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is a way of life, not a goal


We all understand that a Black Belt is an achievement award in the Martial Arts. However few understand what it really represents.

Well to explain it fully is not possible as it is not only different for each individual, but also because it is more of a mental and spiritual awakening. This is hard to conceptualize or relate fully in spoken or written word.

In modern times it has diminished in value and inner meaning due to the highly commercialized adaptations. It is now often given as a trophy, token or, dare I say sold... just to pay the bills.

However, even in this instance, it still yields a sense of pride and accomplishment for the recipient. So there is intrinsic value still maintained even through the bastardization of the ideal.


Most come into the Martial Arts to gain or re-gain a sense of self, confidence and pride. This has been stripped from us through the indocrinization and programming from the modern educational and societal control systems. They and we, have suffered the same Coup-de-taut of sovereign nations and cultures for some time now.

Deeper meaning


Becoming stronger and more resilient to trial and tribulations within the arduous training of facing an aggressor, the individual also battles with self, not only external sources.

The learning self, defeating fear and doubt, taking pride in accomplishment... is not just the realm of a Black Belt, it is in each one of us if we allow it! But the Black Belt does signify the conscious effort toward achieving these ideals within a rigorous and disciplined physical, mental and spiritual process.

Please look at the image above, it tells a story. It begins a journey as a white belt... the innocent, but what most people do not consider is that white represents yang, strength, aggression and attributes reflective of tension and stress.

Achieving the Black Belt is the defeat of those personal restrictions. The Black represents yin or control, calm, soft and reserved. It is what we strip from our lives, that it truly represents. It is the beginning of a new way of life, devoid of restraints and concern of self or possession beyond self. It is appreciation of our transformation and those aiding or guiding us through the great doorway.

As the belt and practitioner age or season, the belt returns to white from wear, tear and diligence. It also signifies the return of yang, but this time in the form of internal spiritual and mental power. The belt becomes the synthesis of yin and yang or the complete spirit.

The wrapping of the belt around the waist, is the envelopment of the ideal. This cumulates in a soft knot with hanging ends, much like an umbilical cord of duality, not just absorbing new life, but also the giving of it. This symbolism melds in the intertwining motion of the internal and external... the essence of the complete and ever changing development of self.

This is but and introduction

As the journey, ideal and way of life must be experienced. When it is in the mind it is theory, when it is in the hands it is experience.


Good Health – Evan Pantazi #Kyusho

Image Credit: stateofzen, gettyimages


In theory, the black belt (1st DAN) is just the first step for a long journey of learning... It means that we have the instruments and are finally ready for that journey.

Theory yes, the journey begins with the commitment to take that first step. Without that decision all other points are mute.

That said many perceive the Black Belt as an ideal... once past that, they can now relax into the enjoyment of their transformative journey as opposed to the pursuit of it.

Thanks for the input, it is greatly valued.

Very well said. Reminds me of words of wisdom from happy and satisfied people who've seen and done amazing things in life - that from that point on, life was just beginning. Cheers! @boydman

I guess we could say relax and enjoy yourself, once you make that decision it gets easier.

This is an amazing post, I am very much into the Path.
My way is very much influenced by different martial arts, movement is central in life, and my spiritual path mostly happens through yoga.

I feel it is very much so time for me to get back into a martial art to study, practice and devote myself tin for a prolonged period of my life.

What path do you follow @kyusho?

Kyusho is my main path for the past decades, but I study and train many.

The forms and Katas from Tai Chi to Karate and all styles, are a form of meditation, yoga, exercise and energy development program... if you allow them to be.

As always it is up to the individual to forge their own way in any venture.

I hope to send my child to karate classes in the future , each belt it a true honor and reward

Please spend time investigating the messsge of each school. They vary greatly and you need to consider the impact it will make on your child.

Great post on the true worth of black belt... Thanks for sharing this @kyusho worthy of my upvote and following for more... Love such posts

To look deeper into anything is of value, even if we do not agree. Without consensus we can not measure worth. Thank you for the opinion.

I disagree a black belt means nothing. Belt grading in martial arts is all about controlling the path of their students. You do not require a belt grading system in martial arts. It is the same for the roots of martial arts that is all hocus pocus. People talk about the branches of martial arts but no one actually knows where the roots started. They could of started anywhere in the European, African or Asian countries. The mainstream of martial arts has been so cleaned up over the last few decades as well.

I understand your viewpoint, but anything in life can mean either something or nothing to an individual. As example religion, some believe, some do not. Another example could be a medical degree, it is not the paper diploma that means anything... but we still look for them in the doctors office prior to surgery. And even in this there are varying degrees of opinion.

There is no absolute truth for everyone, just shades thereof.

Yes I see your point. I think the structures of life were put there to put doubt into the minds of many people. Many thanks for getting back to me too.

Thank you for the discourse.

No worries like and many thanks too!

good conversation, earned my follow hope to check you out, well to get the chance with all this content swimming about..

Thanks for your encouragement as well. With so many paths to the top of the Steemit Mountain and I`m sure they will be so much content swimming about all around us.

when i try to learn martial art, think how to get the black belt, though i left the class as early i join, but you explained and reveled the actual meaninig of balck belt, why it exclusive than others. martial art also helps and regain your confidence.

The real value of the Belt is in commitment, fortitude and dedication to self improvement.

This is how to develop personal inner strength and confidence.

Once past the need for confidence, the soul is more free.

Good work..

Good post! I'm going to follow you to see more post like this and for support us!

Thanks for sharing @kyusho!

Your post is amazing. Thanks for sharing

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