Enjoying romanian pizza while waiting for car parts

in #life2 years ago


Today we had some car trouble. The little car had to get toed and needed some new parts. To our surprise it only took the mechanic around 10 minutes to figure out the problem, one hour to deliver the parts and only 30 € to get it resolved.
@combofrenzy and i decided to have some lunch meanwhile. So we tried a cute little pizzaria named Pizzeria Traian .
You can find them here :
Bulevardul Carol nr. 64

They make everything from scratch and have very good prices.

We had a delightful meal with 2 pizzas a big bottle of water and some ice tea for around 13€


The place was very clean and you will find a lot of parking spaces around the restaurant.
Even the restroom was cute and very clean.
image image

I would give the place 8 out of 10. It was worth a trip and I can truly encourage you to give it a try.

See you soon


It was a very nice pizza, looking forward to go back there and try some more 🙂

Absolutely love

damn that looks good.....better than most of what you can get here that's labeled "artisan gourmet" pizza

It was very nice. Not perfect but definitely worth a dinner

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