Do You Miss Your High School Days - I do?

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Depending upon the type of experiences that people had, some miss high school big time while others hardly ever think about it once they are past that particular stage. Of course, it is not just about the two extremes. Not everyone absolutely loved it and not everyone completely hated it. Some of us miss some aspects of that life today but probably wouldn’t really fancy going back in time to revisit life in high school. Then there are those of us who didn’t really like high school at the time but feel a sense of nostalgia now. I would consider myself a part of this particular category.

Though I didn’t exactly hate high school at the time, I wasn’t much fond of it either. However, I do miss it to some extent now and feel a sense of nostalgia every time I think about my high school days or whenever someone mentions anything about it. I know it seems kind of strange and contradictory, but it’s true.

More than that, what I seem to miss and feel nostalgic about is not exactly high school or the experiences I had there. What I really miss is that feeling of “being young” and the prospect of my whole life ahead of me with endless possibilities and lots of promise. Looking at it this way, I can safely say that I do not necessarily miss high school. What I miss is that somewhat carefree time without the pressures of real life and its bitter realities. After so many years (and a couple of decades) of adulthood, most people my age tend to reminisce fondly about those days of youth with their carefree and happy-go-lucky spirit. Because adulthood is not exactly a piece of cake and life has not quite turned out the way you had envisioned.

While in high school, I wasn’t a big fan of having to wake up at 5 every morning and getting to school around 7:30 AM. Having to sit through hours and hours of classes every day used to drive me crazy. Being bossed around by my parents wasn’t much fun either. However, what I did not hate was having a set routine and every day planned out. Hanging out with familiar faces and friends I had known since childhood was also not a bad thing. More importantly, who among us doesn’t like having a hot meal ready for them, whether it is home-cooked or takeout?

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In high school, we tend to have this mental picture of independence and freedom after high school. We constantly imagine how wonderful living on our own would be. The prospect of living independently and having no one to order us around is something that entices pretty much all of us in high school and we just can’t wait to get out of there.

But, you know what they say about the grass always being greener on the other side, right? Living on your own isn’t all that sunshine and rainbows as we all seem to believe in high school. Yes, college and life after that can still be fun and exciting. But, it also brings with it incredible stress and the constant pressure of work and competition can be draining, to say the least. And that is when you start to miss having those familiar faces around to help you relax and unwind after a long, hard day. This is also when you start to miss those fresh, hot meals that used to welcome you the moment you entered your home. Because having to cook your meals yourself, pay bills, and manage studies/work is hardly the most exciting thing in the world. And the thought of having to clean your room, kitchen, and toilet is often enough to make you cry and not do anything for a whole week or so.

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I won’t deny that living on your own can be great in many ways. It certainly has its perks, as much as we miss high school once we are out of there. You get to be your own boss (for the most part) and manage things as you want to, but it can be incredibly draining both physically and mentally. There will be countless moments when you long for those carefree and happy-go-lucky days of high school where you had little responsibilities and your parents and elders were there to take care of most things. Moments like that can even make or break your resolve at times.

If you are an emotional, sentimental, and sensitive character like I am, you will understand that growing up can often be upsetting and even scary. Because the responsibilities only increase as you age. I enjoy adulthood and the fact that I am able to take care of people who are my responsibility gives me great satisfaction. But, yeah, sometimes I do really miss high school and that feeling of being young and without a care in the world.


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great post! the best part of high school for me was been carefree with no pressure.

Yeah same here, high school is not really something I look back with fond memories of, but now that I'm grown up and goes to work every day to make it all go around, the freedom to not care at all is something I really miss from time to time :)

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Whenever i look at the pictures from my old school days,the friends in those pictures, where are they now? The prom party, wow!! I miss high school for sure.

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Life at the High School is never lost only in your memory remains.

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i totally agree with you. i miss my high school days as i have freedom, have lots of fun with my friends, only need to focus on studies. but after graduating and going into the world of adulthood, i am hit by the harsh reality. need to find job, pay your own bills, save money for marriage and own house and the list goes on... but i can't wait to have my own babies! haha!

High school days we're one of best memories have created. Good and bad, sad and happy, and yes, I miss it. In high school we have this what we called circle of friends that would make our day complete.
The bullies & the bullied, Thy foolish & the genius, the silent noisy, They made the four sided wall complete.
Whenever the the happiness you've experinced during high school days, You would end up crying during the graduation.
I would tell you that my friends during grade 9, We have each other until now

During Grade9

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