The wedding has arrived!

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The most anticipated post for me and you is finally here. If you love weddings, traveling, and photos, this is the publication for you. I made a promise a while ago, to a couple of you out there. To myself as well. I said I would go to that Steemit wedding of ours and make photos for all of us. And I did. I did so much more, though! But I will start with the wedding as I am sure it is the one thing you are actually anticipating.

A small disclaimer. I will not be posting Nik and Katies faces here as Nik prefers being all mysterious. I will also limit the pictures in which you can see kids as I have no parents consent and therefore I do not feel comfortable doing so. I will be posting some people in the pictures even though I only am 100% certain of sharing my own face.


Let me start with the location. Right next to a pleasant canal and over a cute bridge, there is an older stone house in an idle setting. It is a bigger establishment with a nice backyard and a garden ending in some trees behind the property. This is the house of @Nikflossus. A real treasure that is being shaped into a family house. This is also where the wedding took place. On a sunny day of 18th of August. With garden lights, mountains and mountains of food, and an endless flow of drinks for those wanting any. There was live music that complemented the overall vibe of the celebration. And, in general, a simplicity and richness dominated in this magical garden.

We sat, we talked, we enjoyed ourselves. There were photos taken. Dances swirled, and talks held. It was fun and I did not want to leave. It was the perfect wedding, thanks to Katie's hospitality and cheerful attitude as well as the pleasant manner of all of the visitors. Everything was like a dream. And this was a wedding that truly let you appreciate the more spiritual things in life. Love and compassion. This was not a spectacle rather than a union. It was something every wedding should be.


I look at the photos now and I must say that they can not capture completely the wonderful shindig that the wedding was. Under a tree in the middle of a garden, two souls were united. This was a breathtaking wedding that featured a hundred guests and while some may call this guest count small or intimate, I must say that it kept the celebration pure and close. It was amazing to chat with everyone and find out the connections they had. Either with Nik or Katie. There was little small talk that was boring or unsatisfying. The best man's speech was witty and fun... Still, respectful. It warmed my heart to see this true friendship.

I sit in one of these rows. There is no separation between the friends and family of the bride and groom. Everyone chose their own place. A mischievous uncle tried to convince me to eat the confetti that was meant for throwing at the happy couple. And truly, what a happy couple it was! Nik, in quiet but blissful determination. Katie with a magnificent and sweet smile. The respect I have for them! The elated aura that radiated off of them!


And, what else happened? We met people from all over the place. From the United Kingdom. From America. Me, from Latvia. Living in Germany. We even met @KubbyElizabeth who was also attending the wedding thanks to her own steemit connection with Nik. Flying over an ocean, she landed in a fairytale. I hope so at least. It was a blissful place for people to be grounded and uplifted at the same time. For me to be reminded of values and my own goals in life. It was an eye-opening thing. To have been given the honor to witness this union.

And, of course, there was food. The one thing that is constant in my life. We were treated to a whole roasted pig and many snacks and salads on the side. It was a heavenly place for my gastronomical taste buds. Behind their backyard, and in the garden, there was a fire set up and men were busy at work, making a juicy and great piglet. That beast had been roasted for more than twenty-four hours! After the ceremony and before all of the dancing, we all sat down, listened to great speeches filled with love and commitment, and enjoyed a filling meal. And Kubby even got a Vegan (or vegetarian?) substitute for the piglet. And for party favors? Love Hearts! Oh, what a sugar high I got on after gatting all the sweets that others did not want! I needed to be saved by water because of it!


We met a guest at the wedding. A relation to Katie. He went by the name William and I am mentioning him because he made some amazing pictures with the camera we brought with us. He had been doing photography as a hobby but life has taken its share. Finding time for one of the things he likes is challenging. And, photography, in general, is a pricey business if you are looking to acquire new lenses. I think, though, that we might have encouraged this man to maybe pick up the camera and take pictures a little more often. After all, sometimes you need but a gentle nudge to realize you can make something out of the things you love.

The first dance of the lucky couple (or determined one) was as fun as the rest of the wedding. A little step-dancing vibe dominated the music. There were cheerful and slow tunes for those who wanted to go step by step and fast alike. Everybody was grinning and not many skipped all of the songs. I loved the band! And they even gave a little speech for the married couple before leaving us and getting on their way! I found it very sweet.


Yes, most of us danced! And Kubby even showed me some dance moves! I drank some champagne! And I came to think a lot. About life and love in general. About little and huge things. The realization that I did not yet have the affection that Nik and Katie share was not a sad one. It was an enlightening and freeing. And it most certainly did not keep me from taking pictures with Jonas. He will always have a little space in my heart. Our roles might have changed but I am forever grateful that I met him as he raised me up and I like to think that I did the same for him.

This is all I have to show for the wedding right now. But this is not all of France. I took so many more pictures to share with you! More and more every day. Tomorrow I will be sharing my usual recipe but Wednesday there should be a post up with the next part of my adventures. :)


Have the best day. Today, tomorrow, and forever!

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glad to see you had such a lovely (yet introspective) time over at the shindig, look forward to more stories from your trip! :)


It was sooooo fun! I loved it! :)

It was nice to hear about the wedding and I love your outfit!

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Thank you! You have no idea how I searched for each and every thing to finish that look :D Probably waaaay to much time was invested in this :D

Beautiful wedding and charming estate, looks like you guys had a great time!


Yes, It was a blast!

Wow! It looks like you had such an amazing time! I love weddings! I moved out to a different country long time ago so a wedding is an opportunity for me to meet all members of my family :)

Thank you for sharing!


Yeah. I am moving around all the time therefore it is harder to find a wedding invitation for me :D It was so much fun! Especially since I have only been to one wedding before. :)


Oh, it's the same with me. I actually get wedding invitations but not always I can come because I'm traveling :D

I haven't been to a wedding for many years up until this May. And next year there will be several weddings too. I hope I can make it.

I hope you will get another invitation soon! :)


Yeah, people are bound to get married, right? I am actually at that age when more and more friends should start tying the knot. More and more people are having babies and all while I just want to travel around the world :D

I actually had 2 invitations for the same date. There was another, smaller wedding but I had already decided and bought the tickets for this one. Totally worth it! :)

Thank you!


I'm lucky with my marriage :) I got married 7 years ago but I'm able to travel as much as I can. Sometimes my husband joins me, other times not. Very flexible :)

Oh, I think I'm one of the last ones without babies. Some of my schoolmates have 3 already, lol!

Do you have to buy a ticket for a wedding? Wow!


No, no. Just the train ticket. :D

Babies can wait! Also, there is also adoption, at lesat for me, if I don't have any kids on my own :)


Oh, haha! I thought it was a strange wedding when you have to get a ticket, lol!

You're so right! I have the same opinion! There are so many kids who need parents!

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What a nice story in photographs.


Thank you :)

very beautiful


Thank you! :)