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Just Leave me Alone!

I am tired of reading on Steem how authors are always saying bad things about people who choose to just invest on the Steem platform.

Nothing is wrong with just investing in Steem. That is what powers this amazing platform.

We must understand everyone can't be the same but everyone can contribute to Steem in different ways!

Some people aren't creative when it comes to content but they are very shrewd and creative when it comes to invetsing.

They know a good thing when they see it and they want a piece of the pie.

Without investors, Steem would not be as successful and would be just another regular social-media platform. But because of the ability to invest and grow the community, it's not.

Investing creates capital that otherwise would not be available to pay for curations and post on Steem.

The number one Steemian that I here a lot of other steemers hate on is @haejin. Personally I think what he has to offer is of value. Maybe not to you, but it is to someone on the Steemit platform. Steemers say he don't care about others opinions and just wants the upvote. Well, that statement left me scratching my head.....

Who Doesn't Want UpVotes, Raise Your Hand!

On Steem we are all of one (1) body. There is the author , the investor, the hobbyist, the enthusiast, the doubters, the spectators, the skepticism, and there is the hard-core Steemians! We love you, our hard-core Steemians, whoever you are. That can include the trailblazers of the platform (you know, the ones here from the start) or the Steemians who just fell in love with the concept and the community when they found out about it and now they commit their heart and soul to it. We need you!!! But we also need the others too.

You know the saying.... " Can't We All Just Get Along!"

My point is, we need them all to sustain a healthy and vibrant and ever-changing and growing community.

So come on Steemians let's stop hating on others and stop judging them for what you think is their so-called motives on the platform. It's what they bring to it and we have to accept and embrace that, as long as it's not illegal, LOL!

So all I am saying Steemians, while we are still in our infancy, let's be more accepting of people with different views, goals and priorities within the Steemit community because it's all apart of the growth process.

Do you agree with me? Let me know your thoughts below.

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Beautiful well done ..
I liked it .. wonderful words from you, no need to envy each other guys
Who works hard deserves
Thanks for sharing this with us

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks for voicing this. There are way to many haters out here on Steemit. I am fairly new to steemit. I posted my first post last week and another this week. Originally planned to post and share some valuable content with the community everyday, but have been so discouraged by all the haters and bullshit drama being created with @haejin . I know so many people who benefit from his post and some who don't. Either way we should allow him to post without all the racist slander and trolling. Either way, everyones opinion is valid, even the haters...

Personally, after seeing your post and some others I feel refreshed and have some hope for this potentially powerful community here at Steemit. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me again to start sharing and contributing to the platform again.

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Very impressive massage to all steemians. Your idea to welcome "all kind of steemians "is pretty good and effective. No one sage by birth, we all learn everything after experiencing it.

You deserve a"thumbs up 👍". Resteemed it.

yapp well makes me think again....i agree with you....we should accept the different view of others

Wow thank you. I am so happy you agree :)

you are most welcome

Just bought my minowhood a couple of days ago for 0.00024 btc/steem. It felt a bit guilty at first yet a lot of online friends saw it as an investment and support for steem.

You may call it an investment (up 10% since purchase) yet truthfully it makes me feel like a kid with a new toy! With the slider one csn curate for days! 😎

P.S. It is my feeling, too, that the tag wars can only be resolved with software solutions. You can't (or shouldn't) beat up an investor for playing the system as it allows one to use it.

What is minowhood? Should I get in on it?

Minnowhood is cool. It kicks in at 500 SPs. You get a cool sliding bar to allow you to set the percentage (up to 100%) of power in your upvote so you can normally give some kind of upvote throughout your session.

0.00024 btc (about $2 at the time) for a steem seemed like a good time for a trade as well.

Just checked your wallet, @gumbotrader, and with 700+SPs my guess is that you are even a bigger fish than a minnow. 😎

So, I think I have 0.007

You got a 19.05% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @gumbotrader!

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If I'm not here to see the views of others, then I don't know why I'm here... See from everybody's perspective, it's how life works best.

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