Want To Know Where The New Hidden Speakeasy Is In Hollywood? I'll Show You!!

in #life6 years ago (edited)

This weekend we went out to West Hollywood to visit Employees Only. Employees Only is a fancy cocktail bar/restaurant from NYC that also now has a location in West Hollywood. It's speakeasy style, so the location is hidden to those who do not know. The only marking is a neon sign out front that says "Psychic" (to make people think it's something else). We also had dinner at Laurel Hardware, which like Employees Only has a misleading storefront to look like a hardware store. The experience was top-notch. The nightlife is always great in LA when you know where to go and what to do, especially around Sunset and Santa Monica Blvd.

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Heck yes man! Great vlog, not sure if I should say her name, but your wife looks great on camera (in person, too)! hahaha, that was a good walk on the street. Next time, b-roll on the insides of these places haha.

@zainenn I didn't want to be rude inside with a camera on. I felt like, considering the place was pretty secret for a reason, it would be in distaste.

That's awesome @itskyle! I gotta hit those spots up! Really neat insight to a spot many might not know about. Thanks for that! Also, I think "your wife" needs to make more funny cracks like she did at the end. Haha! Good video!

@brainpod I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly she got into being in the video. I'm trying to get her to start her own channel somewhere. She'd be great! Thanks for watching!

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