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Every time we come back to El Salvador, there are some awesome improvements within the beautiful country. This time it was the Santa Ana Mall which we did not recognize when we went there this time around after 3.5 years.




Walking into the mall through the back entrance.

Half of the mall has been added, so the mall is quite big right now with an amazing and improved food court which has more of new healthy food choices.
One of the biggest changes was the new and improved parking lot which was just a parking lot before with no trees or shade to park the cars under and with this hot, hot weather the cars would get very, very hot. But not no more.

The parking lot consists of solar panel carports which is great for parking under the shade, and it provides light at night time and the whole mall uses it's power which is very, very impressive especially since
the mall has 4 large entrances which are just open (so all the heat from the outside comes inside) since there is no need for the doors especially since the whole mall is gated and guarded and the whole mall has air conditioning blowing like crazy.

This is a win for everyone and everyone is happy and it looks really beautiful, except my phone is not that great, so you can't really see very clear. Sorry, but at least you guys get the idea.

These solar panel carports are pretty much all around the mall, except in the main, front entrance is the same and so is the parking lot which has some shade from the old big trees.
The parking was free before, but now you have to pay $0.50, which is not that bad.

I will try to make a video of more updates of this mall and around the mall some other time, but I just wanted to share this absolutely awesome improvement in this third world beautiful country, El Salvador.

This evening we decided to go to the Metrocentro mall with our family. We walked around and then we stopped at The Coffee Cup which seems to always be very busy, for some coffee where we spend quite some time chatting and enjoying some food/desert.





This was our little trip to the Santa Ana Metrocentro with the family. Hope you are enjoying your Tuesday, and I wish you all a wonderful week.
Love @joalvarez

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Image created by my beautiful friend @sunnylife.
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Malls are budding into city next to our town @joalvarez so I am excited about it.
Solar lighting is one of the best thing the local government could do for the community, it saves money than the energy-guzzling ordinary street lamps.

That is very exciting @cryptopie.
Every time the government contributes to it's communities and makes improving changes like this, it's always very exciting.
I agree, the solar panels are the best thing the government can do for it's community.
Thank you for your lovely visit @cryptopie.
Have a great day, my friend.
God Bless!

thanks for sharing this @joalvarez , this solar powered project they got fpr the mall is really awesome

And i bet you guys enjoyed your time with each other . ❤️❤️❤️

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Hi!) I liked fameliprotection)! Nice photo and travel.