Don't Miss The Moon While Counting The Stars!

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We may come across hundreds of quotes stated by philosophers and other famous characters, as our life goes on. These stories could have great relevance to our lives. Mentioned below is a quote that I personally live by and has great relevance to my life.

”Don’t miss the moon while counting stars” – Melony Ocheing


This is so far the greatest quote I have ever seen or heard. This struck deep in my heart the moment I saw this on Facebook for the first time. This is a small sentence that gives great life lessons with great value. This indeed has been able to inspire my life and describes the way I used to do thing back in the day.

Let me narrate the meaning of this quotation and the relevance of it to my life. As we all know moon is quite a big object compared to the stars. Melony clearly distinguishes a larger object along with some small objects to be precise. People tend to forget bigger commitment and maters while they focus on small insignificant matters. Have you ever thought about it? That is how people are. They tend to do the same mistake over and over again.

I was actually in a relationship with a neighbor of mine. At the beginning we were a very loving couple with so many great moments and memories. So as the time passed I tagged along with some of my school buddies and was really having a really good time with them. I even joined an apparel company as a management trainee and was provided with a huge workload. I had to do a lot of travelling while at work and during weekends I used to hang around with my buddies. We hardly had time to meet and talk to each other. I was pressurized to meet deadlines on work. I also tagged along with some of my office buddies too. We made it a habit to go for a day out every weekend.

These little things in life actually made me forget the important relationship I was committed to. I even forgot the fact that I was committed to my lover. I only gave priority to my friends and work not to the one whom I was planning to spend my entire life with. This is the point where I got it wrong. She put a full stop to our relationship making me realize the depth of the mistake I did.

You know how important the moon is for the earth compared to the little stars. The moon creates the tides within the ocean and the stars only shine. So if you are the earth make the moon number one to your life, not the stars.

The fact is that if you keep ignoring a person and start prioritizing on other minor things over them, they will get fed up and would tend to leave you both physically and emotionally. You will be too late by the time you realize. It is best to give priority to the most significant things in life rather prioritizing minor insignificant things.

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Sound very romantic! Nice original post!

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Awesome post!! Keep it up and check out THIS POST as well as I have something similar.

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