[Hae-Joo] Trust Yourself - You Know What You Ought To Do.

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Trust Yourself


Words to live by, right?

But how many of us are actually trusting our own guts, our own intuitions, when it really matters

Personally, I've just learned the consequences of forcing our will against our spirit, the not-so-easy way and not-so-hard way. Because I had an experience where I truly felt horrible about doing something, and I did it against my better judgment. And it end up costing me everything I had worked to build over the past 9 months, end up costing me a good friend, and ended up forcing me to reconsider my entire life.

I failed massively because even when my better instinct was telling me "Stop. Don't go through with this. The signs that this is a bad idea are everywhere." - I didn't listen.

Well, in truth, 9 months, a fair bit of money and a good friend all gone, might seem like a lot to me right now, but actually, given how real this lesson was, how in my face it was, how long it unfolded before my eyes... It was a relatively small price to pay to learn my lesson. And...

I've learned my lesson


Lately I feel really humbled, because my ego-image of myself and my desire for status and external power had taken me to a satanic place without me even realizing it. Actually I'm so glad that life cut me down because I wasn't growing in the right direction. Now I feel freed to grow in the right way and actually have an amazing life based on utilizing my own unique gifts. I'm so happy because I no longer feel impatient, no longer feel cheated, no longer feel anxious about my life, and what I'd be capable of doing with it.

I'm glad because this latest lesson was the last time that I could ever misplace my hopes in something that was fundamentally wrong. By that I mean, randomly going through life, a waiting for something good to happen to me attitude, a kind of Russian-roulette of Destiny, to try and get ahead in the world.

Now, not only have I learned, for good, that progress comes from vision, work, drive, determination, persistence and focus (can't do anything without this lesson), I've also learned that everybody has a choice: a choice between the path of least resistance, and the crummy life that would ensue from it (addiction and depression, unfulfilling occupations, relationships, and lifestyles), or the path of triumphant redemption, and the associated creative, enterprising, and industrious way of life that is so highly rewarded, both in this world and the next.

I recently asked my friend, a much older, Muslim, married man with kids; and I thought his words were very wise. I asked: "Is it just the few in this world that are blessed?"

He answered: "No, everybody is blessed, but some people do not recognize the blessings that God has extended to them. They do not realize the solutions to their problems are all around them, if they would just open their eyes, and have faith in the Almighty."

Is that not the truth?

Forget this crap about comparing ourselves and our lives to other people's... Forget being a victim, forget the injustices of the past, forget lamenting the set of cards we got from birth.


In this life there's really only 3 things that everybody truly desires :

  • There is Material Happiness in the form of wealth, security, comfort: Call this Abundance
  • There is Emotional Happiness in the form of loving, trusting relationships filled with intimacy, commitment and compassion: Call this Companionship
  • And there is Spiritual Happiness, where we work to endeavor to create what could be seen as our contribution to Mankind, that which we will leave behind when we go. This comes in the form of having worked to accomplish something that can be continued after our passing, and which can lead to an even greater good than we were able to produce in our lifetime. It ties together with material and emotional happiness because it is the sign that we did everything right, when we have people we are leaving behind, and we are leaving behind something good for those people : Call this Legacy

If we trust ourselves, and follow our best judgment, we can attain during the course of our lifetimes: Abundance, Companionship, and Legacy.

Nobody can take these things from us if we earnestly stay true to ourselves. The measure of a Man or Woman's success in the eyes of God lies not in what they thought or believed, not even in what they did or didn't do. It lies in what they kept in their heart for their fellow Brothers and Sisters.

Did we hate others, were we jealous of others, did we trick others and want to abuse and do harm to others? This is what we will be judged by. This, and our ability or inability to learn from our mistakes, to keep growing in purity and righteousness in the eyes of God. Not fake self-righteousness of believing we are on the right-side of history. Just doing right by our fellow human according to the inner light of our hearts.


If we all just try our best to live our best lives, I think God will truly bless our world and help us solve all of our problems. In this Age of Aquarius and this Great Shift that is taking place, I hope enough of us can realize this insight, learn our lesson and help to usher in the Kingdom of God...

Then we will know True Happiness.






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Awesome, powerful reflections.

Seems rather timely with the Full moon going down at the moment...

Thank you my brother... I'm so pleased that you read this particular post.
The actualization and realization of these lessons has weighed heavy on my heart, but in this moment, I feel completely at peace with myself, my life and God. It's a wonderful feeling, to be alive on this Earth in this day and age. I realize it is only the illusions we create in our own minds that make it seem any different.

I am of course not surprised that there are astral forces at work in this time of realization. The Cosmos knows exactly what it is doing and it is always in perfect order, harmony and balance with all things.

We really are powerless to do anything about that ;)

Hey dude,
Been a long time, I was very pleased to see you're still producing great material. I think everyone can relate to this particular post in one way or another, but it's really refreshing to see you take a positive attitude in a somewhat dire situation. Gives me inspiration to not be so harsh on ourselves.
Hope all is well,

Yo Kyle!

Add me on Discord! (new one!)

Would love to reconnect x

Hey, my friend thank you for sharing these words .. I think if we're honest we an all relate to those times we fall short, I know I can. We are all a work in progress .. it's just that some are at different stages of said progress.

Life is a river that seeks to take us each of us in slightly different directions, we can spend our time swimming against it's current and over thinking/worrying about it's every twist and turn .. or we can learn to let it sweep us away, enjoy the beautiful views and understand that every river finds it's way to the sea.

Thank you for the shout out the other day I really appreciate it .. I will be back to comment on your post, until then .. peace out my brother!

Hey PF
Man you are so right!
And thank you so much for all the love you've been showing me lately. I'm in the middle of packing up a house and trying to move out and store my stuff before coming home for the summer. Quite hectic and I'm just not finding the time to do everything I would like to do.
This summer is going to be bliss though as I will have all the time in the world to do that which I love and wish to!
It's going to be a summer of healing, rest, peace and tranquility

That which I need before the storm :)
This river has been taking me in so many interesting directions, and I see a huge waterfall just up-ahead... But for now, it's pure bliss and calm :)

Enjoying the moment fully :)

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