Let's Save My Friend's Teeth!

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I've known my friend Donna since Elementary school! And I'll never forget how we met.
She was the new kid at school, And she seemed so weird to me. So naturally, I avoided her.

I was in my math class in the 6th grade sitting by myself. I think I was playing Chess; It might have been checkers.

Yeah... By myself. LOl
She came over and sat in front of the chessboard and introduced herself. I remember thinking she was so odd. This ginger kid, With a big smile on her face.
It seemed like the more I tried to avoid her, The more she was around me.
Eventually, I started liking her and her funny personality, And we became friends.
We were best friends in Jr high. And we were always doing stupid stuff; We eventually got into the whole gothic style. She had this fascination with vampires, and Gothic stuff, And finally I was lured into it.

I never really had friends

I don't know what it is about me, But I haven't had many close friends throughout my life. It might by my ADHD, or my sheltered parents, Who knows.

Donna was always there for me. Even when I went through the most horrifying aspects of my life, That left me so broken and suicidal.
Those days where I'd cut myself so much, I'd go to school all scratched up as I went through a paper shredder. I had so many mental issues And had no one to turn to. But she was always there. No matter how many people hated me, Or wanted to beat me up. She still stuck by my side even though It wasn't the "popular" thing to do.
I'm on the right, She's on the Left

She Has A HUGE Heart!

For the longest time, I didn't quite understand how someone could have such a big heart, That probably sounds kind of bad. But Donna is genuinely one of the sweetest people I've ever met.
On days we'd get in our silly teenager fights, I would ignore her, And be mean. While also being paranoid about her sabotaging the items in my locker (She knew my combo).
But later I'd find some sweet note, and gift in there. And I didn't have the heart to be angry at her any longer.

Donna is one of those beautiful people, That would give you the shirt off her back, If you needed it.
I've watched her give and give everything that she has to others. With no expectations of anything in return.

We Always Appreciate People Too Late...

It's scary, We often don't realize how much people mean to us, and how much they impacted us until it's too late.
For me this is the case with @lauralemons Which is a big reason, I'm doing what I can to let the people who are here know how much I care!

So when I saw Donna post a GofundMe, For the dental work she's been needing. It was a no-brainer, My donation of $1,000 is nothing compared to the friendship she's given me all these years. But sadly It won't cover all the procedures she needs. It makes me so happy that Steemit exists, Because I never would have been able to donate such a large chunk of money without it! I may even take more out of my account, If needed. To make sure she can get this dental work done, And she won't have to worry about anymore.

I remember growing up, Her always having some issues with her teeth. It made me sad, and I didn't quite understand what was going on.
It makes me happy that she's actually willing to ask for help on this. Because she's not the type of person who accepts help unless she absolutely has to.

Here's the link To the Go Fund Me

And If anyone can help with this! I would appreciate it! And so would she! (She doesn't know I'm making this post, I hope to surprise her LOL) If Anyone ends up donating, Even a little bit. Or shares it. Be sure to let me know! I would love to give out some 100% upvotes as a way of showing my gratitude ;)
Also the profits from this one, Will go to her.

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She sounds like an amazing and gorgeous person both inside and out who deserves all the support she can get!

I sent 10 SBD to you as a donation towards it, have resteemed as well to get the word out. I hope she can get as much as possible towards it! :) <3

Thank you so much :) She truly does! I'll be sending that to her soon

You're welcome, just doing my part to help someone special and close to you. :)

I am praying for her, being a new user, I do not have much steem power , but I will fully support your friend

Thank you :) That helps a lot .

stay blessed dear

I am very happy with you you appreciate every comment @kylinart . in fact I want to reply to him but what power .I am still a beginner. Good luck for you

I have a friend who's heart is so open that it scares me. In spite of everything that has happened in her life she is still so giving. I want to protect her, but at the same time it is her rare beautiful, seemingly naive heart that I love the most about her.
Can I transfer SBD to you to give to her gofundme? I don't have to many real world dollars available to me, but I have a little bit of steem up my sleeve.
I also know how it feels to have crappy teeth as a consequence of a health condition. I had an extraction just a few weeks ago actually.

Aww really? She sounds incredible too :( Sometimes open hearts can easily be damaged! I can relate to that with Donna.
Thank you so much for the SBD. I will send it to her Gofundme! I can't wait for her to see it.

Really extracted? I hope your other teeth are alright! It sucks when you are born with lousy dental health but can't do too much to prevent it from getting worse

You have 2 features of intelligent people. lol you can play chess alone and you do not have many friends. And never lose Donna. And I will be your support for your close friend. But how should I do that? @kaylinart

Awww :) Thank you! I didn't realize those are features of intelligent people. LOl
you would have to donate through the website at the bottom. But you upvoting this post helps too :)

Watch Sherlock Holmes. :) I will talk about the subject; I make every post your Reestem and I vote. No doubt about this. :) And I'll try to do it on the site. And I want you to know. I am saving up money to buy a motorcycle that has been my dream for 11 years and unfortunately I am at the beginning of the road. I will try to help you in this situation. @kaylinart

You are? What kind of motorcycle? I love bikes.
I need to watch Sherlock Holmes I haven't done that.
Thank you so much for your help <3 I can't wait to surprise her with it!

Exactly. Yamaha YZF R25 !! I think you should think about it. lol. I hope I can buy it.

You have my lowly 100% upvote and resteem for this worthy cause, and I donated $25 on the gofundme page as well. Best wishes to your friend.

Thank you so much! You are so kind :) I upvoted quite a few of your posts to hopefully give back to you :) Heheh Thank you so much for this. It's really going to change her life.

You're welcome, and thank you to you as well. You have been very kind towards me with upvotes in the past. I'm happy I could help in some way this time.

I just sent it to you. I hope you can accomplish this :)

Thank you so much :) I appreciate this.

you're welcome :))

I'll upvote 100% for your Friend. Hope if helps. :)

Thank you so much :)

Thats 7 ~$1 upvotes. With sbd at say $4, Ive effectively donated $10 usd!

Goshhh You are soooo sweet :) Thank you so much :)

Recruit her for Steemit after we pay the expenses!

I definitely will :) I'm going to send her the funds and let her know that Steemit sent it :)

@kaylinart This is the kind of thing that makes everything in LIFE worth it. I can only UP VOTE full power. When something touches my Heart nothing less than 100%........

Thank you so much :) It all helps! Especially with the SBD/Steem price being higher, It makes converting it to USD A lot more.

You are such a Good Friend @kaylinart. When You do Good Deeds it comes back to you many times over...... I am Grateful that you are here on STEEMIT.

I don’t know how to donate directly on gofundme since I am from Venezuela and we can’t make payments in dollars.

But what I can do is send 2sbd to you @kaylinart here in steemit to help you with this payment.

I will send them right now :)

I don't have any "real" money to give, but I wish you the best and rest in peace @lauralemons

Thank you so much :)

I just sent a small donation of 6SBD,resteemed this post and also shared the gofundme link on my Facebook.Screenshot_2018-01-16-07-44-23.png

Thank you so much this helps a ton :)

You are welcome and hope she gets the needed help soon.

I hope my upvote will contribute at least something to her solving this issue, she sure deserves it!And you sound like a very nice person, I don’t understand why you didn’t have many friends!

Aww thank you for your help :)
I'm not sure! Maybe I just went to a crappy school lol.

Yeah, before looking for a problem in yourself just take a look around maybe you are surrounded by wrong people

Lovely post! Lovely friend!

You gotta protect the Gingers in your life, for sure!

My small upvote won't do much, so I'm sending you a little something to help her out too.

Good Luck!

I don't have much fiat, and I recently sold my sbd's on an exchange, but thanks to the STEEM price, I can give a bit more with my upvotes.
I've been trying to recoup my VP, but this is way more important! I hope you can raise as much as possible - Friends like her are hard to come by. Cherish your friendship. :)

I hope my 100% upvote can help in some way :)

Thank you so much :) It does :)

Your welcome :D thanks for being awesome!

The loss of our dear friend Laura seems to have put a lot of things into perspective for me as well. You never know whatcha got until it is gone, not to be cliched but it's true. I've never had a lot of friends either honestly. Very few friends. I hope your buddy gets enough money. Here's my upvote

Exactly! Thank you so much.
It truly does! Everyday I still think of her, And I miss her so much! I wish I was more open about how much of a difference she made in my life. I don't think she knew, Which made it even more heartbreaking.

It's awful how much dental work costs. I'm currently saving up for my own work that has been put off for years and years. I hate that your friend is having to deal with this as well! I wish I had more funds at my disposal.

It's okay Thank you for your help :)
I hate it too. A couple years ago I had to pay 1,000 out of pocket to get a couple teeth crowned, And that was after insurance. I hope you can get your dental work done too!

holy beans! After insurance? Ouch!

Upvoted and Resteemed. You're an amazing person @kaylinart. Everyone deserves to smile and not feel self-conscious about it. Wish I could do more.

It’s always better to have only one great and loyal friend then 100 fake.
Regarding your painting, you remind me this talented girl Akiane Kramarik, I’m certain you have already heard of her.
Great post!

Wow! What a compliment! She is incredible.

I hope this post gets a ton of upvotes so you can help cover the GoFundMe. I up voted and resteemed this - wish you both the best! Good luck!

It was very kind of you to post this and very courageous of you to share personal information about yourself to help. I'm sure she appreciates having you as a true friend.

Hi @kaylinart
How are you...
Nice post...
Please upvote my post..

I have upvoted 100%!

I hope that your friend can get all the money she needs to get her dental work done. Friend's are really important in time of need and I really hope it works out for her. I'm tagging two of my friends as well, hopefully the come and check this post out so they can upvote as well. @sequeira @akshayb

Upvoted! Happy to contribute to this worthy cause in any way that I can.



Good writing.

You are a good friend keep it up. You have my 100℅ vote


I also remember my childhood and my friends by reading this post , sis .

You are a wonderful friend.I get in touch with my friends right away and you can be sure that I will do whatever it takes in the near future.Because it is how you are your close friend, you are my friend... @kaylinart

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Friendships are for these days my friend @kaylinart , and now this post big vote and resteemed...

You have an amazing friend. I can tell. I am a man of very few friends and i know what it is to appreciate a real friendship. You are lucky.

And she is lucky too, to have a friend like yours. You have an immense heart and a beautiful soul. No wonder you can produce such an amazing art.

Voted and resteemed. I wish you both the very best.

Nice gesture from you. You have biggest heart. I would have loved to do more but I just joined this wonderful [email protected] and still don't know my around. Love everyone for their contribution and love your heart as well

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

That is indeed true. We don't realize what we have until it's gone. People can have a substantial impact upon you as they show love. And then when they leave our world how we miss them. If Only They realize that when they were with us.

Donna is very pretty.

Thanks for sharing. I will Resteem your post @kaylinart 😊

@kaylinart I hope you can get the necessary help.Resteemed and upvote this post

The story is very touching friend, this is a very lasting friendship. He is there when we need, that is a true friend. I also want to be friends and be your true friend. Thank you guys already want to be friends with me.

Thanks for the update..
Nice blog.. very helpful to us.. ☺

Wow your story is so nice it's shows that how the bonding ho friends is too important and and it can never be frogotten thanks for sharing such nice friendship @kaylinart

Resteeming, promoting, upvoting (when I regain power) and sending you a little SBD on the side. I don't have much, but I'd like to put it to good use. This is a wonderful platform for helping people, and I'm glad to see someone using it ^.^

Great post tnx for sharing steemit all the way Up vote me if you can plz

Thank you :)

dear i really feel what you are going through,i once had an experience of such.i know what it mean to miss a dear friend,it looks as if you are left alone in the whole world.good friends are like life pattern never to leave each each other till the end,it really pathetic

you are a very good friend that you are doing something for him. As far as I understand you have broken the love of the outside and you are now exploding. You are helping your friend's teeth

I'am ready vote you, please upvote me @abiismail
good post, women beautiful...
enjoy the upvote and reward...

Thank you :)

The story is very beautiful @kaylinart, after I read your post, I remember the first time in school. It was beautiful. Stories that I can never forget. Until now it will all be a beautiful memory for me. Even though my best friend is no longer in this world, she is happy there with God. I will always remember him. Thanks for sharing. The story that deeply touched my heart.

Good friends.
You have my upvote and resteem

I'm on the other side of the planet from you, but reading your post I have a feeling that I know your girlfriend. This is a wonderful person with a big heart, but also a very beautiful girl.
She did not turn her back on you all the time that you are familiar - this is a very valuable person for you. About these people say that a friend is one in a million.
Dental problems are a great misfortune, which undoubtedly must be addressed.
Your initiative is incomparable, I represent the reaction of your girlfriend when she finds out what you have done for her.
Your friendship is an example for many.
I am on the road, but on my return home I will try to make my contribution. I do not have a lot of money here - but to do a good deed is the main thing
Thank you

Excellent story friend is beautiful your friend, you have a real friendship greetings

100% upvoted this and a few comments of yours in this thread. Ill keep going until my upvotes under a $1!

It's good to have a friend who works in your bad times

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I wish I could be stronger and help. resteem and upvote

Another suggestion I have is to get her on to steemit. Don't you think that would be awesome! You will have given her a perfect income source for her entire life.

What's I say about this cool post your really so amezing

She sounds like a true friend and I think its really good of you to help her :) you have a heart of gold :) I will upvote and resteem :)

Its a great thing thsat ur friend has gotten the courage to seek for help., i dont have much( still recovering from student loans) lol, but wil resteem this and use a bolt upvote service when i receive my pay out tomorrow. Hope it will help since proceedings from this post are meant for her., all the best to her and may this gesture of love and kindness make relieve her pain.

Your friend Donna is very beautiful, most friends on earth, all the words of the mind can be shared to a friend, that does not go to anyone, friendship never die always begain,

I will now look at the link I wanted to show first that I am here. I hope you can make a surprise to your friend. I wish your friendship will be continuous. always be happy. @kaylinart

i can only do resteem and upvote. I wish I could do more for your friend: ((( @kaylinart

Thank you for your help :)

You're welcome @kaylinart

your post reminds me my school days and my friends, now they are fa away from me, It was a good time that we spent in school. Thanks for sharing this story @kay

Wow, massively generous donation and such a nice thing to do posting it here!

You are a bright light on this planet 💜


This was Written by a true friend!

Wow.. you are a good friend and I admire your level of self-reflection and growth. Cheers to both of your health :)

So much love to share,.. and Yes,... with the one who appriciate it everytime

This is worth upvoting for. I dont have much of sbds yet. But I hope my upvotes would help.

Thank you for sharing this type of article by which we can help other people.i hope she well soon.

Cash poor, but will send something small through here to you so you ca pass it on.... Awesome of you to do this for your friend @kaylinart

I hope my 100% upvote can help in some way :)

oh man I just saw your post now and wish I had seen it before. You two share so fortunate to have such bond I hope you manage to collect what she needs for her teeth.

good job and good blog thanks for share for us :)

She is blessed to have a friend like you. Great post. You get my few cents of upvote. Good luck! @markrmorrisjr

Awesome that people like you are around the world, your story and description of your friend shows that you really care about her 😉
This deserves a meme

I wish I could help with donation but I'm barely earning enough for staying debt free