Earth 7 billion people, acreage 510.100.000 km²... So the moments of coincidence always happen.

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In life, sometimes we encounter coincidence moments. But there are situations and moments of coincidence that make people not believe in their eyes.

The photos below will really surprise you and may not believe your eyes.

Is there a giant sculptor carving the mountain into this man's body?


The house has two sisters

Perhaps this man has just discovered his twin brother

photo:  kiloechowhiskeybones   

This man also does not believe in his own eyes.

Photo: Mainichi   

 Traveling companions

Photo: twins

Are these three people from the same family?

Photo: oldmontgomeryflange   

 An army of blondes

Photo:  Belfast Live   

 Take a look at the plates. Insane, isn’t it?

Photo: QagBz5h

Dumbledore (Harry Potter) - Gandalf (The Hobbit) - meet to discuss magic.

Photo: gallery

Maybe two cats think they are looking at the mirror ...

Two gangs on the subway

Photo: glitch_in_the_matrix

 Snap back vs fitted 

Photo: gallery

Two lovely arms

Matrix ... Cars

Photo:  DravenDC   

 Geriatric street gang

Photo: JGkrDHr

 The trees in Schonnbrun 

Photo: tricky3737    


@kanggary its a really good collection of pictures showing the real life co-incidences. It definately happens in the life. Keep posting good

Those are a few really great pictures. What are the odds of someone else posting the same comment that I am posting right now. =) Excellent! Upvoted.

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I love those collection of picture, follow and upvote you. @anjiba

Thank a lot.

hhhhhh waaaaw
The photos and collections are pretty how wonderful these coincidences

I'm glad you liked it.

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