In fact, he is more lenient on things that the Vatican has been strongly opposed to such as homosexuality and atheism.

This article has been published on under the title "Pope Francis: I Believe God, but Not Catholic God",

@lexiconical (71) The only Islam religion in the world is a religion that teaches people to be of value, it is no religion to say it to be tolerant. But some misguided Muslims do not realize the Qur'an and save many paths of terrorism, it is not desirable either.

I can't express myself better than this artist did. How to feel on such a day I wonder?

Multiculturalism has to do with different ethnic groups in our society. It has nothing to do with a person religion.
But there are some religious people that are abusing the term multiculturalism,
As an excuse to promote their believe.

Right on brother. . . Right on. When you present facts to people it suddenly turns into “hate speech”. Brainwashed Muslims can’t step back and realize what they believe in just might be bullshit. . . Just like all religions IMHO.

"Perhaps most importantly, it has collectively added almost nothing to the whole of humanity other than suffering for almost 1000 years."

I urge you to google the following phrase, - who created Algebra.

On behalf of America I would like to apologize for what we've done to the world. Our imperialist policy has caused shit to roll down hill all around the globe. It would be so much easier if you would all just let us enslave you. Bow down.