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I started with a new doctor today. Not that I went in for anything. It's just that moving to a new state means that I have to get new health insurance and a new doctor. Even with federal healthcare regulations, there is still a lot of variance between how different states handle healthcare. Really reminds one that these are 50 united STATES, just like Italy is a state, Greece is a state, and so on.

Anyway, did that today after a chiropractic appointment in the morning. Apart from taking my blood pressure and weight (128 it turns out) they also asked me a lot of questions related to my health. It was answering the question about health supplements that prompted this post.

I take a lot of supplements!

But I can't say I take any of them religiously. I more dabble.

The last few days I've been taking calcium, because I think I'm getting stress fractures. I put my body through a lot with two household moves in the last year, and I don't think my bones really have the strength they need to hold up to that. So seeing how the calcium affects me.

I also recently added aloe vera. It's supposed to be good for the lining of your stomach. After eating a lot of cheese since moving here and discovering a pizza parlor I absolutely love within walking distance, my gut health could use a little extra attention. I'm allergic to dairy.

Those are my most recent additions, but there are so many other things I rotate in and out of my daily routine: probiotics, multivitamin, krill oil, zinc, and so on. Over a dozen things. But in any given day I take maybe 5-6.

It occurs to me that this is probably not the idea behind preventative medicine.

But it's hard to tell what's working or not, and also I get tired of downing all these little oval orbs with my meals. Anyway, the doctor didn't seem phased by my list, or the report that I was inconsistent in taking them. So I guess it's all normal enough. To me though it reminds me that in order to see results, you really do have to be consistent with preventative healthcare. It's worth taking it a bit more seriously and realizing that while experimenting with new things can be fun, health really isn't a game. Particularly once you reach middle age like me.

I'm going to give some thought to what things I really need and which I don't, and try to get a routine going with taking the ones that really matter.

What Are Your Favorites?

What's your top one or two health supplements that you know you see results from taking?

Do you take it/them every day like clockwork?


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I take Elderberry supplements (Nature's Way, found on Amazon, if you want to know which specific ones) twice daily. I still carry around some tissue in my pocket at all times, but my allergies are much more under control.

Recently I've been taking some B12, and it seems to have made me dream more, or more vividly. I've experimented with St John's Wort, but if I understand correctly, tolerance builds up over a couple of weeks, so I don't take it regularly.

Most days I drink a combination of extra virgin olive oil, black pepper, and turmeric. Turmeric is backed up by a ton of research as being beneficial in a lot of ways (honestly, I don't know much about it except it's an antidepressant). Turmeric can't be properly absorbed by the body without an oil. Olive oil is pretty good for you, and extra virgin olive oil has fewer things filtered out of it (good things). Mixing those with black pepper and taking it daily is said to prevent cancer.

Medicinal mushrooms are one aspect that are lesser known but show a lot of potential. I've experimented with them (Reishi, Cordyceps, Lion's Mane, Maitake, and Chaga, just to name a few). Generally, they are supposed to help boost energy and mood and immune system - I can't say I notice much difference, but I'm not paying close attention, either. The only time I noticed a change in mood and energy was the day I got my first bottle of mushroom capsules, and quit smoking weed. They definitely helped me stay more balanced through the withdrawal period (there IS withdrawal for some people). To be more specific, these were the "Brain" capsules sold by Host Defense. A note, if you want to buy their supplements, they are cheaper on Amazon than they are on and on

I think that getting diet under control is arguably more powerful than supplements. Listen to your body. Figure out how much food you really need, don't eat too much or too little. What food groups does your body respond the best to? Grains, dairy, meats, vegetables, fruits, etc? Sugars/simple carbohydrates (generally best to keep these to a minimum), complex carbohydrates, proteins, and fats? Keep in mind which are quicker and slower for the body to digest. Sugars spike blood sugar, then it drops, leaving you hungrier and irritable. Complex carbs are much better, as they take the body longer to break down into energy, but they're faster than proteins, I think. Fats take the longest, so eating a lot of fat can weigh down the body. Cut out as many additives and processed foods as possible. Buy local produce when possible. Avoiding toxins is just as important as consuming healthier compounds.

Great points. Turmeric is one of my favorites too.

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I have been minimizing my intake lately and have settle on a multivitamin and a probiotic, that is it. I try to get everything else through my diet!

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That’s a good idea if you can manage it. Some things are hard to get enough of just through diet, but if you have no ailments, you’re probably getting what you actually need.

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What's your top one or two health supplements that you know you see results from taking?

Ashwaganda - helps with lower back pain, gives you quite a bit of energy, and helps with mood.

CBD - helps with a lot of things, particularly pain. In my experience, it's about as effective as opioids, though the resistance does seem to build up for some. It's also got a lot of bullshit asshole companies releasing utterly useless products with it supposedly in it, at nominal levels, if even at all. In my experience, you need about 15-30mg for it to be effective. Some things have it at some insanely low level, like 1mg.

Do you take it/them every day like clockwork?

I try, but I recently ran out of my CBD caps. Haven't ordered any new ones yet.

Thanks for the tips. I’ve never had either of those.

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Massage! More specifically self massage! A lot of people treat massage as a relaxing experience but a healing massage is intense. Basically if a muscle or tendon hurts, that is a good sign that it needs a massage. Old blood and qi can stop things up and stop certain places from recurving oxygen. I want to see if I can make my hair grow back with massage eventually!

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