Charles Manson Dies At Age 83

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The infamous cult leader, Charles Manson dies at age 83 by natural causes.

We all know the name Charles Manson and upon hearing it, our minds automatically connect it to horror. He's had books, movies, and documentaries based on his dictatorship role in his cult back in the 60's.

Back in August of 1969 Manson began his killing spree along with his loyal followers. They murdered actress Sharon Tate and her husband Roman Polanski, a famed movie director. Over the course of two nights, Charles Manson and the Manson family claimed the lives of 7 people.

A picture of Sharon Tate and husband Roman Polanski down below.

The Manson story has caused many to be scared and many others mesmerized. People all over the world would send Charles Manson love letters and letters of admiration. People willing to follow him still despite his message of his dictatorship.

Charles Manson served 9 lifetime terms throughout the California prison system and was denied parole 12 times.

Link to official article down below.

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It honestly surprises me hat he made it this long.

Hi, this is all wrong. Glad he's gone, but Manson didn't kill anyone, and Roman Polanski is not only still alive, but still making movies, and still a fugitive from the US... Here: source 1 and source 2.

This is true, there is a major factual error. The Manson Family didn't kill Polanski. He wasn't home. He was in Polanski or um, Poland, or Europe anyway. And Manson might not have killed anybody. The book Helter Skelter was written by the prosecutor, Vincent Bugliosi who nailed him on CIRCUMSTANTIAL evidence only. Manson was supposedly the mastermind of the murders.

Bugliosi, to his credit and in his advancing age, also wrote the circumstantial case against George Bush for War Crimes for the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. That one didn't stick....yet.

YES! "Murder by proxy". Manson was so scary to me as kid because he didn't kill, rather, was able to manipulate others into doing it.

That's great info on Bugliosi! I haven't read the book but I'll definitely have to check it out. The Helter Skelter scenario and what really happened in the Manson Family is so much more terrifying and repulsive than "he's a serial killer".

I like your "yet",   re: Bush, btw :D

Yep! I view the guy similarly to Satan. Suggests that you do the thing you're already awful enough to do, and then giggles when you blame him for your own choices. Yet, somehow an object of fear ... which is nuts. Dude was weird as hell and people elevated him to some whacked out godly status, but he really didn't actually do a damn thing I know of.

And yeah, Polanski is still out there diddling kids. Shame he didn't get killed really. Not that I wish death on anyone, just that it would have been a good time for ironic justice.

No loss to society. The silver lining to that terrible incident is that people rallied to show how such awful acts and the coercion of others in terrible crimes will not be tolerated.

And they did it well.

If you ask me, we have learned a lot about the nature of murder and cults through the acts of this guy.

Of course, it was the harder path, but I think that he was not just one of the maniacs. He was somewhat exceptional, and tougher to deal with. By learning about his acts, we may also learn how to prevent or avert situations like this ever happening again.

Are u sure

Why do criminals live so long? I will kill a person or people and I will live peacefully but in prison?

only the good die young

Love or hate, peace or war, all end in death. This clearly explains the vanities of life.

After death, what would we want to be remembered for? Rest in peace.

He looked horrible too, :P
informative . well shared. have good day. :)

They should have hung him instead...

justice has been serve.. 12 denied paroles, i am not shock about it due to the crime he did.

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God have merci on his soul!

Good. Justice finally served.

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@vimukthi I was thinking the same thing as I was going through the comments! I think either there are more looneys in this world than we expected or these commentators just don't know what Charles Manson did.

Could you please read the reply I sent @felander. I don't want to copy/paste on the same thread.
Thank You.

Hay nice is see the all the information about Charles Manson. And was really a great person . And inspection for many.


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It's interesting that I was just watching the documentary about Joan Didion, "The Center Will Not Hold". She wrote what many consider one of the best pieces of literary works on the subject of Manson.
Now this happens less than a week after watching Joan's story. Weird.

Really hi was the great man...

He would have fit good in Dexter Morgans code ;)

When everybody thinks someone is a mass murderer, but in fact he never killed anyone,
You know that propaganda is still working.
Ask yourself: why do I believe he was a murderer? Then check the facts.

Love him or hate him it's the end of an era...

I do not like that such people live so long, but we can't change this. Humanity...

A true psychopath, unfortunate everything that happened, excellent to remember to know that there are evil people in this world, I invite you to visit my blog, regards

Good, this world is no place for a loony toon like this. Too many sick-o's out there. One less one to worry about.

Why did we we tax payers have to support such an evil monster. He was obviously mentally deranged. What a waste.

strange enough i was only watching a documentary 2 days on his life

he met his fate like we all will

Glad he's gone. He shouldn't have lived for as long as he did....but what does that even mean"Charles Manson served 9 lifetime terms " ? LOL. He' s like a cat...

What I did not know is that he was apparently also a musical cult figure. I wrote an article about it here on Steemit. During previous convictions he wrote songs in prison and Guns N' Roses covered one of his songs, to be found on the album 'The Spaghetti incident?'. Incomprehensible that such a person continued to receive an enormous amount of fan mail.

Nice content and pretty interesting. Thanks.

The actress news was really shocking!!

what a creepy looking dude, hes got serial killer written all over him

He was able to live this long because GOD wanted him to change his ways 🤔🤔 maybe he reciprocate before resting in peace.

Well that's good. Fuck this guy.

Really bad. I'm just hoping that he made it right at the end with God.

That's the best news I've heard all week.

@Joseph With mass shootings so widespread in the US (almost a daily occurrence, it seems) I wrote on an depth essay exploring what makes a murderer tick, and why we are so fascinated with them. Warning, there are some fairly graphic details in my piece, it's not for the squeamish...

Nice one brother it is good..
Keep it up

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Good heavens!! Do you really think he was a great man after he killed people in cold blood, just because of his 'sick' beliefs? Was there perhaps family members who belonged to the cult that make you so loyal towards him?

Great man, thanks for sharing,