Altered Carbon - The best new show on Netflix.

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A lot of people have told me about Altered Carbon, the new science fiction Show from Netflix. I don't always have a subscription to Netflix. I like to alternate between the different streaming services.

One month of Netflix, one month of Amazon, one month of HBO, Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, Hulu, Filmstruck, Fandago.... etc.

If you ask me, this is a much more efficient way of making sure that you never run out of shows to watch. By the time you go back to the original service you started with.... it will have a bunch of new shows or movies because you've waited so long that they've essentially restocked their supply.

My point being that even though I heard about Altered Carbon a couple of months ago, I didn't have Netflix at the time so I wasn't able to check it out.

Now that I have, I must say I am incredibly impressed.

This show is completely amazing.


Altered Carbon is the name of the first book in the Takeshi Kovacs series.

Just for reference, Game of Thrones is the name of the first book in The Song of Fire and Ice series.

It is not unprecedented for a TV show to take on the name of the title of the first book.

Being a huge fan of Science Fiction I am really surprised that I had never heard of these books.


Set in a future where consciousness is digitized and stored, a prisoner returns to life in a new body and must solve a mind-bending murder to win his freedom.

To be quite honest, that tagline actually sums it up pretty well.

It doesn't tell you how gritty and down to earth this show is despite the fact that has some amazing effects.

This is the type of show that makes you scream out Hell yeah!! at 2 in the morning.....even if you are a completely boring sort of fellow.

In a word..... It's awesome. Well, that was two words, but you get the idea.


If I have to describe the world, I would say it is very similar to Earth in the 1982 Blade Runner.

Everything is dark and dismal. People don't value their lives much, because their lives are generally replaceable.

Of course, the rich are able to back up their lives so that nothing can really happen to them. The poor aren't so lucky generally but they do also have sleeves with discs in them.

It all has something to do with discovering relics from an alien race, or something like that.

If you're looking for a new show on Netflix I would say check out Altered Carbon no matter what kind of show you typically enjoy.

It's completely awesome.

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I liked it. It kind of lost its way mid way through the season then the starting story was wrapped up in an off hand kind of way to give rise to an underlying story that was the main story but seemed like the side story.

If any of that makes sense...

It is one of the better shows out at the moment and I look forward to another season


I agree that it kind of seems to head off in different directions but ultimately I think it's a great story.

Sounds interesting.. I saw but we never really watched it. You may be on to something with the switching around.


That's definitely a good technique to save money but always have something to watch.


Well, I am paying the 12 bucks a month for netflix so it is not free.


No but if you're paying for Netflix Amazon HBO at the same time then you'd be paying something like 40 bucks a month. When only paying for one at a time, you don't have to use them all at once and therefore you will save money. Nothing is free in life.

Thank you for this information and explanation. Now I know what I'm ging to do today 😁


I'm definitely doing it - have 24 hours including nightshift ;)

"I like to alternate between the different streaming services."

How clever. I stick with Netflix and Amazon cos they have so much, with Netflix way out in front, but your strategy is sound financially.

"Altered Carbon" is a great show for sci-fi geeks, though oddly "Westworld," which deals with similar themes, yet is infinitely more difficult to follow, given it's makers' perverse need to confound viewers, seems to have made more of a cultural imprint. Maybe that's just the kudos HBO earned with genre aficionados by pumping so much money into "Game of Thrones." I mean, they even bought Anthony Hopkins' participation for a TV show, which no doubt cost as much as the entire budget of "Altered Carbon."

One fear I have about "Altered Carbon," given it's lower cultural cachet, is that they will sack all their actors, and just resleeve all the characters to save money lol!

Still, Season1 rocks as a standalone, whatever happens. :)


Resleeving the characters is a definite possibility, and I can definitely imagine them resleeving the main character.

However, I find it highly unlikely that they would get rid of either the AI character or the very attractive female cop.... I have a feeling people are already quite sold on the concept of continuing to watch her.

One thing HBO does that Netflix doesn't do is make sure that the opening theme is awesome.

Altered carbon's very short theme is perfectly fine, Westworld's theme is just amazing.

Game of Thrones, Band of Brothers, the Pacific.... HBO has set it up where as soon as you hear the theme you recognize it immediately and you will run into the room from wherever you are to start watching the show.

Personally I like Altered Carbon a bit more than Westworld but neither of them are anywhere close to Game of Thrones.


"One thing HBO does that Netflix doesn't do is make sure that the opening theme is awesome."

That is such an astute observation. It is obviously a winning and deliberate HBO gameplan, as those titles must cost a FORTUNE.

Both Game of Thrones and Westworld title themes are not only brilliantly catchy compositions, but the images sum up concisely and imaginatively everything those series are about, and they last a long time. The overall effect is escalated anticipation, as well as a sense of occasion.

I am with you on "Game of Thrones," though I adore "Stranger Things" as well, and since GOT is ending in 6 episodes, you gotta look elsewhere for exciting ongoing narratives.

sounds super cool! unfortunately - i don't do ANY movies or tv anymore (well- not true. the occasional redbox - and I do like the movie theatre!)

so what do I do with all my extra time now?

Steem, of course ;)


I don't watch a lot of TV, but I do like the occasional movie. When a show like this comes out it always interests me because it's very similar to the style that I write in.

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