Hots or Shots Episode 19! Win 10 Packs of Steem Monsters!

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Good TimeZone Steemit!

Welcome back to another episode of
Hots or Shots!

Due to some internet issues slowing down the upload process,
I'm gonna keep this post short and sweet.
So, I present to you...

Hots or Shots
Episode 19

"Let's Get Sauced"

Want to win 10 packs of

Steem Monsters

In the comments below,
provide a screenshot of your NEW purchase of a single Steem Monster booster pack.
Screenshot must include the date of purchase.
One winner will be randomly selected.

Congratulations to last week's winner...

As always, thank you so much to all of our supporters!
A big shout out to our show sponsors

Thanks for watching.
See you all next week!



Woop-woop ! Now I have something to watch loudly so I can piss off the wife while she's trying to watch reality television!!

Definitely don't pull a Luke Stokes. Drinking heavily after a multi-day fast followed by a couple days diet of broth and vegetables is really, really bad idea.

Also, the Pentecostal section was hilarious. I don't get into it much here, but I do have some experience with the whole speaking-in-tongues stuff from the community I came out of. Thankfully no snakes.

Great show.

And @anarcho-andrei, it's okay to say you're sorry. Don't let @jonny-clearwater tell you different.

(edit: now that I think about it a bit more, saying sorry does have some interesting side-effects some people argue effectively are not good, but it's difficult to separate the words from what they represent involving demonstrating empathy and compassion).

I will say sorry as many times as I want! I'm free, white, and 21! No one can tell me what to do!

strips his shirt off and starts running around his yard, hootin' and hollerin'

My boy on his grizzly!

@jonny-clearwater love the show, about to binge watch all the previous episodes since i have missed them. Great job and looking forward to your next one.

Great video. Some of the questions were hilarious, and I'm looking forward to the video with your Flat Earther friend.

Here's a bit of a different view of me buying a single #SteemMonsters booster pack, but nonetheless it should meet the requirements for entry in this draw. The TX can be found here.

It needs to be a new purchase

Aww damn, it didn't say that before, I'm sure of it. Oh well, guess I won't be entering this time around then. I barely scraped up enough to buy that one booster pack, 2 days ago. If I get enough rewards in the meantime to buy another booster pack I'll enter, but for now my wallet is tapped out. I'm still very new on the Steem blockchain.

I thought saying it needed to have the date included in the screenshot implied that. I made the edit since. You are qualified for the entry don't worry.

Hey that's great, thanks. Sorry for the confusion. As an Aspie, I can sometimes take things too literally, haha.

Ooohh boy. It is done! 😀


Thanks for this contest, @jonny-clearwater!

Your balance is below $0.3. Your account is running low and should be replenished. You have roughly 10 more @dustsweeper votes. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here:

Here we go, just picked one up to enter :) Thank you!

Excellent what you do dear friend @ jonny-clearwater congratulations. that are extensive to the brand new winner of the previous period @karenmckersie
I wish you all an excellent weekend

same boss @karenmckersie what software did you used in creating that sorry am an old but not tired man but i do hope you reply with a good answer.
otherwise i will come "hunt" for it lol
@jlufer and idea

Fantastic show.
Hots or shots is one of my favorite shows on steemit.

Done and done, twice for good measure lol... Neet to get some more epic/gold cards, not much in either of today's double pack buy, spent all my SBD lol. Gotta love me so monsters. lol...
steem monsters 5.PNG

Damn Jonny that's a lot of shots. You like tequila too?

Here's my purchase proof:


Bought a Steem Monsters Booster Pack to enter :)

This is what I got from it:

This is the first time I'm entering these hots-or-shots. Checked some others out and it seems nice, thanks for doing these!

Another great episode bro. Keep going this show has to go BIG! LOL

Dude you're too funny. Speaking in tongues.

I liked your post, I have to learn something from your post. you do will be educational post everyday

Just put up the DLive video opening the packs you sent me! heres A link if you want to see what I got! Thanks a bunch @jonny-clearwater !

Amazing show unnamed (3).gif

wow is a Fantastic show.
Hots or shots is one of my favorite shows on steemit.
Great post. thanks for sharing

Darun tu ... Video is Awesome , i think Next time better post your will upload
Shondor Shondor

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please don''s a damn video.
I like what you do...but yeah don't do that here please.

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Can anyone tell me the benefits of steel monster and where is the use of it.

great bro to organize this contest , i wish i could be part of the same , but finance issue , i will surely be part of this contest next , i am positive about the contest that you arrange , plps keep up bro , i will be der.
upvote my comments and reply

Awe thanks for the mention @jonny-clearwater ! I dont have a screen shot of buying 1 booster pack but I did do a video of me opening up 1 booster a few hours ago where I actually got 1 Legendary and 2 Rare cards ! lol! I won last week so Good Luck to everyone this week!😀👍👹👾👿👹
Loved the show with @anarcho-andrei and I have to agree that the flat earth argument is for sure the stupidest dumbest thing by far I have ever heard in my life!! I definitely need to find time to watch some of your previous episodes! Upped and resteemed!✌👍😀🍻

same username for steem monsters karen?

Yes , at least for now, I guess I should think of some kind of cool name for Steem Monsters ! lol! I will sleep on it lol! 😂😀

No worries...just wanted to make sure I was sending the 10 packs to the correct account.
Just sent them btw...sorry for the delay but it was my son's 5th bday this weekend.

Oh WOW @jonny-clearwater ! thank you so much ! Im going to do a video opening them up ! Woot Woot! Your the best, and I hope your son had an awesome birthday!😀💕✌👍🎂🎈🎁

Im falling asleep , but I all ready video taped it and will do the post later today or tonight at work, I will leave you a link here when its done Thanks!!😀

how to play this show ?

Amazing show. enjoy a lot.

Chance to win a 10 packs of steem monsters

steem monsters boasts hot shots

Bro I am new in steemit please guide me. How I work in steemit.....

Bought the pack and screenshot what I could, but had to leave the house for a while and the whole day went by lol.. now my connection is giving me a hard time, hopefully this can go through though, cheers and thank you !!




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