Meet Chlorovirus ATCV-1 the virus which dumbs down humans .

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This newly discovered virus comes from the chorella family of algaes. It has been found to reduce cognitive behaviour in mice and humans by up to 10% which is a lot in lay mans terms.
I have scanned several people against the DNA sample and they have all had very high scores when tested and are all in the ASD and ADHD spectrum so this may help reduce the viral load on the brain now we know it is around.
The scientists aren't yet sure how contamination takes place but this virus is definitely showing in the throats of my testing of several clients which s a concern. Thankfully it reduces quickly using the homeopathic drops I have developed with the frequencies from the genome of this pathogen. Long term it will be interesting how these people's mental capacity improves and how quickly.
I am using an Asyra Bioresonance machine to scan them with this virus.

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