Be Like Dogs: Living In The Now and Accepting Reality

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Most people don't even realize it... but they really, if ever, actually are living in the moment. And the funny part about that is that it is ALWAYS now. It is never the past and never the future. Every moment is always right now.

Yet very few people ever live in the moment. Many are constantly thinking about the past... or thinking about the future. Or if they are living in the now it is to avoid living in "their" now. In other words, they'll often watch television or movies to live in a false reality or avoid actually experiencing their own reality.

But how often do people really, actually live in the moment? It's so rare that most people usually remember when it happened. When was it? Usually during a shocking event that shook them into the now. They remember that. And they remember how it felt. And, even if the event that happened was a bad one many people will remember how alive they felt at that moment in time.

That's living in the now.

You can live a lot more in the moment. It takes a lot of practice but it can be done. Dogs do it their entire life... and look how happy they are!

In today's "walk and talk" with my ever happy dogs I discuss how I now live much more in the moment and don't allow any worries of the future to enter my head for more than a few seconds... and it has resulted in attaining a much happier state of mind. It's even improved my relationship with my loved ones.

You can hear my experience here:

I also get into how when not worrying about the past or the future that most people don't accept the reality of the current now for what it is. And that gives them even more stress and unhappiness.

So, don't do that either! Watch the video for some tips on how!


I definitely agree with living in the now. It is good to plan for the future and reflect/learn from the past, but there are limits. You'll get depressed if you live in the past and anxious if you live in the future.

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Hi, Jeff. I love your walks and talks. That reaction you had sounded like a healing "crisis" or detoxing. It was good you had it, especially that sweating.

I've wasted so much time worrying about my life and money and what other people expect or think, and since my kids were born I worry about them. I have to work to quiet my mind and that worry. I think it's part of my "pain body" as Eckhart Tolle calls it. I'm half Italian and the Italian side of my family were worryers. It could also be that my adrenals have been down. That affects everything.

I sure as hell don't want any self-fulfilling prophecies concerning worrying. I've noticed for sure that since I've been doing Dr. Morse's protocol, eating almost all organic fruits and 100% raw my mind is quieter. A sense of peace has come over me. Eating high vibrational foods equals a high vibrational life.

You with your dogs remind me of me with mine. I also live in an area where I can walk my perros off leash so they can run free. They get into mischief, though! My oldest dog is 16 and mostly deaf. I still futily call and clap for him to stay near me. The other two don't really listen either. But they have a blast running and sniffing. And, of course, living in the now.

I too have learned something similar from my dog. He hasn't got a care in the world. I try to be like him, to only live in the now.

Hey @jeffberwick , great post!
Completely agree, live in the now and enjoy!
Always watch your videos from: @dollarvigilante & @anarchast as well!
Learned a lot already!

I have literally just started my blog yesterday as well and posted my introduction post! I will be writing about freedom and wealth as well!

I've upvoted and followed you!

Keep up the good work and upvote my first blog post if you’ve enjoyed it and like my work!

See you around!


Mason with CPC and Merkaba Film Group.
Big fan and so far you never disappoint...cept the audio in that one live video lol☠️
But subscribed and trying to get up to speed from 100 miles behind. Your a big help.
Dod = God backwards. Great work!

IMO living in the know implies that your not in denial about your life, the situation you are in, and are to some degree objective about what is going on. That's both inside you and outside of you. It brings to mind the Serenity Prayer for me: "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." That made a big difference in my being able to accept, and live in the present. So now I'm happy to play with my 2 Yellow Labs, and they are too!

Great food for thought.
My husband was watching YouTube last night. I was listening while in the other room snapping green beans. I walked in to listen more intently about everything we know being a lie- and saw your face, and exclaimed, "He's on my steemit feed! "
I'll admit I hadn't watched your videos before, but after the info last night, I'm a follower. :)

Excelente post.

thank you Jeff for all the info

I'll Accept your reality. Mine is kinda lame.

You create your reality my friend, so you can choose to have an exciting life as much as a lame life - simply by changing your perspective :)

I'm not following either of these people

What if you would name one of your dogs Bitcoin just think about it ?

Have you read the book "The Power of Now" by Ekhart Tolle? If not, you should. :) #youreWelcome

The power of now vs The law of attraction: There's an article I would read! (or maybe write if i get round to reading Tolle's work!)

One of my favs :)

It's called, "Mindfulness." Learning how to discipline and take responsibility over your own thoughts is the biggest, most difficult step towards realizing a change in your character. We have the ability to, literally, change our brains' sturcture through steady, constant effort in directing our own thoughts. It is a skill - a muscle which must be exercised to become stronger.

"Two steps forward, one step back."

"The turtle wins the race."

"The longest journeys are accomplished one step at a time."

It's not rocket science, but it is not as "exciting" as many other distractions we can allow ourselves to be consumed with. The greatest power any person really has is their own free will and the ability to choose how to direct their thoughts. Once you "get" this concept, you can start to really move forward in securing your future well-being and happiness - by doing what you can, now.

This is by far the best way to live our young lives. Living in the past will get you no where and keep you stuck in a never ending cycle of regret. "I regret not doing this, and I regret not doing that..." Living in the now means there are no regrets. Take advantage of every moment you have on this beautiful planet. Really take in and enjoy every minute with your family and friends. Go on that adventure you've always to go on. Do something because you never know how much time you actually have! Great post @jeffberwick, thanks for sharing and keep on steemin!

thanks for video jeff. I can see you like a leader from these community. you are an eagle!!
Btw im a youtuber too. and make my first video to steemit today introducing myself.
Eckhart tolle is a great teacher from Living at Now!!!
You made a great video today. Nice work!

Thanks for all your inspirational videos. Glad you changed your lifestyle for the better..thumbs_up_steem_ajv2id.jpg

There is a great responsibility to focus more on the present, this is because naturally humans are bound to reflect on this that are past and things to come. Live for the moment.

See I feel that is true. We have an ability to reflect consciously on the past and to speculate the future as its in our brains purpose to do these things to improve our situation and at the core try and not die. Though living in the moment and consciously seeking it is a great, enhancing skill to develop. It adds joy to the experiences of life.

so true!! great information here!

I have been living in the now for quite a lot of time now and it is purely amazing.. I love your vlogs they really have a deep meaning..
Hope the future holds freedom for all of us as we really deserve it.. All the best from me and much love..

I am totally the kind of person who spends most of her time thinking about something that has happened during the day, especially if had a negative vibe. Also, I am guilty in stressing about something that may not happen at all! Probably why I have high blood pressure!..

I constantly live in the past, hoping one day the technology will exist to go back and change some things (mostly everything).

Great information

I think that's very true, missing the moments, and worrying about the past or future. I've asked myself, 'if I die tomorrow, what do I want to do, what do I need?' I have worries/thoughts for the future but if I die tomorrow, I better to live NOW and feel the moments. And if I die tomorrow, don't need anything material things that I have... and I cannot get rid of. I don't know why I still keep them. Haha.

Love this! Were never going to be able to re live the present moment:) Might as well enjoy it:) Its been a long time I gave up on human beings for dogs... I mean, arent they the best? They are always happy to see you, no matter what. They never get mad at you. If only human beings were half as nice as them, haha this world would already be a better place!:P @jeffberwick

"This is the real secret of life- to be completely engaged w what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play" - Alan Watts

info is great but technique is missing.
mind is always in the future or past thats the very nature of the mind. body is always in present bring your attention to your body and first thing that we can put attention on is our breath. then we can can notice our senses. for example listening everything around us not focused on sound but being witness of it.
sometimes i use this tricks from osho rajneesh other great spiritual guides.
hey jeff can you give your secret sources that brings you in present.

Hi, @jeffberwick really enjoy most of your videos. That one is especially a good one. Talking about how peoples are living like the way society tells them to. Most of them are just following the crowd without thinking, like the ones in front of the Vegas fountain. Food is very important part of how peoples can start to be free from today's social effects. Meditation is also very important. There is plenty of exercises to do in meditation that has an immediate effect on your body. I was lucky enough to become friend with one of the top world healers and I have learned many things from him here in Asia. One topic you may have to speak one day is the impact of the words that we use in our daily life. Words work little like a spell and can get you in trouble too, not only with other but with yourself. How to decalcified your pineal gland is also a good advice. I will start today a long series of articles on Steemit about Traditional Asian healing with food and plants. In the past 18 years, I have gathered much information that I can put some into articles and may be an Ebook too. Those healing technics are really old and have a beautiful impact on your body. And yes never let any outer things disturbing your happiness. Thank you for all the good stuff and keep on informing, please.

Yes you are right. Living in Now can make person appreciate that moment . I am contantly thinking about the future, This post is a relief. Im gonna start balancing it out.

It goes to say, forget the past and learn from it, deal with the present and make the best of it, and let the future take care of itself. Enjoy and be happy with your life. Nice sharing Jeff and thanks.

Ive just done an article myself on perspective and seeing things as they truly are. The past does exist but can only be acknowledged as that and it cant be changed - but we can be grateful for everything we have encountered, good and bad, because it has taken us to the point in life we are NOW :)

The future is simply a projection in our minds of what we are asking the universe for, only limited by universal laws!

Love your work Jeff and will be following! :)

The power of the now - Eckhart Tole definitely helped me with this problem :)

Thank you for everything you do Jeff! I`m glad i can support you with small donations by liking your videos here :)

A very interesting idea. I will implement it

U right. Boss please follow me back and upvote and restem my vote also. Am a student trying to make ends meet.

It is true. I live in Bali and Balineses people are really good at that . They live on the day, at the moment, and actually, you will notice that Balinese are really relax and calm people. No stress here, no depressed people , only smiling ones .

When you start a fast the first 3-7 days your body goes through detox, once you are over with it you feel really great @jeffberwick just watch the documentary here

Everything you really need to know about life... you can learn from dogs. Dogs are the best people -- the best souls ....

  1. Eat and enjoy it
  2. Sleep & dream without a care
  3. Play & love it
  4. Love & protect your family with all your heart. Pure loyalty.

The embodiment of love & always living in the present...the now

I just started living my life this way last year and I have never been this happy! Keep up the good reads @jeffberwick

thanks mate! ψ
you are the one of the main reason why i have started to be a vegan. I was feeling so fucking crappy, this was 3 weeks ago or something. And @xtetrahedron ye he's always at steemit so I i've been watchting you before i gor my self an account! so, rock on @jeffberwick you are truly are an inspiration.

one love.


I'd like to agree - but can't. Living in the now is o.k. but terribly sad. I might suggest that focusing on my 'eternal' future is what makes my choices today something I can look back on with a sense of pride. You see we are so much more than today. We are complex creatures who are in essence - our yesterdays, today and tomorrows. I can accept that and feel blessed. Wish you could too!

Strange, this is not what I picture or expect when the word 'anarchist' comes up. Love your posts, checked out a couple, and now following. Just published a post yesterday about a technique I use involving focus to bring myself into the NOW (practicing darts)... Saw the 'now' in your title and... serendipity! Here I am. Thanks!

To focus on living in the present, people often have to work through things they feel guilty about or are still thinking about from their past, and if they have real concerns (rather than simply frivolous worries) about the future, they sometimes need to make some plans so they can stop feeling so concerned.

Always good stuff. Thank you for sharing in that video. I like following you. You always have good stuff to talk about.

Great philosophy keeping in line with what the Buddists believe. In some ways I think animals are actually more advanced than humans.

We have to be patient, good things to not come fast.
But as long as you try, everything is possible. So I make photography every day,
Even if I know the pictures are not good, but I'm still trying.

The shakes and cravings for carbs your having are neurological from the parasites hatching and multiplying. think about watering a seed. seed is dormant till water/carbs in our case cause growth and multiplication of parasites in the body. Starve those little bastards.

Reality is what your thinking about in the moment.

Thinking/medifesting of sinking your boat had a lot to do with the sinking of your boat .

  • When you were worrying about sailing your boat around the world did you think of any things you would do if the boat sank that would help you? And did any of those precautions taken come in hand when the boat sank?

  • What would you recommend any new sailor to have with them?

Hii jeffberwick.nice to read about you.i am surendra from india,am also a new on steemit and welcome you to steemit.i have followed, can you also follow me.Best of luck and also upvote me.

Dropping truth bombs

Hello Jeff. I love your eye opening, mind boggling stuff, so much that I even mentioned you in my post :-
Feel free to check it out.

New here on steemit, but have seen your videos on youtube. Always inspirational.

I read "The Power of Now" and actually saw Eckhart Tolle at a conference in Miami. It was moving, and you're right he sits there for quite a long time at the beginning of the lecture. People were squirming in their seats. Giving up the meaningless nonsense is freeing....following

Thank you for this post. I really truggle with living in the present. Only when I am with horses, the animals I love the most, I live in the present. You can truly communicate with horses through body language and feelings, which isn't possible if you're not mentally present. I'll follow you for more great posts :-)

If you want to live in the now,, then trade Bitcoin and Make Blog in Steemit in that way you live in the now, because you will always speculate the future, looking back in the past and doing thing in the now.

Nice dogs!!!

The way I see it, NOW is the only true and real eternal/eternity.

I watched a video of you speaking on Youtube not so long ago. That one video turned me into one of your silent fans.

One of my favorite quotes, I think it was Bruce Lee, is "There is no anxiety in the present moment" I always remember that to keep myself grounded when I feel overwhelmed.

ha! Never thought I'd ever want to be like my dog but the being carefree part makes sense. Here it goes. I'm going to go around being like my german shepherd! totally chill. except when it comes time to go for a walk or eat!

as long as money/monetarism exists, living in the now is impossible because monetary trends regulate competition and if one does not progress (think ahead far enough), one regresses (left behind). Money is incompatible with this philosophy. I am writing about a money-free society, it is my field of expertise so to speak :)

Steemit. Provides the opportunity to capitalize

nothingness is powerfull <3


Very good post, I hope you visit mine and you like it

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