Cardboard City

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Life is never easy when you are down and out
Losing all possessions on the global roundabout
Gambling on the Dow Jones, a man about the city
When it all comes crashing down, people have no pity

Yesterday's high flier is out there on Skid Row
Friends had tried to warn him of the sudden blow
Wall street is in panic as profits take a fall
Those who did not listen are about to lose it all

Corporate competition, pursuing personal greed
Buying all commodities to satisfy their need
Recession comes a knocking when everything is lost
You gambled on the markets, prepare to pay the cost

Once you were respected as a man about the town,
Now you are King Nothing, the one who lost his crown,
A life devoid of dignity, down in cardboard city
You finally hit rock bottom, where people show no pity....


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I really liked that poem, it is reflecting some of my thoughts about markets

I'm glad you like it. Do you write poem too?

Actually i don't. Somebody resteemed your poem, so i just checked it out

Oh nice...thanks

Gambling is a rough business. Some people can do well and others lose it all. The trouble is, many people believe they can do well. However, it's gambling. By definition, that means it is incredibly risky and there is a lot of chance. That means, you better do your research and know what is happening. Knowledge is the only thing that will ever improve the ods.

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