Holy Shit It's Hots Or Shots Episode 15! WIN 20 Packs of Steem Monsters AND A 2018 Steem Silver Round!

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Welcome back everyone!

Had a lovely couple weeks off, but now it's back to business!

First off....
Hots Or Shots
has a new sponsor!

Huge shoutout to


It's an honor to partner with @steemmonsters
I can't wait to see this game develop and take shape on our blockchain.
This type of initiative can potentially bring a whole flock of new users to our blockchain,
so go buy more
Steemmonsters can be purchased at...

Next....the contest!

One lucky winner is gonna snag a
2018 Steem Silver Round
(thank you @sevinwilson)

unknown (1) (1).png

20 Packs of Steem Monsters


The Hots Or Shots Scavenger Hunt

I have come up with 21 questions for you to answer.
The answers to all of these questions can be found in the first 14 episodes of
Hots Or Shots
You can find all of those episodes here...

The Rules

To participate, you must upvote and resteem this episode.~
Answers must be sent to...
[email protected]
Any answers left in the comments section will be flagged and that user will be eliminated from playing.
The first person to answer the most questions correctly will be the winner.
There is no second place.
You will have until July 31st to submit your answers.

The Questions

  1. What high school play was @giftedgaia in?
  2. How many animals does @lenadr have?
  3. What is @sevinwilson's favorite thing to have for breakfast?
  4. What is @picokernel's favorite movie?
  5. What game genres are @tygergamer's favorites to play?
  6. When @richardcrill visited Munich, what was the name of the hostile he stayed in?
  7. How many motorcycle accidents has @harleymechanix been in?
  8. What mean but funny thing has @papa-pepper done to his mother-in-law?
  9. What is @jacobts's favorite sport?
  10. What does @curtvictorbryant compare uni to?
  11. Through what, did @liberty-minded learn basic computer programming?
  12. What emotion helps @nidolabz finish all of his school work?
  13. When I was a new steemian, how much SBD did @sykochica give to me, to give away to others?
  14. What terrible, disgusting & unforgivable thing did @instructor2121 say to his mother?
  15. To date, what is the first and only episode where we forgot to ask one of the 10 questions on the show?
    What question did we miss?
  16. In episode 8, I say "My wife's intuition is ___________ but ___________"
  17. In episodes 10, 12 and 14....at the coin flip, what is the accumulative total of visible candles on the table?
  18. What famous musician, has a book on the shelf in episodes 3 & 5?
  19. What hot sauce company that has been featured on the show, also has a steemit account?
  20. What two music festivals are represented in episode 6?
  21. Who is the only steemian so far, that has agreed to be a guest on Hots or Shots, but bailed on us?

Last but not least, I present to you...

Hots Or Shots
Episode 15

Let's Get Sauced

As always, many thanks to all our supporters!

A very special thank you to our sponsors @booster and @steemmonsters


See you all next week!

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You remind me of johnny from creedence clearwater lol

"It's not my fault I'm amazing at so many things." - Jonny

What's with the flip @snook??? Wow lol

"in the country of Snook, you get fukn caned" - Jonny

"the love that my mom had for my dad." Beautimous

"What? What? One genius???" LOL

LMAO thanks for saying the name right @snook ;)

You do call me a lot of things lol!

Go through time every time you fart? LMFAO

I like how her mom cackled when you asked her if she knew how to do shots Jonny, like, "shit I'm an expert."

LMAO thanks for saying the name right @snook ;)

anytime :D and so happy you got some laughs out of it !!! :D

Their new editor is pretty good. The fart was frign hilarious he threw in there😂🤣

Thank you for such a great time that day!!! everyone should have a chance to be 21 again :D

  ·  last year (edited)

I'll drink to that!

Loved the show, was a bit late when I watched it, so I let a picture say a 1000 words, but here I am, with my coffee and have to say how I loved the show.

& the end with mum taking a shot like a real champ, that just "put the cherry on top".

Caning or however it's spelled, now really, I think @jonny-clearwater was right on the bullseye when he mentioned S&M... I reckon it's all about the "spanking" and not the punishment!

Rule #3 of Snooks country: Make people smile once a day!

Thank you for following rule number 3 LOLLL

& the end with mum taking a shot like a real champ

she was fun and I'm happy you got to laugh!!!

Yay!!! This is great. I laughed the entire episode!! The editing was fantastic!!! Especially the fart! ha ha. I'm so glad you didn't puke @snook!

  ·  last year (edited)

Great episode, 8+9th shot hit @snook´s linguistic center so hard and Snook´s Mom so sweet in the end, kind of still looking after her little girl, just in case, I mean imagine your daughter totally drunk alone with a guy with beard + a camera . . . . . hihihihi <3 <3 <3

+Wow ! great improvement on the effects and overall look ! @basilsolomon did a great job on this one. Attention to details make the difference. Well done folks, well done !

Thank you very much! I'm happy to be on board! <3

8+9th hit @snook linguistic center so hard

I SO agree with you LOLLL but it was so much fun :D

Bwahahahaha #snookmademedoit ...


@snook was absolutely lovely to watch. I love that slow-mo edit to emphasize she was drunk lol. I was like, "Oh no, Jonny did not just do that to her." lmao!

Thank you :D I really had tons of fun!!

LOL, @snook, that fart was awesome. Great job killing it with those 11 shots.

hehehehehe thanks :D I had so much fun doing the show :D

That is awesome

omg hilarious! I've been looking forward to this one for a while. @snook, you crack me up, my friend. Well, you both do. Great show!

  ·  last year (edited)

Great show! I agree technology hasn't made people smarter. Love the Steem Monsters! New people to Steem Monsters who want to battle, message me in Discord! Steem Monsters Discord- https://discord.gg/G2RtTSj



nice video again john nice episode with snook asset

Snook!! Respect!! You did 11!! I would have been under the table after 2 LOL.
And caning? Really? Not getting on your bad side!

Snook!! Respect!!

it really was a lot of fun :D I'm happy you got to laugh too :D

Quality Content Mr.Clearwater

A good start!

oh @snook hehehehehe loved seeing you, my hilarious friend :) i giggled throughout the whole time! LOL the eye twitch part - dying LOLOLOL
you did it snook!!!! heheheh no pukes LOL (and i died laughing so hard at the sneeze part LOLOLOL) and snook's mom rocks!
на здоровье!!!! hehehehehe

eye twitch part - dying LOLOLOL

that was the part my son laughed at the most too :D

hehehehe it was so random! and so genuine! LOLOLOL

"my eye just started twitching!"


Good strategy!!!

Jonny Clearwater nice work

I so agree with you my dear friend, great improvement of the effects. everyone should have a chance to be again, Great job killing it with those 11 shots.

Like wtf. I get twice atleast twice the views on youtube lol. How does this get 400 SBD???

Youtube views aren't totaled with steemit views...and I have sponsors

nice information

Many important things about Steemit have you said

Going to give these videos a watch when I get some spare time. Nice to meet you earlier on Dlive. You're a true community guy haha.

you'll know what this is for....

Ayyyy. I'll give it a go when I'm next free dude. I'll let you know what I think!!!!

I am following you

delicious <3

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Welcome back, I'm excited to see more of your work.

great post

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Great :)

What an awesome contest and huge prize... That is epic. I have 2 Gold Foil and 1 Legendary card giveaways going on now if you wanted to check me out.... https://steemit.com/steemmonsters/@shoemanchu/back-at-it-with-another-giveaway-of-a-steemmonsters-rare-gold-foil-water-elemental

nice show.

Good post!! So beautifull!! 😘

Thank you for the fun day! It felt so good to let go and just have fun. I'm happy it's making people laugh. : )

Yay!!! This is great. I laughed the entire episode!! The editing was fantastic!!! Especially the fart! ha ha. I'm so glad you didn't puke @snook
Thank you for such a great time that day!!! everyone should have a chance to be 21 again :pD

Why the flag @sekhmet

  ·  last year Reveal Comment

Wrong guy to do your comment upvoting on bro...wrong guy.

  ·  last year Reveal Comment