Plans for 2020

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In terms of projects that is. We have been busy with all sorts of projects since we've moved here. Between house projects, yard projects, and having animals/garden and everything that entails, it's about time we took a break.

This year we will not have chickens or plant a garden. There will be no house upgrades going on. It will just be basic yard maintenance during the summer. Oh, and splitting wood, because that is neccessary. It will be a great year for focusing on faith and family.


We used to have a row of evergreens to the north of our house. They had some sort of disease and were looking very sickly, so we had them cut down. It's a strange sight, not only because there are no trees but there is still corn! (Not our corn. However in all the other directions we are surrounded by our sunflowers. It's as neat looking though.)
So we may plant some trees this upcoming season, but we will see how much it costs first.

All in all, I'm looking forward to this upcoming year. A year to take a breather.


May you be blessed in 2020 with life and prosperity!

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Thank you! And to you and yours as well!

I hope you are able to get the focus on your faith and family this year!
I think for me I will be doing a garden again and that probably will be one of the bigger things I do this year! I also have a garage roof that needs to be redone as well!

That garage roof sounds like quite a project. Will you be doing that yourself??

Yes I will be doing it myself, costs less if I do the labor! It is not that big of a roof but you can't stand on it so it will take a little longer to do. You can see some temp shingles to cover some holes. But on the other side of that part with the window in it is even worse. In fact right now there is a tarp on that whole side I put on after taking this picture.

Oh wow! Old roof, big storm? I bet it will look great when it's done and feel great to have accomplished it!

Old roof. In fact whenever they put the shingles on they didn't even bother to take off the wood shingles but instead just put the shingles on top of it. Not sure why people do that? Yes it will be a good feeling to get it done. I can do it with ladders and will take a little bit of time but before I can put down those new shingles I will have to put down some new plywood as well!

Dream on. If you think you get to take a breather this year. lol. Howdy hebrewhousewife! The chickens weren't worth the hassle?

Haha! I suppose it wouldn't surprise me. There's always much to do. But hopefully this year won't be as overwhelming.
The chickens were nice to have, and we will have them again maybe next year. But with having a new baby, yea, too much work right now.

Howdy again hebrewhousewife! So getting a breather this year, hopefull, will give you more time on Steemit?

In theory. The thing is, I'm not sure what all to write about these days!

In theory. The thing
Is, I'm not sure what all to
Write about these days!

                 - hebrewhousewife

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Well hey it looks like you're pretty good at haiku. lol.

People are concentrating more on curation anyway, less people are putting out posts so if you decide to go that route that's fine too because you'll still earn.

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