SPACE NEWS - Cali Quake Risk, Planets Past Pluto, CERN LHC: Dwarfed | S0 News Feb.10.2018

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Daily Sun, Earth and Space Science and a round up of top scientific events of the day. Volcano, earthquake and severe storm forecasts... Subscribe to Suspicious0bservers for the latest updates.

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Today's Featured Links:
Kuiper Belt Objects:
Magnetism from Plasma:
Earthquake Simulator:
Cosmic Rays and Mortality:
Rocky or Gassy Planets:

Music by NEMES1S

Links for the News:
TY WindMap:
Earth WindMap:
GOES Satellites:
BARTOL Cosmic Rays:
GONG Magnetic Maps:
Kiruna SWx Station:


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I signed up for coinbase and the want me to scan my id is that normal? Does binance and bittrex ask for this also? I'm in Cali...thanks for the info. Great post. Joy


Hello sweetjoy,
Yes that is quite normal for Coinbase... Coinbase is good if you are willing to be identified - similar to opening bank account.
        But if you want to buy Crypto with Fiat cash there are options... personal meeting sales - try if you wish to stay under the radar! Be careful - use highly rated sellers ONLY - in safe meeting places!
        Once you have crypto if you wish to trade I would highly recommend binance & for easy and quick registration. Do ask if you need any more help at all!

Following you now also :D


I have questions about posting my password and just safe meeting spaces.. even spam an scam sites confuse me. Is exodus the best wallet? Why wont prepaid debit cards work on platforms? Would I be wasting $ by buying steem now if mkt is going down? I have 100 questions...but I will do research first so I wont be a burden. Thank you. Joy


To which password do you refer? Generally never share password of course.
Exodus has been excellent but has suffered some serious hacks so I would not put too much into it until I hear the software is properly patched. I would recommend for an easy to use free wallet that runs on IOS too. If you need to store more than a few thousand dollars you will need a cold storage which is offline and un-hackable.
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        I recently recommend some alt coins that are due to rise up to 100 times - it is not too late to buy into any of those, they will take off shortly!

feel free to keep asking any questions you need answered :D


I was wondering if the steem wallet was secure. Thank you so much. I have adopted you as my go to
Steemwhale. :). Hope you dont mind.


Thank you sweetly, I am honoured! Steemit is indeed very secure, but be carful anytime you are asked to login ... make SURE you are at a site starting with there have been phishing attempts on this site and many other top websites: phishing is where a duplicate website is made to get people to give their login details... meanwhile the hacker will empty your wallet of Steem Dollars if he has your master password. Steem on the other hand can not be stolen or withdrawn any faster than 104th of the total Steem each week.


There are less SBD coins than Steemit coins on the blockchain. I heard SBD was worth more. Should I tell the minnows I recruited to power up with all sbd or just keep it growing at 50/50 voting power and leave it alone? Last question for this week. (pending no mess ups on my part.) You don't know how much help you are! Thanks again! Joy


Hi Sweetjoy,
The price of both Steem and SBD does fluctuate quite a lot but they both have their unique value for Steemians.

When you say power up 50/50 i think you are referring to when you post? If so, yes 50/50 rewards of Steem and SBD is usually the best option.

When I mentioned Powering Up earlier, I meant sending Steem from an external wallet or exchange to your Steemit account. Here is a great video by @joshdomsky on How To Power Up

Keep well :D

There is an awful lot of FUD around at the moment concerning earthquakes and tsunamis etc but the records show that the distribution is pretty stable and hasn't increased much at all. Great headlines I guess?


Hello Molometer
Very good to see you! - Yes there is much FUD in this area - Suspicious0bservers are doing great work bringing clear understanding of these phenomena to the masses, and helping us understand more about the complex nature of the universe that sustains us.

Keep well :D

The more things become possible for you, the more clearly you realize that nothing can be done bypassing the laws of nature.


Hello Demix
SO true! Thank you for commenting - following you now also :D

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Hello mdirfanarju
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Hi askmee,
WOW congratulations - that is awesome!!

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Hi, I found some acronyms/abbreviations in this post. This is how they expand:

STEREOSolar TErrestrial RElations Observatory, GSFC

Wow thanks :D

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