Before I share about my travels from France to London

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Merci Beaucoup

That is how you say thank you in French. A few people have made my Europe trip possible and it all started with a wedding invite from @nikflossus. Thank you so much to you and your bride for inviting us. For also going out of your way to preparing a vegan meal and making us feel like family. To my travel buddy @lindahas, I would have spent 3x times as much without your savvy finds. Thank you for planning, guiding, and joining me along the way.

Let us check off France, for now, head on over to London, but first!

Thank you to @stickchumpion!

You are awesome in real life. Meeting you was the start of an amazing introduction to my London adventure.

Thanks for picking me up at the train station, guiding me through London, showing me around, taking pictures, grabbing some AMAZING food, showing me the coolest pub, and taking me to the train station. I don't know if I would have had nearly as much fun without you or seen nearly as many places.

I hope you come to Florida soon.

It would be my pleasure to return the favor! Now that I know you like cool hidden pubs, I am going on a mission to find one just for you. Btw, how do you feel about cider?

Thank you to @gmuxx!

You can see Muxxy's post about our time together. He captured more moments than I expected. To see the pictures click here.

Thank you to your family for EVERYTHING!

  • Hosting me
  • Feeding me
  • Drinking with me

Most importantly, allowing me to be part of the family. Spending time with you was one of my favorite moments. When you wrote your post, "a wild kubby comes to visit," I was touched by your kind words!

I will share more of my adventure with Muxxy and London in the coming post!

Thank you to the @praticallyapro!

She was posting my content while I was away. A special thank you to you my voters, readers, and followers!

Without your auto votes, manual votes, and comments I wouldn't have been able to pay for my trip! Your upvotes have made this trip possible and will make the future trip possible too. Steem prices may go up and down, but stacking it and using it for fun will always be worth it.

Because of you and Steem!

While in France many people asked how we knew the groom and each other.

It took us a bit to figure out how to tell people and ultimately it was the ideal opportunity to show them that crypto is real!

It's challenging at first to explain how a blog can lead to travel, meeting new friends, and making money.

Most were shocked, confused, and understood enough to believe our story to be true. Blogging online lead to working on a radio show that brought me to Europe. How or when do you talk about crypto?

YOU CAN SEE MORE PICTURES BY CLICKING HERE. You can see more pictures of my trip in France through a post by lindah by clicking here or my food post or castle post.

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Glad you had so much fun. You home safe, or still a bit of travel ahead?


Finally home safe and sound. It’s a long weekend here for us, but no travel plans

"Stand on the right" was that graffiti or?

Cheers and thanks for sharing!



No they have “stand to right signs” on all their escalators. It’s very efficient


Oh, thats good, lol =). Did you find it hard to navigate the London metro?


I so had that Merci Beaucoup sound off in my mind in some French women’s ascent all polite and cute like. Can’t put my finger on what movie that soundbite was from.

You really do look like you just belong there. So interesting all the little things going on in the background.


Hahah, if you think of the movie let me know :)

New places, new impressions