My 30 days experiment on Steemit. Report after 12 days. 40% of goal already accomplished

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Hello, my friends!

The time has come to give you a mini-summary of my experiment, look honestly on the results and understand what to do next. Since the beginning of the experiment my posts have been getting $30-50, and that is a big surprise for me. Especially, I am surprised by such results for posts in Russian. Have a look at the trending line sorted by #ru tag - even $1 is considered a great success for a post in Russian.

In the previous report, I honestly tried to sort the things out and understand who are those little whales upvoting my posts? 12 days later I realized only one thing - I was wasting my time trying to figure it out. They are always different, they vote for my one post and skip another one))

Plan A

When I started the experiment I had no idea what to do to reach the goal. I planned to earn at least $1,000 in 30 days and decided to write every day.

1 post per day

As I expected, I failed keeping up the one-post-per-day pace and missed a couple of days. I don't publish a post, if I feel it's not good enough yet. So I have 10 posts needed to be completed. However, this is just an excuse)) Of course, I am not a super hero, and I am lazy sometimes or not in the mood... just like we all are.

The results

OK, let's check the results. For those who do not know, I write and publish posts in Russian, and then send them to a translator who prepares for me an English version that I publish after. To begin, let's talk about the Russian texts. In the table below you'll find the information about 9 posts in Russian, and one post with video which didn't need translation.

*Column with rubles was counted at the exchange rate 1SD = $0.85.





Возможно ли заработать на Стимит? 30-ти дневный Стимит-эксперимент




Я Идиот! Заработок на Steemit. Разве это самое Важное?




Инструкция. Как воспитать овощ




Мой 30 дневный Steemit-эксперимент. Итоги первых 3 дней




Наклонная башня есть и на Урале. А вы знали?




Мой первый бизнес в 17 лет




Как я вылез из своего болота. И почему важно менять окружение?




Любой может стать любым




SteemiansMag #1. История @smailer. Путь от шуток и мемов до Latte-Art Steemit King




Amazing Color Correction video. Before and after [My original work]




The result is $97.9 per 10 posts in Russian. In average, it's $9.8 per post. It's not a wow, but comparing to the most of the posts in #RU-section, I cannot complain.

Let's check the posts in English. Is it, actually, worth it to pay a translator? Do such posts pay off?

upvotes comments Translation
Is it possible to make money on Steemit? 30 Days Steemit Experiment
31 16.25 6.45
I am an idiot! Cashing on Steemit. Is it the most Important? 24.57 134 8 14.19 6.69
How to Foster a Vegetable, an Instruction 18.685 80 2 8.96 6.92
My 30 days experiment on Steemit. Results of the first 3 days 9.855 158 6 18.30 -9.92
Did you know that Russia has its own Pisa tower? 9.035 54 4 19.23 -11.55
How I got out of my swamp. Why is it important to change the environment? 13.035 83 10 9.34 1.74
Steem People # 1. History @smailer. The path from the jokes and memes to La... 59.375 86 7 25.40 25.07

The result is $42.3. As can be seen from the table, some of articles went into the red. It's quite disappointing, but it seems to me that if there were no articles in English, Russian ones would not picked up such awards. From the tables you can see the same trend as before – the Russian articles got more comments than the ones in English.

The minimum goal is $1.000

Looking at the figures in the table you do not need to be a genius and wait for 12 days to realize that at this rate, even the minimum goal of $1.000 will be failed.

Plan B

I thought about different decisions to solve the problem and every time I got back to the most obvious one – ask another user, who posts articles of other authors and regularly get a good income, to post my article as well. In the comments below my previous Russian report, this scheme of posting provoked a hot debate.

People have different opinions on it, but in my case, this is the only option, which can be used as a protection means against the fail.

When one of my latest articles gained 15 cents, I realized that it was the time. I contacted @terrycraft, and he published my article the day before yesterday. I am not sure either my text was really good or I just got lucky, and someone from the whales was in a good mood, but my post got $796.25 and 369.515 SD, which was incredible. Steemit never stops surprising me)))


3 times I tried to promote my articles and every time I spent 20 SD on it. It didn't bring me any result so far. The last post Steem People remained 8 hours in the Promoted section and got only 6 upvotes which didn't make any difference moneywise. In total it was 60 SD. I think I'll try more)))


Taking costs into account, the final result is 474 SD or $403. The goal is accomplished by 40 percent. Of course, without the last article, it would be miserable 9%.

What's next?

I am going to post 4 more articles Steem People, since this post has brought me the most of my income. I hope this idea can be turned into a stable format for regular publications. In fact, this is my plan C. If you have any ideas about whom should I write about in the following posts, feel free to write about it in the comments))

If my articles don’t bring me closer to the goal, I will turn to other authors again and try to post in Featuring.

Thanks to everyone who supported me with upvotes and comments, I wish you all luck in this vast ocean called Steemit.

author: @cass

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Prizma stile aka @rusteemitblog it's cool-)


Yes! You have inspired me your cool pictures))

Wish you good luck with your goal!
I wanted myself to ask somebody to feature my article, but somehow when time came I just posted it and decided not to seek for featuring "this" time - and so for many times. :) Didn't get almost any results, except for I guess three posts when I was upvoted by whales for some % or chosen by robbinhoodwhale.
Now I think again about the featuring thing. :) Will see what I'll do when time comes to post the article.


I wish good luck you too!

excellent congratulations


Thank you!

I think you will achieve your goal with ease and surpass by a wide margin.


Thanks man!)