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I disagree a black belt means nothing. Belt grading in martial arts is all about controlling the path of their students. You do not require a belt grading system in martial arts. It is the same for the roots of martial arts that is all hocus pocus. People talk about the branches of martial arts but no one actually knows where the roots started. They could of started anywhere in the European, African or Asian countries. The mainstream of martial arts has been so cleaned up over the last few decades as well.


I understand your viewpoint, but anything in life can mean either something or nothing to an individual. As example religion, some believe, some do not. Another example could be a medical degree, it is not the paper diploma that means anything... but we still look for them in the doctors office prior to surgery. And even in this there are varying degrees of opinion.

There is no absolute truth for everyone, just shades thereof.

Yes I see your point. I think the structures of life were put there to put doubt into the minds of many people. Many thanks for getting back to me too.

Thank you for the discourse.

No worries like and many thanks too!

good conversation, earned my follow hope to check you out, well to get the chance with all this content swimming about..

Thanks for your encouragement as well. With so many paths to the top of the Steemit Mountain and I`m sure they will be so much content swimming about all around us.

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