😁😁Hike#24 Wild Rose Trail 😁 😁

in life •  5 months ago

A trail of wild roses? I Couldn't resist when I saw that! The path was relatively short and simple. But we were a little disappointed to see the roses haven't bloomed yet, (Fall maybe?) We plan to come back to this trail. It was a lot of fun and had a gorgeous view of the Valley.

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I have been seeing a lot of dragonflies in my life lately. What a mystical little creature. It must mean something.

What a beautiful valley i love the view on the top, perfect place to eat something tasty and enjoy with nature, i really liked this photo. Regards

Wowww such a lovely veiw 😍
If you don't mind please see myblog i hope you like my photos :)

It's amazing that you can go through a road full of obstacles, I salute

Don't worry the next time it will be worth it and you will look forward to getting to the top and feeling of happiness will come in

You've got beautiful hiking history in your blog, and they're like the dream places I want to hike

I love your amazing camera view from ontop the mountain.

Pity they weren't in bloom but nevertheless, the view and photographs are awesome.