Headed Homebound, Finally Some Peace on the Horizon!

in life •  11 months ago

The last week has been a shitshow. Was incredibly lucky to have friends help me out of the bind being evicted by my ex created. Mad props to my parents for helping me relocate my possessions to their place while I recollect my peace of mind and focus on the important things.

In a way I feel I've been neglecting my network and I apologise. Will have my office somewhat set up again tonight and my price feed fixed as well as maintenance and server checks. I've not had access to my laptop or workstation for the greater part of a week now.. and I highly appreciate the patience in my inability to perform my duties.. it's been a humbling experience being tossed back to the street after coming so far... But things are looking up.

Glad my family has been there for me to help. While I wasn't close to them the prior half decade in the past year or so a better understanding has been found. It's nice to finally understand them on an adult level.

I promise more posts, more code work and more fun coming from myself in the future. Time to get back to me.. time to get back to STEEM.

Love you guys. Thank you for supporting me and ultimately being there for me emotionally through this transition period in my life.


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Understand fully, my friend. all will be good for you soon, we all know it . Steem friends are always the best.

Awesome! I'm glad to read those get those much better news that your last update! Stay strong my friend and favorite dick drawing artist. Actually you're the only artist I know who "specialize" in dick drawing.


LOL. Oh Teamsteem.. lmao! <3

It's not a specialization! It's merely a preferred topic to draw. I think it's hilarious. :)


Haha! I totally dig calling it your specialization. You comment only make it more so. :P

Looking forward to seeing more of those Klye drawings as you get back to a happier place.

Stay strong and kick some butt!


Getting there again. Need to get to a place where I'm happy and productive once again.

Welcome back to the Crypto World , you have been missed :D don't worry nothing much changed here just take on your battles one by one


This is the only world I don't look at and shake my head.. lol

Focus on the important things. Lord knows women are just trouble! XD


As a woman, i have to agree to that :D

nice to read you once again
okay so you promised more post more reads from you
how about more curation and returning ups?


All in good time.

As for curation though I do not have time.. at all. I can code or I can curate, not both.
As for returning upvotes that is not how I roll either.. Vote trading or buying isn't something I support.

As you know I'm always here for you buddy! you can reach out to me for anything! glad things are getting better! no homo but much love!


If I pay extra can I getz full homo? XD


Hahaha. He knows the price

Life gives us all a shit sandwich occasionally, we are supposed to be friendly on steemit, and a friend understands, waits, offers to help if they can.
Glad to see your getting around your problems, and am waiting for some more of your posts


Thanks len.george.

We don't HAVE to be friendly on Steemit... But it's certainly a better way.

"Catch more flies with sugar than shit" is the way I think of it.


I was told similar, except it was vinegar, being friendly costs no more and until someone shits on you, why not? It makes a better p,ace to be if everybody is friendly and helpful

Ahhh man sorry to hear that. What did your ex do?


I asked him to move out about a month ago. He started drinking way too much, fractured my nose (although accidental, I'm sure), and shoved me. He ended up booted by my family before he could find accommodations.

Wasn't a healthy environment for either of us, and we both held a lot of negativity towards each other.

Wishing him the best.


Yup, you deserve better.

I am sorry you had to go through this. I am here with a listening ear whenever you want.


May it be mentioned I barely swatted you with a pillow, you were to busy playing Vidas at high volume knowing I had a headache while texting your other boyfriends.. "fractured my nose" makes it sounds like I punched you or something. Regardless of the horse shit you put me through I've never punched you.. and that "shove" out of the way wasn't even a good shove, maybe you should mention you came down into my workspace while I was leaving you alone and tried to corner me whilst issuing your own off brand verbal assault.. And I moved you away from blocking the door so I didn't have to listen to your crap.

You expressed you'd like me to move out around a month ago, I'd given my official statement of moving out after you'd went out and banged your student doctor buddy but told me you'd be home later that night.. About 3 times. Abuse comes in many forms and frankly your mental and emotional abuse was far beyond what I was capable of understanding or accepting. May your next boyfriend not bludgeon you when you do the same to him.

Your drunk ass dad coming to try to kick my ass was a nice touch, glad to know I was bothering you so much sitting down stairs in my office minding my own you had to go cry wolf and have your mentally unstable father come assault me.. Again.. Within 2 days of me expressing I was moving out to.. lol. Absolutely nuts, your a sociopath at best and malicious at worse.

@cynosure Peace to you, stay the hell off my posts and out of my life. Thanks.

Moral of the story:

Don't fall in love with women incapable of forgiveness or compassion.

Welcome back. Sorry for the rough ride,am sure things will work out fine :)


Shit's already looking upwards.. I think more eastward is where I will end up.

Fuck the rough ride man, I'll be fine. Shed some toxic weight and move forward.

Once I make Forbes 500 and have a private island, jet and vacation house I'll look back and laugh at myself for staying so long trying to fix something that was beyond my power. Can't fix people.

Hello, Dear, I have upvoted you. Can you please also upvote me (& follow if possible)? Thanks in advance.



Importance of upvoting by jerrybanfield Ref

All will be well, what doesn't kill strengthens. Check those biceps grow :)


What doesn't kill me just makes me jaded and less likely to pursue relationships in the future..

My damn tinder is blowing up out here..! However I'm not really interested in dating or being with anyone at this point.. So far the numbers dictate it's just a bad move.

We all understand, life happens! Very glad to see you getting back to the platform and back to the community! :)


This place is my life.. Been to busy trying to sort out "IRL" bullshit to pay proper dues here.

That changes from here on out. Steemit / STEEM is the most important thing in my life.

We've all been there and to have people around to help lift you up means so much. Happy to hear you've found common ground with your family. My relationship with my father has gotten much better too now that I'm older. Better times ahead my fellow steemian! I think you'll be just fine!