Does Anyone Know How to Remove Black Mold Like This?

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I recently moved into a new apartment in Taipei, Taiwan. Everything seemed great but since I have moved in here, I have been having some kind of allergic reaction to something. Feeling a little itchy, runny/stuffed nose and sneezing from time to time.

At first, I cleaned my apartment pretty thoroughly of dust and hair from the previous tenant. The window screen was especially dirty. After doing that, my symptoms improved. However, I still find myself a little stuffed up and not 100% well. The only thing I can narrow it down to now is this mold I found in the showering area. Taipei is really humid so it's easy for mold to grow. I have heard mold can become very difficult to remove because of the spores and moisture.

There are a lot of home remedies out there but I am not sure which ones actually work well. I was hoping someone here can share their experiences with what works. I'd hate to have to move out of this place but if the toxins of mold are that hard to get rid of, then it might be my only option.


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Scrubbing brush and vinegar? But I would investigate to see if you have a leak in the roof somewhere.

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I heard vinegar is pretty good. Bought some today. To be honest, if im getting allergies from this, Id prefer my landlord to get someone to clean all of this...

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First of all, nice to see you found a house and settled in bro.

Now about the mold issue, I had the same problems when I moved in to my current house.
I'm gonna share my method of removing the mold and a couple of tricks so mold will stay away from your house forever. Well, not forever but trust me it works.

I created my own mold remover ( I hate the smell of Bleach ) with :

  • ½ Cup of Baking Soda
  • ⅓ Cup of Lemon Juice
  • ¼ Cup of vinegar
  • 7 Cups of hot Water

Just mix them, spray them on the mold and after a minute or so just use a toothbrush (or just a brush) and remove the mold.

Mold is created from humidity as you said but also from steam so I suggest once you take a bath just leave your bath window open for some minutes.
Also you should check out if there is any trouble with the bath tubes or something.
Hope that helped bro. Sorry for my English!

Wow, how did you know that this concoction would work? So do i put the hot water in the spray bottle? Will the spray bottle handle it?

Im also going to try to find a moisture absorber as well.

Thanks man

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My mother told me abou this one while I was also trying to remove mold from my appartment and it worked well.
I don't know if it's better than all these stuff they sell but it sure works and it's not full of chemicals.

Let the water cool a litle bit and yes, the spray bottle will handle it for sure.
Let me know what happened bro ✌✌

Not sure if vinegar + baking soda + warm water (add some lemon for smell) will do the trick or not, but bleach definitely is able to clean it up + a hard scrubbing.. Gonna get those muscle working 👉🏻💪🏻

Thanks man. This really sucks. I just hope that i can get rid of it to the point where it doesnt affect my health anymore.

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Bleach kills everything, mold, bacteria, etc.

Great. Ill have to try it, though i will need to be careful.

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I'm sure you've tried bleach, right? You also might want to look for a moisture absorber thing... I found this one at the dollar store here in the US, I'm sure they might have something similar there?!


I havent tried anything yet. I have read blogs and what not but sometimes they recommend things that only make the problem worse or dont solve the problem. Im gonna check that moisture absorber you showed. Since this place is so humid, im sure theyve got something like this. I contacted my landlord but she hasnt responded yet. Ill probably try bleach as well and see what happens.


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Yeah, there was a small mold problem in my bathroom and I got one of these things just to try it out a month and a half or so ago. It cleared up after a spray of bleach and hasn't come back, and it's crazy how much water it collects! It also helps the mirror not to fog up as much when taking a shower. My bathroom is pretty small though, so that might be why it is so helpful. I think the main thing that helps keep the mold away is to kill it and then keep the humidity down as much as possible.

Great, hopefully this ends this problem once and for all.

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