Golden Era of Intelligent Grunge Cinema

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"Rivers Edge" was my first film. I sat on the steps in front of Hollywood high wishing with all my might that I would get this part and my life would change. It wasn't such a bad life, I was 15 and flailing around in school, Mom was having another divorce and we couldn't afford the private school that better suited a shy and insecure kid like me.

I knew my academic career wasn't going well, I wanted a better life for myself so I pushed myself to audition when my brother roped me into trying out for this part, even though I was overwhelmed by fear. Not that acting is a way out, but for me it was, and has been a wonderful job full of all the ups and downs that come with any job.

The highlights? Getting the chance to make out with Keanu and being apart of an intelligent movie which also happened to be my aesthetic at the time. For example I loved Blue Velvet and Over The Edge.

I was able to dive into a story because I was young enough to get lost in playing this part. At that age I was still able to play make believe.

Of all the types of atmospheres and dynamics I have been part of in films and tv - the atmosphere on Rivers Edge and the way the director worked and I suppose my mentality at the time is the way I best like to work. Fully playing the part with out drama and insecurities getting in the way.

I've learned that the best experiences making cinema involve a perfect meeting of my state of mind and the project's collective atmosphere.


how did i not see this movie?
WTF is wrong with me?
"don't panic, don't panic!"
i added it to the movie list.
so fun hearing about your experience and what the 15-year-old brain was feeling. :-)


tight-rolled jeans n high-top sneaks 4evah!!!!!

Oh you are going to LOVE this film! its so up your alley.

Great to read about your experience making River's Edge - thanks!

God, I love that movie. Classic. Gettin freaky with Keanu would have been a highlight for me as well. ♥ Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. 15 is tough. (Like Taylor Swift says.) What a fantastic way you were able to find an escape route!

Sidenote, I just wrote an entire blog about you. I hope that's okay. Because shit, I can't delete it. I still have time to edit it down to nothing though. Just say the word and it's gone.

I'm kind of disgruntled with steemit right now. Just a little bit. Alas, the world isn't perfect. I can't expect everyone to live up to my standards, but at least I can bitch about it while defending your honor.

Have a beautiful day!


Wow, I never saw this movie but it looks great! Mark and I will have to watch it soon :) Also love the story... I can totally relate to the flailing around in school and doing acting instead! It can be such a fulfilling thing to do at that age! So happy you're on here sharing your stories xo

I've never seen this one either! will have to buy it off Amazon hehehe

so ... as you get older, is it harder to play "make-believe" as an actress? I always assumed that it was a gift to just immerse yourself into another world. I guess I do have that gift, now that i think of it - but when I'm writing. I love the ability to create any world that I can dream!!! :)
or dreEm


I'm sure it was pretty sweet to be able to kiss the boy that set all of our girlie hearts ablaze. hehehehe fun! :) but probably no different than ANY handsome boy in life.

i was just talking to other people about how celebrities are just like us! people are people.

except Robert Downey, Jr. lol
he's perfection


"Rivers Edge" was one of my favorite movies back in the day. Always thought it was so cool that Dennis Hopper mentioned Humboldt County. I grew up in Eureka California.

@trashclub is going to follow you @ioneskye and also your husband @benleemusic Holyshit! Just realized you're married to Ben Lee! Your husband is one of my favorite musicians. I feel like I know you guys! Anyway, wow. Well i like steemit too. It's pretty fun. It's really cool that you guys are promoting steemit. This post is old but going to resteem it.
Thanks again!

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