I'm Not Moving to Tibet... My Depression Is Gone Again... Here's How I Did It

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Two days ago I wrote, "What's The Point? Considering Giving Everything Up."

In it I discussed how I had lost my zest for life and mild depression had creeped back... and I considered some extreme measures to deal with it... like giving away all material possessions and living in solitary meditation in the forest in Tibet.

But I also said I could probably work myself out of this funk and I ended up trying some new things yesterday... not least of which was a long period of meditation and sun gazing... that got me back into a more positive state of mind.

I discussed what else I did that also helped in this very peaceful "walk n' talk" with the 5 perros locos.

I took note of how calm and peaceful my dogs were... and how that was likely a reflection of my current state of mind... and what else I intend to do to stay in this more positive state.

I hope some of my experiences help others going through similarly difficult times.


Jeff, glad that you have worked it out on your own. As long as you are exposed to all those daily nuisances out there, you will be emotionally affected.

Keep it up for yourself, and the thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people who need you as one of our anarchist leaders! :D

My first reaction to your admitting to mild depression was quite surprised, because I was thinking Jeff has all of the trapings of success and recognition. However when you look deeper to anyone's sense of depression its an internal recognition of a need that's unfulfilled.
I've found peace in realizing I can't control my external environment, and need to be a peace within myself and God. That means being honest with myself and accepting what I am.
The good news is the solution is within, and probably requires taking some action of some kind to find what you love, and how to connect with that.
I was asking myself what are my talents, gifts and abilities, and how can I motivate myself to exercise them in a positive way to help others.
I've found the knowledge of learning what my Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is, and how I relate to others especially helpful.
Wishing you the best Jeff, Carry On M8.

Got to thank you for figure this out.

Happy for yo ass

Jeff Berwick is one of my personal Favorites. I Love the Walks with the Dogs and the Valuable Life Wisdom that he shares with everyone. LUCY SITz !!!

Going out, experience the sun and helping others who may have more difficult times than us can be the the best therapy to cure depression and lost purpose. Thanks for sharing we can all relate to it.

Earthing and sun gazing are extremely beneficial! We are batteries that were disconnected from our correct vibrational frequency with nature. That's why the powers that be are rewiring our nervous systems with microwave and RF radiation through cell phones, laptops, and tv's. Proof of this here: https://docs.google.com/viewer?url=patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/pdfs/US6506148.pdf

Quite true but your nickname haha OMG!

Great Video Jeff! Here is a video I recorded for you and some other stuff I hope you will find useful.

Jeff Berwixk Sungazing Meditation

Mind Mechanix Meditation

Episode Notes: Learn to see auras, the energy in the air, and the basic form of meditation. You are now setting your foot on the Path, welcome!


Title: Guided Meditation

Episode Notes: Join us for our first Mind Mexhanix meditation and set your foot on the road to multidimensional consciousness today!


I love your chopped marble floor! I had it done around the kitchen desk, such lovely stuff.

It looks pretty sunny so it's not vitamin D. Hormones? Super Male Vitality? :D

I started feeling really happy when I started a diet my brother does too. He has MS and I found Dr. Terry Wahls MD. on TED speaking how her diet made her come out of the (declined!) wheelchair and climb mountains again. Pretty solid babe!

Jeff, I really wanted to say this after watching your last video and yeah its a little funny that some people were worried about you because I was too but its not because I follow you extensively or agree with all that you say. I just like listening to your voice and I really get the sense that you are a great guy.

you guys are infatuated with a conman. This guy is a proper scammer.

I'm not a doctor, but I have friends from my past who have had these types of feelings/emotions/states. This sounds close to being bi-polar, have you ever pursued looking into that? I, in no way, want to diminish how better you are feelings. I don't want to take away any of that either, but out of concern I do want to point it out.

Old there any widow law rooms. Agreed but expect repair she nay sir silent person.

It was just a suggestion, lol.

eat, sleep, cure depression, repeat

Jeff You are showing signs of bipolar... All the best my friend.

Glad to have ya back jeff!

keep it up!

Your dogs are adorable

Will take those advices

I'm glad you got over this stage in your life and your feeling much better ,, wish you all the best in life

Best put on your seat belt for the eclipse on the 21st; worse if you were born between 1939-1957. Yep, new moon/ TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE at 29 Leo on August 21, 2017. Where'd ya think that falls in your natal chart. That is where the proverbial shit will hit your fan. If you want to know more, send me 60 sbd and i will read your chart for you.

well done - animals and children have also taught me a lot when i have been down. Sungazing makes great sense too, i have found winter with less light often brings a lower mood or rhythm.


It may not be what any doctor would order, but it helped me when I read it.

If your time is limited start with Science of Survival.
They won't let me link to it anymore because of stinkin' copyright lawyers.

Mind is always calm like the blue sky is not effected by what passes through it....let your thoughts and emotions be the weather and your pure awareness be the blue sky. 🙏

You can't stay positive all the time ... we are in flux, but we can choose how we react to sensory data....Anicca, Anatta, Dukkha🌀

thanks for sharing. Yeah! depression comes and goes, and sometimes we feel like taking those extreme measures when it knocks our head, and meditation helps a lot in such times. A number of people prayed for you in the last post, including me, I think that also helped you. So, keep doing the good work!

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Knowing how f'd up the world is, and how much worse it will probably get before it gets better does not make it easier.

Meditation is key to maintaining one's mental health.

Great post jeff, always love hearing you talk about life my friend

Man, you're a bit of a roller coaster eh? Up & down, Up & and down. The trick is to not get too attached to temporary feelings. Feelings, whether good or bad, are temporary of course, but they can also be pretty powerful which causes us to attach ourselves too them. Realizing that how you feel now has absolutely nothing to do with how you will feel tomorrow is key. When you feel bad or depressed, and you don't accept it as it is, you will feel another layer of guilt on top of if all, which can make returning to a positive state take longer than it should. When you feel really good, you attach yourself to that feeling and begin to make it into a 'sense of self', which sets you up for a huge crash when you're having a low day(which is inevitable).
Take feelings as they are without attachment, and you will find peace.

Jeff, I´ve heard that staring at the sun must be done a little time the first days and then increase slowly day by day in order to protect the eyes from any injuries.

The next time you sit with yourself think about what being a "promoter" involves. You are now tossing out willy nilly comments as a "freedom fighter" with your pocketful of rehearsed negatives...."The whole educational system is an indoctrination camp." 100% negative right? That may be the truth but I wince when I hear you say that.
The negative ALWAYS comes back to PRESS in on you. You need to find a way to be the natural "promoter" that you are, if that's how you chose to continue, that allows you to step into finding your genuine smile again. Here's a little magic to help you do that if you chose. It comes from a lecture on life and mediation that I had attended, from the famous magician, David Copperfield.
"Make the difficult, habit.
The habit, easy.
And the easy, beautiful."

I have every faith in you. That's all you have to do.
As ever, M

You got this, just had to get back into the routine in a few days :)

Thanks for the open post!.
i recomend finding a "Crafting hobby" Leatherworking feks , its easy and fast to learn and really enjoyable and works well vs stress and shitty day`s =) GLHF

When do the calisthenics start? I remember in 2 earlier posts specifically, there was mention of a passion for fitness.

Pretty sure we all go through this. Just got to individually find a healthy way of dealing with it.. (Find your happy place). haha

Fish, milk, eggs and sunlight is a magical combination.

Nice to see you feel better!