Can you pass the fashion test?

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Fashion is something that is not really fixed for a longer duration. You will see the waves coming up and going away every season and therefore you need to change your wardrobe and update your accessories also. Without any doubt, it’s a kind of tricky task to see the changes and managing all such stuff. Moreover, it has due importance because nobody would like to feel awkward by hearing a compliment like what are you wearing or carrying? It is completely out of fashion or don’t you know the season has just gone! Of course, this is very embarrassing point. As a matter of fact, people like to see themselves surrounded by fashion Divas instead of some dumb species who does not even know about what is in or what is out. Even bosses now a days at the time of conducting interviews pays attention to the fashion parallel to your curriculum vitae. So obviously like most of fashion freaks you would like to stay up to date and pass the basic fashion test to see you position on fashion scale.

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What can certify you as fashion follower?

There have been many fashion tests available online where you need to go through few questions to get a grade or marks they will mark about your fashion status. Isn’t that cool? Yes, it is. This kind of test will not only be fun but also good to make you aware of what better changes you need to make in your basic idea of fashion and lifestyle. After you get to know about this, you should know some basic tricks to keep yourself in every time fashion waves flow back and forth

Tips to stay up to date and get some fashion sense

Design and fashion sensibility comes to few people as easily as merely getting a hamburger. Whereas to others, it is one of the toughest jobs even causes severe anxiety, making such people short of ideas and they have just a pinch of motivation to go on. When it comes to fashion and style, there are no regulations or true or true guides, it’s only you’re inner your inner call that you are required to follow up. Actual style has its roots straight from the cardiac sight! i.e. mostly it sprouts effortlessly. Any individual who realizes this elementary little rule of thumb, and turns out their inner sense into a fashion account are without any ambiguity, are bound to go to multiple places.

Keeping your own direction towards trends that came up in past and those that are coming today primary to all of the other advice, we would, therefore, like you to bring under consideration a few key points that will give you an corner over the rest and will aid you to stay in the green part of stylometers. Here, we have collected adequately simple methods of staying up to the date of wavy trends in outfits and accessories that do not need you to move away from your routine; instead, make it more amiable and energizing. After all, you do good if you feel good, you feel good if you look good.

Get an experience in runway

Designers and fashion brands show up their upcoming volumes and merchandises every year once or twice. Such kinds of shows are actually organized to educate people about the latest fashion trends. This will definitely inspire your fashion sense and bring about positive changes to your wardrobe.

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Go through different fashion magazines

Fashion publications by experts and amateurs are available to hand to hand. You just need to skim through the latest edition of any popular fashion magazine. Not only can this but you also check out some fashion blogger who could keep you update about different stuff.

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Surf the social media

Without any doubt, social media is the best platform to keep yourself in about every new thing ranging from the lives of your favorite celebrities to updates about the new launching of seasonal dresses.


Make your outlook bright by using multiple sets of trendy jewelry. It adds us unfathomable life to your outfit. Wearing a heavily astound necklace with a simple little dress is a glamorous way of shining up your look.

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Closing up!
Although the fashion trends change seasonally in order to clarify a basic fashion test you should have to know how about what is happening in industry especially because of the fact that

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Danke für das Teilen😉

Can you pass the fashion test?
Yes, your topic is a great greeting to you

Fashion is on roughly a 40 year cycle, thus the skinny jeans.

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Now a days fashion is very important in life style.
Your post is amazing on design and fashion.

It's nice to stay up to date on the fashion trends and know-hows of the rapidly changing norms seen in this area, but if you ask me, I could honestly care less about what people have to say about the clothes I'm wearing... people wear whatever you want and don't listen to those that have anything negative to say, they are likely just jealous they can't pull off that look you're going for!

Still really enjoyed your post btw, this is just something I have always been rather passionate about bc I like to rock stuff that I never see anyone else wearing... regards from @conradsuperb

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Well written about fashion with some perfect pictures, Thanks for sharing @jasimg

interesting post, i enjoyed it

I always like to renew my closet but I still convert the classic pieces of fashion, and there is always that piece that I never want to pull from my wardrobe, I love fashion will always be one of my passions.

Nice post.

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Thanks for this article! It's interesting to read about how people perceive fashion. I've never really cared about being fashionable, yes I like shopping but I buy things based on whether they suit me and if I like them, not because they're in fashion. I also don't stop wearing stuff just because it's out of fashion...guess I'd not be able to work in the fashion industry

Fashion is a way of life
But it could fade off
Only to be replaced by another