Once I install a crypto-currency mobile wallet, then what? ($)

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It has come to my attention that some people are having trouble getting ahold of cryptocurrencies like BTS, bitUSD, bitEUR, bitCNY, bitSILVER, etc.

"How do I buy some, or earn some?"

Once you have a Smartcoins Wallet, then you can send, receive and hold multiple cryptocurrencies (see the links at the bottom of this post).

There's a few different ways you can get some coins to spend..

  1. Give someone your receiving address (go to the "Receive" screen that shows your QR code). You can show that QR code to your friend if he's sitting next to you, or you can send that QR code as an image to someone via email, skype, whatsapp, sms, etc.
  2. Ask your employer to pay you part of your paycheck in BTS or bitSILVER.
  3. Work for it. There are many freelance jobs online (I have posted a couple myself). If you are a translator, a marketer, a designer, a programmer, whatever.. Look for [CrowdVoting] jobs on Steemit. More and more companies are starting to see the benefits of paying their workers with digital currencies.
  4. Buy some directly from an online Exchange, for example: OpenLedger.info, Transwiser.com, Compumatrix.co, BitCash, etc

When Deutsche Bank fails...

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes its laws" - Rothschild

Ok, so now here's my conspiracy side coming out:

  • Deutsche Bank is just weeks away from catastrophic failure (see image above).
  • The stock markets are being pumped up to suck in the last of the suckers.
  • It's the end of another US Presidential term.
  • Like a cornered cat, Governments will do whatever they feel is necessary to retain their "power" over us.
  • Mainstream news is bullshit. They want your support for their wars...

Let's render their use of force obsolete. De-fund them.

Those people (and businesses) who are diversifying and getting even a few bucks worth of crypto right now will be the world's saviours once the dust settles. I know that we can do a much better job of creating things of value and promoting love, instead of violence. Cryptocurrencies are a way out of this mess.

Try some Smartcoins...

I @kencode will send 100 BTS to the first 500 Upvoters of this post. Just reply below, I need to know what your Bitshares account name is (you will see it in your Smartcoins Wallet).

Yes, that's right. I will send you FREE MONEY.

I believe that once you try Smartcoins, you will NEVER want to go back to credit cards, paypal, banks, western union or any of those crooks.


If you like the Smartcoins Wallet, please 5-star it. Every click helps :)

also available on Aptoide:

Please Upvote & Share; this 100 BTS can help bring Peace <3



This is the reason I got involved in crypto, because I have zero faith in the system and never have. I didn't trade in stocks, really hold credit cards or believed anything I was told because I was constantly reading about the abuse of the system.

Let's defund the warmongers! I'm still working hard to figure out how I can transfer more activity to the crypto revolution.

I agree completely with you and have been thinking the same way about everything in the past 5 years.

Cryptocurrencies and decentralization will be the main part of the revolution that will make the world a better place in the future.

I think BlockPay and the Smartcoins Wallet will both play a big part in this. Once people start moving their money OUT of the banks and into crypto, we are effectively de-funding their aggression. Thank you prufarchy :)

Since this post I've been trying to find information on iOS smartcoins wallet. Seems like it hasn't been released yet, if you have any info please share here for any other iOS users

Yeah, Apple (don't get me started on Apple) denied our Wallet. I submitted Appeal after Appeal, daily, for over a month. If you jailbreak though, here is the code to build a BitShares Wallet (different than the Smartcoins Wallet:

Dude thanks! Looks like it's time to jailbreak the old iPad then. Or wait til I get home and load up the newly downloaded bitshares that I haven't gotten to play with yet. Either way, I will post here when I figure out my bts screens me

true, but there r other new startups that are look for better and easier and secured way of doing transactionn without interefaring with the traditional financial systems

In my opinion:

The traditional financial systems you mentioned are probably the #1 reason why the world is at war, economies are in shambles and races and religions are at each others throats. They turn us against each other, create a boogeyman, and fund both sides.

Food riots

Until we de-fund them, and fix the way money works, we fix nothing. Decentralized, cryptography-based blockchains are a great start.

The banks are afraid of crypto currencies.
We take the financial system into our hands and therefore they lose their might over us. We are in the earlie stages of what is about to happen. Traditional fiat will be replaced by cryptos and we will get freedom. They might try to hinder us but nothing can stop the power of crypto currencies.

Thank you for sharing my friend. I already start to pay few things with bitcoins and whenever possible I want to get paid with bitcoins

Try the Smartcoins Wallet above, I hope you like it. Once you see how fast and scalable Smartcoins are, you'll be hooked. Once you choose a username in the wallet just let me know what it is so I can send you some money too :)

Is there an iOS version?

You have my vote @kencode! You don't have to send me anything , I get enjoyment out of seeing others help others and spread the love in anyway they can. Thanks for solid post "good energy" in everything you do!

good initiative, but I want to donate my 100 BTS reward to the next participant 8]

Upped you Ken. Will get you a bitshares name here in a moment. :)

friends sorry for the hassle but could help me in this cause gives a Upvote to Venezuela! my country is in a terrible crisis and I am asking for your help to contribute a bit and bring a little happiness to my people https://steemit.com/steem-help/@edbriv/surviving-in-venezuela-community-steemit-there-are-our-hope-help-us-introduceyourself

Tell business owners about BlockPay:

Tell everyone else about the Smartcoins Wallet (see above) PLEASE :)

Those two things will allow the money to flow your way (and de-fund the evil that started this mess). My upvotes aren't worth much yet, but here is one for you anyway. Stay safe.

This is why cryptocurrencies as a whole has been exploding in popularity recently.

They enslave us all through the issuance of money. As long as they control it, they can control everything and everyone. Cryptocurrencies remove that power they have over us, freeing us to trade freely, express our opinions here on the steem blockchain, even de-fund their aggression. Once I tried Smartcoins, I was hooked. There is nothing faster or more scalable than the Bitshares blockchain. Let me know if you try my wallet out, would love to send you some money too :)

Hi @kencode. I am totally new to crypto world. No idea how to purchase or sell ot. Can you please guide me? I wish to purchase bitcoin and steem power but I dunno how to do it. What are all the links you provide above? Am real noob! Helpless!

Why do you want Bitcoin? I moved up to Smartcoins, they're just way faster, way more scalable, accepted at all BlockPay merchants, and the blockchain that runs it all even has a decentralized governance system if you ever want to add new features to it, you just get it voted on by the stakeholders (anyone who owns even 1 Bitshares (BTS)).

I hope you try my Smartcoins Wallet. I'll send you some money just like I mentioned above. Everyone on this thread should try sending a few BTS back and forth to one another so you can see just how easy it is. Then try the other points I mentioned above and you're on your way. This is absolutely the easiest way to de-fund the evil in the world.

Let me know once you install the wallet, I will send you some too! :)

I have installed. pink-lee
Not sure if its correct. Thx
I see bitshares app too, need to install too?

No, the BitShares Wallet is the old one I did.

The new Smartcoins Wallet is much better.
Paid: http://cryptofresh.com/u/kencode Enjoy! :)

Received it with thanks.

@kencode, how to buy BTS? Thanks.

Hi pinklee :)
See numbers 1-4 at the top of this page. There are numerous ways you can get more :)

Thanks for the generosity, some newbies may have more use of the bitdhares than me! But I upvoted some posts in this thread and hope more people share within this community and eachother.

Egad, Ken.

You made it possible for us to reach out the the general public while there is still time to flee to the safety of cryptodom.

Nice work.

Hey thanx Stan :)

I was not familiar with Bitshares , will read up on it during downtime at work today. Thanks @kencode !

account = ydm-6669

Shared via twitter : https://twitter.com/ydm6669/status/760907352396541952

Thanks for the upvote & the Bitshares :-)
5 stars given on google play store for the app

Thank you SOOOO much!! :)

ydm6669 Yves de Montgaillard tweeted @ 03 Aug 2016 - 18:37 UTC

Once I install a crypto-currency mobile wallet, then what? ($) -- Steemit

steemit.com/life/@kencode/... / https://t.co/SmjMm8R1lh
- Free Bitshares ! Thanks @kencode !

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

just want to upvote thanks

Upvoted to you too and thank you (I think it was you) for giving the Smartcoins Wallet a 5-star click on the app store! :)

5-start for the best app is good, and for me smartcoins is a good one so i give 5-start :)

My account is r4fken
Where do I find my 6-digit pin?

Paid: http://cryptofresh.com/u/kencode Enjoy! :)
Your 6-digit PIN is in your head I hope. That PIN number is bound to your brainkey and .bin file.

Nvm, figured it out. Thanks! If you need a Dutch translation, I can help :)

to get this bounty started here is my Smartcoins Wallet Account : chris4210-mobile

I love the speed and simple way how I can transfer money with the Smartcoins Wallet!! I seriously ca not wait to use it everyday. And when we add more privacy to it .... Man we will live in freedom https://steemit.com/bitshares/@chris4210/no-names-no-amounts-bitshares-stealth-transactions-proposal

Nothing wrong with a bit more freedom - or even with a lot of it ;-)

I translated one of your apps to Arabic, it was worth it. Please post more jobs, it is the only way I can get paid on Steemit

Yep, I have a few more jobs coming actually. Make sure you Follow my blog so you can snatch up the jobs first. Thanx again xcode18 :)

Upvoted. I want to participate in jobs too :)
My account is yaz-c9

Thanx studentsforgood - The 100 BTS I can send you is a great way for you to show other students how easy it is to send and receive any amount of money, basically for free (a couple cents). I will post more jobs as soon as I can, stay tuned to my blog :)

Username: azaan-bitshares ------- Thanks!

Ich freu mich schon drauf BlockPay hier in Kanada zu promoten ;-)
Gruesslis an Christoph & Rodrigo...aber nicht an Angela!

steem-avatar is my bitshares openledger acccount

I'd like you to try out the Smartcoins Wallet (above) if possible. Just register a new account inside the wallet then let me know what username you chose, thanx so much :)

I have no reply option below - so I reply here:

Not a friend that I know of at the moment - but I will ask around and let you know ;-)

I get:
"unable to generate bin format for key" and it crashes
I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Discover right now...

You have to use android 5 or higher since we use secure websockets. Do you have a friend with a droid that could try it out?

You can send it to my friend ama-nia
She has a 6.01 version - we just created the wallet ;-)

I love to be paid in cryptos, because the government can't track how much I earn this way. Why should I give 1/3th from my earned money when I did all the work. I dont mind to pay some taxes over here but 1/3th is too much.

Btw it's Rules-169 as you already know ;)
Oh and I'm still up for another job (y).

Paid: http://cryptofresh.com/u/kencode Enjoy! :)
More jobs coming too so please Follow my blog!
Cheerz from Munich :)

Awesome. Thank you so much.

Upvoted. Thank you :) mad-madiev

Great job, good luck to you)

Great post @kencode

voted. u/n: nickhiggins99

Lets bring peace :)

this is useful, 2 weeks ago i knew nothing about crypto, i'm learning more and more now!

Once you install the Smartcoins Wallet I can send you some money, just let me know what username you register. Thanx sisterholics :)

@kencode: I love the idea but if I don't have an Android phone I can't get the app can I?

Right, you have to try the Smartcoins Wallet to qualify. Do you have a friend with a droid?

You rock, as always @kencode

Thanx man :)

Upvoted. Registered. ustas-krichalko
Every single day you @kencode amaze us more and more! What a WOW!
Still Russian corrections in translation seem not to have been yet applied. Still hard to understand machine translation. Please update the application :)

Paid: http://cryptofresh.com/u/kencode Enjoy! :)
If you see some Russian translations that still need to be fixed, please let me know what and where. Thanx once again ustas! Cheerz my friend :)

Yes, it looks like pull requests from @ratel and me were not compiled into the application on Google Play.
Thank you for everything you create and do for us! :)

All translation work that was done will be released with v1.0.5. The version you see on all the app stores right now is v1.0.3. Hang in there, I will try to have v1.0.5 released in the next day or two. :)

friends sorry for the hassle but could help me in this cause gives a Upvote to Venezuela! my country is in a terrible crisis and I am asking for your help to contribute a bit and bring a little happiness to my people https://steemit.com/steem-help/@edbriv/surviving-in-venezuela-community-steemit-there-are-our-hope-help-us-introduceyourself

Nice looking app! I love that you are following material design. I'm cmtz-co at bitshares

Did I meet the first 500?

You did indeed and there is still more to come!
Paid: http://cryptofresh.com/u/kencode Enjoy! :)

Fantastic way to get people interested in Bitshares and also a smart way to earn yourself a nice buck :) Ahh yes ... I'm deep-synergy at Bitshares :)

Amen! Thanks for clearly telling users clearly and concisely how to use this service. I wish there was an ios app for this as I would love to support it and receive some bts for iphone which I use regularly. My account name is bendjmiller-222 Hope to give you traction here!

I can only assume I am sending the money to your Smartcoins Wallet on an android, so if nothing else please help spread the word about what I am trying to do for humanity and thank you so much :)
Paid: http://cryptofresh.com/u/kencode Enjoy! :)

Hey Kencode! I've been using Smartcoins for several days and I am actually loving it.

If you want, you can send BTS to: angusleung-100

Hi Ken,
You are so right about Deutsche Bank! SHTF in 5...4...3...
Image of Lehman
My Bitshares account is also anonimau5
Thanks for the free BTS!

Hi, @kencode. Heard from my cousin bout the Smartcoin Wallet. Glad to hearr bout Smartcoin. Thanks. Acct name: jj-chic

Upvoted, my account name same like on steem. kell234

Upvoted my account is smart ulis-29k thanks :)

Hey, @kencode do you remember me? :)
My account name is "ratel-89"

By the way. I download from Google Play, and get old 1.0.3 version, without my russian translation :\

Of course I do! :)
Yep, I have put all of the translation work into v1.0.5, due to be released in the next couple days. Just Follow my blog, I will announce it here as soon as it is published in all the app stores.
Paid: http://cryptofresh.com/u/kencode Enjoy! :)

Eh, I'll take some free BTS. You can send them to modprobe. :)

Hey modprobe, it's been a while!
This is for Smartcoins Wallet users, please let me know what your account name is in your Smartcoins Wallet, please and thanx :)

Ahh, the post didn't say that, haha. I don't need 100BTS that badly; I could upvote my own comment and make that much. Save it for the 501st upvoter. :D

Still, it's good to see a mobile wallet for BTS. If it exposes any kind of 3rd party app API, I might look at integrating the FMV app with it at some point.


Ok cool, I figured you had missed that part :)
FMV = Follow My Vote (for those not in-the-know)
FMV is the world's best decentralized voting software, also built on the Bitshares blockchain. If elections will ever be fixed, it will come from FMV I assure you.
Peace modprobe man take care :)

@kencode could you make a video tutorial with steps using the app?!

Yes, already in the works. "ajbitshares" is doing it, and I will publish it to the BitShares Munich youtube channel in the coming days:

Hey kencode, thanks for sharing this article on the bitshares slack!
Hope I'm not too late to the party : D
Username: panako1991

Nope, there's plenty of time...
Paid: http://cryptofresh.com/u/kencode Enjoy! :)

@kencode i can not use the app in romanian. there will be un update?!

All translation work that was done will be released with v1.0.5. The version you see on all the app stores right now is v1.0.3. Hang in there, I will try to have v1.0.5 released in the next day or two. :)

upvote 413, lets take a look, I am nils-azzo

Keep up the great work @kencode

Upvoted! My account is ole1 and thank you :-)

if there is anything to be learnt, it is this whole idea that crpyto is here to revolutionilise the way will be living our live henceforth

I certainly hope so. No more mafioso tactics, extorting millions of people through force. Crypto allows humanity to take back control and blossom like we as humans were meant to do. We are organic lifeforms, meant to prosper, just like a flower. I know that sounds sappy, but it's how I look at what we can become. Zero-footprint.

Hey , i wanna work with you on the development side of things , i saw the crowdvoting posts , but i dont know how i could apply for a gig , i just can vote to fund it ?

Yep, that is how the jobs get funded. People who like it can just upvote it. Then the blockchain pays me so that I can pay those who help me with each job.
Just Follow my blog here on steemit, I have more jobs being written up as we speak :)

Also i upvoted can i get BTS i am on247 on bitshares

Thanks bdavid-1980

Upvoted hehe.. my account is ulis-29k
Thanks :)

Great post! Upvoted :) My Bitshares account is bts-deepbits

Smartcoins Wallet download links are above for those who have not seen them ;)
Paid: http://cryptofresh.com/u/kencode Enjoy! :)

What I believe is not talked about enough is this fact: 147 companies own 40% of the shares of 43,060 transnational companies. If you let that sink in it answers many questions like; who's moving the markets, are they front running the markets, do they like near monopolies, do they regulate the little guy out etc etc, do they buy elections, do they own media, banks, military industrial complex. 62 people own more than half of what the global population does. Corporate Capture - brexit was a shot in front of that bow.

Exactly. Once people start seeing how screwed over we all have been (especially since 1776), the gig is up.

upvoted! username: spiz0r-777

Thanks! Already voted 5 star! :)

Looks interesting. Would like to test Smartcoins.
I like your conspiracy side :) At least I'm thinking the same regarding Deutsche Bank after digging through the results of the stress test.

Paid: http://cryptofresh.com/u/kencode Enjoy! :)
Yep, the Deutsche Bank thing will be a catalast along with some other frign "event" I'm sure. The pussies in our governments need to stand up to the Elite banksters, but that day has long since past. Crypto is what will really bite them in the arse tho. It's our time to shine :)

What I believe is not talked about enough is this fact: 147 companies own 40% of the shares of 43,060 transnational companies. If you let that sink in it answers many questions like; who's moving the markets, are they front running the markets, do they like near monopolies, do they regulate the little guy out etc etc, do they buy elections, do they own media, banks, military industrial complex. 62 people own more than half of what the global population does. Corporate Capture - brexit was a shot in front of that bow.

Bro do you know about the theory global governance?

You might want to explain the difference between smart coins and crypto currencies in your post since the post reads as though they are the same thing while in reality smart coins/tokens are a subset of crypto currencies that attempt to maintain a constant value relative to some other currency or form of value (gold, silver, etc), with the ones you mention all existing on the bitshares blockchain.

you really should add a note to make it clear that you were involved in the development of this wallet and stand to gain from people using it since that's not clear from the post.

Bitshares username is: hell2o

I really like Smartcoins since they are stable, they are market-pegged assets. The Bitshares blockchain (aka: Graphene) is currently set at 3 second transactions and has proven to handle thousands of transactions per second, another reason why I am building stuff on it. Other crypto currencies are very volatile so it makes it hard to use them as an every day currency without having to always dump them back out to fiat currency like dollars or euros without the risk of them losing their value. So Smartcoins is what I chose because of their speed, options, scalability, and the option to change them if needbe when voted on by the stakeholders (you and I). If users install my wallet, I get nothing, but if users want to upgrade their account I might get a referral bonus, but for me it's more important to get the wallet out there so that people can use it at the BlockPay enabled merchants. Pulling out your Smartcoins Wallet and paying at a point of sale in 3 seconds is just frign awesome. The first time you do it, you're hooked. I don't even carry my debit card anymore. Why pay the banksters when all their going to do is cause more problems in the world. That's just my two satoshis though ;) Anyway, gotta get back to work on these other posts now, thanx for the conversation hell2o :)
Paid: http://cryptofresh.com/u/kencode Enjoy! :)

The google play store screenshots show a send page with a donate to developers checkbox (which I assume is checked by default) so you do get something out of people using your app (though only 2 bts/ ~1 U.S cent per transaction and only when people agree to it)

edit: I assume you're also the refferer for all the accounts created through the app so that will also earn a small amount

Buy some directly from an online Exchange, for example: OpenLedger.info, Transwiser.com, Compumatrix.co, BitCash

which is better? transfer visa/mastercard ?

Well, when I buy more, I just SEPA (BIC/IBAN) the fiat currency (euros) right to the exchange. Then sell those euros for BTS, or bitEUR, whatever I need at the time. I rarely ever exchange crypto back out into fiat though. I've found it's much more profitable just to keep my money in crypto once I buy it.

voted. account magnumorocks-989

Too bad I am too late. But still, I am gaitan-steemit on Smartcoins

There's still plenty of time!
Paid: http://cryptofresh.com/u/kencode Enjoy! :)

I've forgotten my PIN. But I have my brainkey written down. Is there a way to recover my pin?
my smartcoins wallet name is "crow-canyon".

No, if you lose your PIN you are locked out of your wallet. There is a huge warning about that when you install. You can import your account again via the brainkey, or the .bin file, but you have secured your wallet with that PIN.

With any cryptocurrency, you are now the bank. There is no middle-man that you can call. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, and encrypted, so never lose that 6-digit PIN number.

Remembered my code! :)
Gonna write it down now.