Stay Away from Negative People!

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Today, I'd like to reflect on how it is important to stay away from negative people and how you surround yourself has a lot to do with your own happiness and success.

Whatever dream you may have in life there will always be negative people to put you down because they are themselves frustrated of not having succeeded in their life, and the last thing they want is you to succeed.

Stay Away from Negative People!

When you are looking at successful people, it's hard to find one that has a negative mind because they certainly won't be where they are if they were not positive.

"Birds of a same feather flock together" and if you are around losers who complain all the time about their situation, you will end up like them. This all makes sense! If you have 5 friends that you like to hang up with all the time and they always have a negative attitude, then guess what, you will be the same and reduce your chances of succeeding in something you want to do.

Being negative is very contagious and if you are in proximity of negative people often, you have a good chance to become one. It is also very toxic because how do you think you can achieve something if your negativity tells you that you are going to fail?

Negative people reflect on failure, problems and why something can't be done or why you can't succeed.

Positive people reflect on success, take problems as challenges to be solved, have faith they will succeed and draw up plans to do so.

Everyone has a kind of aura and waves around their body that you can pick up. When you are around negative people you take a bit of their negativity with you, if you are around positive people, you take a bit of their positivity.

If you are around cynical, frustrated and negative people all the time… you will become cynical, frustrated and negative. If you want to be like them, then fine, but if you are different and want success in what you want to achieve, you have to align yourself to positive people.

Get together with people who will encourage you, people who can empower you, people that you can learn from and people that you can grow from.

It is necessary to be around people who can contribute to your growth and if you can't find them in real life, in your town, in your community or church, then you can turn to the Internet.

There are a lot of inspiring people that you can follow online and as I said before, you will see that they always have a positive attitude about things that affect their lives. They seem to always go ahead in what they do and that's the kind of people you want to follow. 

There are also online support groups, motivational groups, entrepreneur groups, especially on Facebook. You can join these groups and find people like you who want to go ahead in life and interact with positive people, to encourage each others. 

I have been avoiding negative people for a long time, because trying to change them is not what will work. Instead, I have protected myself against those negative people and even if I come across one of them in life or online, this doesn't affect me. Everyone has the right to be as they want to be.

Now, if you know that you have been a negative person yourself and want to change your attitude, thoughts, the same advice applies. You won't become positive if you are around negative people. Work yourself up having positive people around and as they are as contagious as negative people, you will experience a change for the better in your attitude in life.

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Michel Gerard


Good read, and I totally agree you do not need negative people around you ,cheers mike

@mikenevitt thank you for reading the post and your comment.

A good post about positive people in your life, and definitely true for my experiences.

I t can be a little more complex than that, however (I am only using my own life as an example) .

I think it's a mix between the person you are naturally, and your upbringing (environment).

Using myself as the example, I grew up with 80% of my family, (including extended) being the stereotypical negative outlook on life naysayers, kind of people.

My nature is a very positive one, hence we aren't exactly close..

BUT, what I have noticed with my own behavior, is that when I am around negative people, I become very positive, and disregard their negativity (to their annoyance).
Obviously some psychological throwback to my family.

And, conversely enough, when I am around a positive groups of close friends, life always goes 'tits up', somehow.

It's way too complex to go into here, but these patterns of events have repeated themselves.

(Obviously I learned about them retrospectively. doh!)

(Still many thanks on the - you will be making money in commissions off me, I hope!)

Thank you @lucylin for the long comment. I have a similar experience as you have and if you are a strong positive person, of course you are going to make some negative people crazy... If you are negative and want to change, that is another story.

I'm glad is useful for you, it has been great for me. Would you consider giving a witness vote to my friend @jerrybanfield?

I agree, some friends are better off not being friends.

Exactly! Thank you for commenting @paco.

Hello friend, I have totally the reason why negative people, that is envy and when we move away from them until our health improves ... I love your post @paco ... God keeps filling you with much wisdom ... People negative and envy @ s only exist in those people who do not accept the happiness and success of others. Thank you friend ... greetings and the outstanding of your extraordinary publications .. THESE ARE REPORTED BY GOD ..

Thank you very much @verygod for your nice comment and I am glad you like the post.

Friends you spend time with has a huge impact on your life. If you are around positive people, you will be more positive in life.

Have a positive mindset is very important. Yes, if you don't find positive people, turn on internet. You will surely find people you're looking for and they will help you to grow. Thank you @gmichelbkk for sharing this and spreading positive vibes!

Thank you @rezoanulvibes for your meaningful comment.

Thank you for reminding me of the importance of staying positive. This was a really good read. It is so easy to fall in the negative trenches when negative people try to shackle you. Nearly got snagged down that route these past few days. I have never understood how people can live so negatively. I grew up with negative people, they are still negative, and to stay positive I had to move far away from them. Nothing fills my heart with more positive energy than a good time with like minded friends. Reading what you wrote, confirms it.

Thank you @mariastahlberg for your long comment and I am glad to read that you relate to what I wrote.

You're right negativity well get you nowhere. It's always best to surround your self with positive people. Not only will you always have a positive mindset you can also help those who is around you to always stay positive. Though to be honest it's hard to always avoid negative people specially if they are your own family members.

@riovanes thank you for your input and yes, that's hard when it's your own family.

hola eso es verdad lo negativo atrae cosas negativas hay que estar siempre positivos ante cualquier situación

Thank you for your comment.

Couldn't agree more. Like you said, birds of a feather flock together. It is amazing how sometimes some of our closest friends can be the most toxic for our growth. We constantly need to evaluate who in our lives is helping us reach our goals and who is a roadblock

Thank you for reading the post and your comment.

very good post friend, it is better to get together with positive people, thanks for sharing great information.
Greetings, I am your new follower and here I support you with my upvotes fumes.

Thank you @joel1220 for your upvote, comment and for following.

The problem with that is you never get to see reality in all its wonder! You go through life avoiding people who notice areas with room for improvement and judge anyone who is trying to help you as being "negative" (by your own "positive" standards of course). And while friends and others might support and inflate you, when the shit hits the fan, you never see it coming! And those negative people say, "I told you so."

I have found it is better not to judge and support everyone in their transition from negative to positive, because a lot of the time people just do not see themselves as being negative. It is part of societies conditioning and preprogramming they are breaking through and judging them only makes it all the more difficult. In a world-view of creating abundance and being positive and supportive, judging others is counterproductive.

I am all for supporting worthy projects and those in need and I also believe winning doesn't come from the predilection of special friends or from having "losers" on your way up because life has a habit of meeting up with them again on the way down, where they get to support us or judge us accordingly.

What you give to others is what life gives to you! Be it positive or negative (in our opinion). In truth, everything is a positive contribution if interpreted correctly.

Anyone has the right to be negative, I just don't want to mix with them and I think they do not want to be with me anyway because a always positive person is quite irritable for them. There is no judgment in that. It is just a choice to be with who you think will help better achieve what you want in life. Successful people all agree with that.

Thanks for the reply. That is a generalisation of course. I would not speak for all successful people or I would never learn anything new :)

As a saying goes: "it's better alone, how badly accompanied" ...

Thank you very much for your comment @jayoxaju!

felicidades por tu publicación, tienes mucha razón debemos ser siempre positivos para atraer cosas buenas. saludos

Thank you for your comment @yosicrespo.

Gracias a ti por esa publicación tan positiva.. estare al pendiente de tus post.

Welcome! @gmichelbkk

] Nice post beautiful presented and explained. detail oriented with nice information. thank you for sharing

I am glad that you like it @nilima.

Buen post amigo saludos y éxitos.

Tranquilo amigo saludos.

Good things happen if you turn away from negative people.
Lesson learned.

Thank you very much for your comment @bestmemes.

siempre pensando en positivos buenas energías, saludo

Thank you for your comment!

You are right. This post is good motivational.

Thank you @nasir769, I'm glad you like it.

Ever since I had a distance from the negative friends I had, there's been a lot of change in my life. I started working on myself and focused on the things that I love doing like music and programming. :-)
@jerrybanfield already has my vote :-)

Thank you for your comment @syzmic and for giving your vote to Jerry.

I've been the negative one for some time and my life has improved by surrounding myself with people that love me. I think I've become a more positive person with time. Good and inspirational reading. Thanx.

@sansoncarrascothank you for commenting here. Congrats on moving from negativity to positivity.

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