Enjoying Some YUKA Snack While Watching @JOORDANZZZ SOCCER GAME. #ULOG #55

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Hello my lovely friends. I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday. Some of our Sunday we spent in Santa Ana watching @joordanzzz soccer game which was actually really good game with another win with the score of 3:2.


Always saying a prayer before each and every game/practice and before every soccer trip.


While watching the game I was also enjoying some delicious yuka. It is almost like eating some chips, but maybe healthier. They are served with some lime, some salt and some hot sauce if you like, but I only had mine with some lime and salt and it was so delicious.
This little serving cost $0.25.



I really like that you can buy all kinds of little servings of snacks like these pretty much anywhere you go, but especially during the football games, or practices, or wherever there is some kind of event, but on daily basis, there are people selling all kinds of little goodies like this.
You can buy some fresh fruit which is packed in little bags, candy, peanuts, all kinds of snacks which also include sweets like candies, Minutas (shaved ice with all kinds of syrops), ice cream, or you can also buy drinks like pop, or coconut water, or juice which is also packed in a bag with a straw in it. And it is all just the right size snack for raging $0.10- $0.50, which is awesome.

Untitled design.jpg

This was our first time being here on this soccer field which was actually pretty nice since it also had a basketball court, and there was also a small skateboard park which was acutally really busy with all the bmx-ers. I have not seen anyone using skateboard on it, just the bikers.
I have seen people with skateboards but I guess maybe there is a different skateboard park for that.

The field was pretty wet especially in some places where there were huge puddles of water which made it a bit harder for the boys to play and they were pretty messy afterward, but no one got hurt which is always good since almost every game someone gets hurt.

There was a lot of good sitting area to watch the game from especially since there was a lot of shade from all those beautiful fruit trees.

I hope you enjoyed this short little video of our Sunday at the soccer game and I wish you all a wonderful week.
Love @joalvarez

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God Bless!


Image created by my beautiful friend @sunnylife.

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Thank you @makesushi for your great visit.

I've never tried yuka, thanks for the inspiration :)


You definitely should try it one day.
I love eating it just boiled, which tastes almost like a potato but better and you can also fry them and eat them with some hot sauce on top, or just like this little snack which is like eating potato chips but healthier and a bit harder.
Thank you for your visit, and have a nice day @kleinmannbur

Wonderful, and nice to get the win!!
Thanks for sharing!!
Have a awesome day!!
Bear Hugs!!


Thank you, dear Papa Bear.
Hope you are having a wonderful day yourself.
Sending hugs.


Thanks for the Hugs!


Thank you Papa Bear. I really, really appreciate it.