18 A cynical picture that will make you rethink your way of life

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You've probably seen a work by John Holcroft before, and in the past he has published many thoughtful sketches. "My self-promotion gives me an opportunity to experience my own style and irony from various aspects of modern life and politics," John wrote on his own page at Tumblr. Check out some of his works below and let us know - which of these brilliant and smart images you find most attractive and accurate?

1-Happiness Tools.

Is there anything else you'd like to put in your happiness box?

2-Fast food over and over again

We take a minute to eat a Big Mac sandwich but what leaves it in our bodies can take years to get rid of.

3-Everything is everywhere

It's very convenient to have everything with you on one smartphone. But once we lose it, it's hard to live without it. Do you remember any of your loved ones' phone numbers?

4-As packed as sardines

Sardines are put in cans to make money while we spend our money to fill like sardines

5-Well-established (rooted)

We know that watching TV can be not that fun but there seems to be something that makes us entrenched in our seats. When was the last time you did exercise?

6-Food companies

Have you ever planted your own food?


Are you like any of your co-workers where you can be disposed of at any time?

8-Feed your Facebook ego

Why really use Facebook? To connect with friends? Or to preserve your personal image and feed your grocer?


Who do we blame?

10-Income becomes waste immediately

We always spend our money faster than we win.

11-Ladders of snakes.

If there is no snake, do you still have to climb the ladder?

12-Being body and mind are separate entities

Physically we can be trapped but in our minds we can fly high. Can our bodies and minds be free?

13-high pressure

Are we under great pressure to meet the standards set by society?

14-the Apple

What does an apple mean to you?

15-Root again

When was the last time you played a game with someone else on the ground?

16-Develop your city

What makes society grow

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I like these. This is deep work...

Great post

منشور اكثر من رائع
الله عليك خرسي

very nice post

Good post! Yep, life is tough and it's hard to break out of a cycle.

very very great post thanks sir

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