Enjoying the BEAUTY of LIFE. Beauty is All Around Us. Beautiful/Happy Life vs Hard/Unhappy Life.

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I am one of the people that just get fascinated and excited by simple, little things in life.

I love, love the nature because there is so much beauty and peace in it. I love slowing down and paying attention to what is going on around me, but I don't look for the negative things in life, but I look for the beautiful, happy things of life on purpose.

People are scared, afraid right now, because of the circumstances we are in and see the world as ugly, unsafe, scary etc. But if you really want to be happy and enjoy your life, you can't look at your circumstances and what is going on on the world, because that will only get you more scared and depressed. At least that is how I see it.

I choose to look and enjoy the beauty of life. I'm not saying that I am not scared of anything, or sicknesses of something happening to my kids, or my family or not having money or dying itc. but that is not what I am going to dwell on. I will dwell on the good things, the beautiful things of life.

It is our choice to make. You can either enjoy your life, which will not last forever and one day we will die, or you can be scared, miserable and complain how terrible life is and die.

The reason I made this video of the river and the beautiful horses, while traveling through Princeton, is because like I said, I just love life and love the beauty of life and am so grateful to be alive and be able to see, hear, smell this gorgeous nature and all that is around us.

Hope yo enjoy this short video.
I loved the carriage and the hoses, because when I got married, 20 years ago to the love of my life, we also got a white carriage with a horse, which was so special and so beautiful.

This town looks lonely and sad with what is going on and so does the whole world, but there is still so much beauty coming from all of that, just one example: the Earth is getting healthier and cleaner which is vital for our own health and life.

Lets spread the Love, and Beauty of Life.

Also, just want to with ALL the MOMS of the World, Happy Mothers Day!!! Hope you will have the most beautiful day with your loved ones.

Love @joalvarez.

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Image created by my beautiful friend @sunnylife.


perspective can change everything 🙏

Yes it can.

So important to enjoy nature in these tough times thanks for sharing 💯🐒

Thank you for your visit.
I totally agree. Enjoying nature is really healing and relaxing.