Designing your life By Bill Burnett & Dave Evans

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This is a fascinating book that I read recently. In this blog post, I will talk about what I learned.
Feel free to purchase the book on Amazon if you are interested.

Too many people are stuck in a rut, but you can design your way to a better life.
– Most people are unhappy with their professional choices.
– 3/4 of college graduates end up in a field that has nothing to do with the subjects they are majored in.


– Everything in your life is designed, furniture, etc. You can design your life too.
Take stock of the four key elements of life and then identify where you have problems.
– Work: paid and volunteer jobs.
– play: an activity done for the fun of it.
– love: partners, children, friends, and peers.
– health: emotional, mental, physical Health

Finding a healthy balance in these areas is important.
Workview: your own philosophy on work and what it means to you.
Live view: philosophy on life your value and perspectives.

Blog the activities that keep you engaged, energetic or in a state of flow.
Get unstuck with new ideas with a mind map. Mind mapping can help you open your brain to new ideas.

Give yourself options and alternatives by designing multiple lives and parallel paths.

There is no single choice though lead you to a perfect life.
I learned this throughout my life, things that don't seem to work out. And to a certain degree that should be expected. Sometimes we give up because it seems like there's no way, but what we don't realize is there's another path that we may not see. Coming up with new ideas can help us get that path. Even then sometimes we just need to focus on something else for a while. The focusing on the same thing too long can be draining and worthless.


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I second the college student one because without references or experience in the field, you tend to not get into it unless you know someone. Volunteer work is definitely the way to go to get help in finding work which I should be getting my reference soon, hopefully soon after a job.

But I keep doing my thing and working towards a brighter, better future. :)


Exactly! I’m so glad you are being smart about the college thing, So many people go to college expecting to walk out with a good job, But many people don’t understand that you still have to be smart about it!

I bet with a reference you’ll be getting a really nice job hehe.e

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And if not I have more time on my hands to bug you! Hehe ;)


Bug me? Hell no hehe! You never bug me

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I never read Designing your life book. But after read your your blog post I got imagine what both authors wrote there. Life is hard to live currently. But we can design our life with some hard effort. Every experience showing better way where we want to go. That's glorious book for read I recommend.

This book allows us to discover a new concept: design thinking. The authors assume that all creations are born of a problem and propose an original technique to draw his professional and life trajectory.
The idea is to have another point of view on the problem or situation by adopting a certain way of thinking: design thinking.
This original and new approach in Europe encourages us to reflect on our ideal way of life and, through practical exercises and examples, pushes us to act and to ask ourselves questions.
Thanks for the share @kaylinart..

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Yayyy thank you ! I love these badges

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It's sick not just sexy!

Good creativity and unique idea

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Good storytelling
I Also Enjoyed your Wild Rose post

Thank you for your contributions!
Good fortune
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I think it is as you say, our path to follow what we decide as well in the way we are going to live our lives and we must be those who live their own experiences and not live through the others

live life to the fullest @kaylinart.

If only we can easily design our life. Huh... Maybe I will turn myself into my own Sim. See where that takes me. 😂😂😂

Finding that healthy balance is a challenge.

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