Being positive is the answer.

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When I was a kid my cousin asked me an interesting question.

If someone pretends to be nice all the time, but really on the inside they don't feel nice.... does that mean that they are actually nice?


It was an interesting question. If you're always nice to people, but on the inside you actually feel like you want to be a jerk.... does that make you a jerk?

I told my cousin that if you pretend to be nice all the time, chances are good that you will actually start to feel that way.

The rest of world is already treating you like you're nice so your used to feeling good about it.

It feels nice to be nice doesn't it? That's a future post in and of itself.

However, the point I'm trying to make is that it feels good to be positive.

Every single day I have to go to the same restaurant. To tell you the truth, I'm getting a little sick of seeing the same people everyday.

The same waiters.

The same guests.

The same managers.

Every. Single. Day.

However, I always go to work with a smile on my face.


I know that each day is a new day. You never know what a new day might bring with it.

I can't tell you how many servers come to work with this horrible attitude that doesn't get them anywhere.

People that come in to eat do not want their waiter to have a bad attitude. It doesn't make any sense. Why would I tip you a large amount of money if you're going to be a jerk to me?

The same thing applies to almost any situation. Being negative is just a dumb idea.

I know we get into moods.... but it's easy to change that mood. Sometimes you have to pretend to be positive.

Once you get into the groove, it's easy to actually turn your negative attitude around.

Smile at people, shake people's hands, be friendly. There is always something good in the world. Sometimes you just have to find it.

If you're wondering how to have a better life.... I'll tell you a little secret.

Being positive is the answer.

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I remember having a job I hated. It was really hard to be positive but you are right. Sometimes when you fake being nice, sometimes it helps you to feel nice on the inside.


Back from the dead eh? I'll have to go see if you posted anything yet.


I’m milling around. Might start posting regularly again.


Millin like a villain.

It's difficult to feel positive all the time but as you say there's little point in spreading negativity. Everyone has shit in their lives and heaping more on them won't make either of you feel better. You might as well give a friendly smile which definitely won't make either of you feel worse.


Well, sometimes it's okay to heap shit on people..... just make sure you smile when you do it. :)


Hahaha, I save the shit heaping for my nearest and dearest. To the rest of the world, I'm sweetness and light!

I do try to be nice to everybody and at any time. Sometimes it's not that easy but life is so much easier that way.
When you are nice it's harder for the others to say "no" or treat you badly.

Thank you for sharing these thoughts.


Sometimes it can be difficult. I appreciate your input.


You're welcome. That's true - difficulty was the word that has not come into my mind ;)
Thank you.

Agreed hence the term 'fake it till you make it'. No point feeling down anyways...never helped anyone


"Being positive is the answer."

You are so right.

It is well known that when we force our faces to smile, it triggers a dopamine release in the brain, which ironically delivers real pleasure to the fake smiler, making him or her smile for real.

Human beings are a social species. It is isolation and loneliness that are unnatural, not relating and sharing.

We have structured much of our world against our own natures, and it is convincing some of us that our true social selves are not our true selves.

Your positive approach is actually a sticking plaster, repairing the unnatural wound of isolation being done every day to our true social selves. :)


Sweet. In that case I'm doing the right things.

It is, of course, very hard to do sometimes, but it is the best way to live. Pushing positive thoughts on people makes them do better in their daily lives and helps you grow as a person.


I would tend to agree with that.

Ultimamente me pasa esta problematica, soy antipatico con las personas, puedo arruinar días estupendos con mi sola presencia, comienzo a pensar que es hora de cambiar esa forma de ser que me define por completa, he seguido patrones familiares y guiones inculcados por los que me rodean que no son propios de mi. Cualquier que se tope por este post le aconsejo altamente que el cielo, las estrellas y el sol son capaces de ser tuyos con tan solo cambiar tu actitud por una illuminada y creativa. Buen día

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