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People always say airplane is one of the best places to discover something interesting. Something so called ‘interesting things’ are base on humanity. As passengers are stuck in air-tight aircraft for 13 hours and they have nothing to do honestly except eating, watching movies or reading their own books, what else they can do? Talk to somebody. You may see people sometimes look for someone they are interested in, search for someone who is on the same channel and if there are possibilities among them. Men and Women's Hunting game starts. Maybe that’s why people always ask me ‘Did somebody hit on you on your flights?’ The logic behind is simple - the primitive humanity : Hunter & Gatherer.

Men are Hunter and Women are Gatherer

Based on the Hunter and Gatherer value, Men are good at hunting something far away from their position then they will try every effort to hook targets up, and Women can’t. Some studies showed that Women are gatherer who don't have a strong intention to hunt something, they are just aware of the things happen nearby them,so different from how men operate.

It reminds me one interesting experience on my flight off to Sydney.

I was working in economy class. It was a night flight I remember and most of the passengers were sleeping, so did the passengers in business class. Then during the middle of the flight, there was a gentleman kept walking from business class to economy class and talking to a beautiful young lady. He had two champagne flutes in hands. He passed one to that lady and just stayed there for few minutes then left. Seems like that young lady was busy with working on her computer. After 30 minutes, that passenger came back and had a bunch of flower in hand. We both wondered why it come from and finally figured out it's from the decoration at the business class seats. Later he bought few gifts to that lady from inflight duty free service. I didn’t know she received those gifts or not. Anyways, I really appreciated how hard he was trying and how many efforts he did for that lady.That pretty lady seems didn’t give him much attention and she asked where they met before and she didn’t notice this guy at all. At the end of the flight, the more details I heard from business class crews was that gentleman met her in the lounge at the airport and he felt she was so hot. He hunted for his beautiful prey with his very best.

Hunting game Between Cabin crew and Passenger

How male passengers approach the crews? Normally passengers would start chit chat with you by saying how much they like your smile and how beautiful you are. Then probably after few minutes 'deeply' chit chat, they would exchange contacts if both were interested in each other. Sometimes if the crew held back, the nice gentleman would just kindly leave his business card and personal contact number. Then they catch up or not is their personal life. I'm just sharing those things I have experienced and I heard from other crews. By the way, why I just mentioned how men chase women inflight? I seldom see girls do such actions to guys though. Maybe just showing how ‘Hunter and Gatherer’ works. In my company culture is called 'chasing culture'.

Honestly, this ‘chasing culture in the plane’ is quite different from 10 years ago. I mean in my company cause different airlines have different culture to maintain their relationship among the crews. Ten years ago, female crews would try to approach passengers especially who sitting in business class and they might find that it would be a good chance to meet a rich and good guy. How many people could afford the extremely expensive business class tickets 10-20 years ago? Maybe they were the business men or office-bearers who worked for British Government (before 1997 HK was returned to China). They were the 'must have item' for the ladies from old generations. So the ladies didn’t mind being the proactive one to find their Mr.Right in the flights. That was the time women tried to be a hunter rather than men did. Seems the character shift in different generations or maybe just because of my job nature?

It is exactly what the gentleman took from business class for the pretty lady on my flight=)

Airplane really is a amazing place to observe different kinds of humanity. I think you may have other nicer and more interesting experience and stories than I have .I would love to listen those stories from you as a passenger <3


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Glad we didn't meet on flight babe, that would make it look awkward now @gladysmak :) Great article love!


Thanks babe. Haha Must be a bit awkward right? I thought if it happened in the reality, we met each other on flight, we might only have 13-hour relationship

Resteemed :-) Greetings :-)


Greeting from Hong Kong =)

Interesting view! It's very valuable post I think.


Thanks for your comment @sonzweil. So happy to hear that!

You mean psychical needs or physical needs? ;-)


maybe just psychical needs. How do you think? haha


Don't know leh. you put psychical in this post.


Maybe can say in this way- Men using their natural hunting talent to satisfy their physical or psychical need, or both?

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