#WednesdayWalk Up the Very Steep Street of White Rock with a Rewarding View of the Pacific Ocean.

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Here is a short video of us walking back down and an entry for #WednesdayWalk created by @tattoodjay.

On the weekend we went for another drive to White Rock, since we wanted to go somewhere for a walk and the beach sounded pretty nice.




The view of the Pacific Ocean is so beautiful, but because it was cloudy, it doesn't look as nice as if it was sunny.


We actually never got to the beach, since we decided to climb up this very steep street and afterward we were too tired to keep on walking and my husband's calves almost gave up, after climbing this steep street.

I started recording from the bottom, and when we were climbing up, but for some reason I must have deleted it, but at least I got the part of us walking back down, with some pictures.



I thought these little steps on the sidewalk were cute and actually very helpful when you walk back down.



Found this beautiful tree next to one of the buildings.

Hope you enjoyed our walk in White Rock and the view of the Pacific Ocean. And thank you again @tattoodjay for this awesome initiative and your Hive for the last #WednesdayWalk.

Love @joalvarez.

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Image created by my beautiful friend @sunnylife.