The Captain Crunch French Toast Contemplation

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Traditions And Take Aways

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It seems like every family has a tradition or two. I know it's been said that traditions are peer pressure from dead folks, or something to that effect, but I can honestly say that pretty much all of the traditions in my little family were crafted and set into place by just us. One food tradition that we have is every Christmas morning we craft some Captain Crunch French Toast.

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I honestly don't know how it started, but I do distinctly remember one Christmas my dad fashioned a plastic grocery sack into a chef's hat and Chef-Boy-R-Ron became Captain Crunch French Toast legend. Our favorite variation is made with the Crunch Berry kind of Crunch; don't knock it before you try it!

This Christmas was slightly more bananas than usual as we had extra company, extra functions, and a terminally ill friend, so the CCFT didn't get made on Christmas morning. I had all the ingredients, we just didn't get to it. This is a common status in my life, intentions left by the should've got it done roadside.

Well, never one to be too deterred by life things, I told the kids that I would make them a nice CCFT brunch this past Sunday. It was to be a grand post Christmas breakfast affair. Well, Sunday arrived and I woke up at 6:37 AM. You see, I am a bit of a weirdo in the intuitiveness department. I can't sense when people die, but I do seem to intuitively know when my friends and family are in emotional pain, and sure enough, my dear friend departed this reality at exactly that time. He was a part of my life for my entire adult life and I will miss my Crusty Marshmallow. Cancer really does suck. It doesn't discriminate and I hate it. I hate that my friends are miserable, the only thing I don't hate is that my friend isn't suffering any more.

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With that sad event narrated let me continue, I got up, hugged my people, and set about grinding Captain Crunch in my food processor for the French toast. It's so weird to get about with the business of living when just down the road there are people whom you care about suffering. As I dipped the Texas toast slices into the whipped eggs and cream I found myself thinking about all of the good times with my friend and as I slathered each slice in ground Captain Crunch I found myself smiling about certain instances of hilarity that he brought about in our lives.

And that's the thing about traditions. They can get monotonous and be a bit of a pain in the social requirement butt. However, there are some traditions, like going to a certain friend's house for the Superbowl or making a certain meal on Christmas that help remind you of the glorious things that you experience in this life. And that my friends makes this Kat smile even on this sad day.

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And as most of the time, all of the images in this post were taken on the author's egg wash and slightly tear stained iPhone.


Ahh, the Good Golden Captain of Ziinngg*...many was the day as a shorter lad that I binged the golden nuggets to the tune of Saturday cartoons. Never even THOUGHT to ask mom to make french toast out of them. What WAS I not thinking?! That does sound rather glorious to this taller lad today. I'll have to try it. Though syrup on top might make sleeping for the next 2 days a (fun) chore ( :

I LOVE traditions, and am such a silly sentimentalist. Also love your take on them, peer pressure from beyond. Classic stuff. If I use it, I'll give full GK credit.

So very sorry to hear of your friend's passing. As folks have said below and you above, we never get used to it. Though I do believe each one takes a little piece of us with them when they go. Life is so grand and sucky, all in one breath. My thoughts are with you though, in hard times.
Now I need to go eat, and wondering if some crunched up Honey Bunches of Oats will work for F.T. Naah, the Good Golden Captain is all that will do. Now where are those car keys again? Cheers my 'brarian friend of the feline variety, Le' Caste Skillette

*You eat about 17 bowls and your brain goes wonky for longer than a spell

Hello my feathered and domestic panware friend! No credit needed, I am reasonably sure I read the peer pressure from beyond tidbit somewhere and adopted it, take it and run! Woo!

I don't know why, I but I can see a whole series of blog posts coming from your way about the enactment of the French Toast and Cereal experimental tasting protocol. It could become legend XD!

Well, I can't chat much today, soo much chorin to be done with all this extra snow that we have lying around at the moment. I do so hope things are swell, well, and truly not pell-mell in your realm. Peace out house cookery!:)

I'm so sorry to hear your friend has died. I've lost several friends and family members in recent years, and, as I continue to age, I suppose I'd better get used to that happening more and more frequently. But does one ever grow accustomed to losing dear friends and family members? No, I think we just sort of resign ourselves to it.

Meanwhile, Captain Crunch French Toast is a whole new concept to me. Might have to try it some day.

Thank you so much for the condolences. It has definitely been a rough week, and you are so right, I don't think anyone grows accustomed to losing a loved one. One of the lesser great parts of life for sure.

The CC French Toast is pretty glorious, I do so hope you have a chance to give it a try sometime:)

Well I clicked on your post as I love French toast and the idea of mixing it with cereal has opened up a door in my brain which I never knew existed.

On reading your post, yes I learnt how to make a new breakfast but I also read one of the most honest and humble reflections on friendships life and dealing with grief. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on here, I hope it helped you in some small way.

Ooh, I hope you wander through the cereal encrusted French toast door and give it a go, it's pretty great!

And thank you so much for your kind words, they, along with typing out some of my rambling internal monologue were truly most helpful.:)

My dear friend, I'm so very sorry for your loss... ;(

In case I haven't shared this with you before, and for future reference—and yes, I know only the rare person will pay any attention—I want you to know about my "go to" site that saves people from what I have come to believe are the all-too-common fatal outcomes caused, not so much by cancer (yes, I completely agree, cancer sucks!) but by cancer treatment, which I believe sucks way more than the cancer itself...

Sometime when you find yourself in a good frame of mind, please spend some time reviewing that site and thinking about it; for your family's sake, and the sake of any friends and loved ones you may be able to share it with at need.

'Nuff said...

My own research into cancer and its abuse in the US began in earnest about 20 years ago, when I watched the oncologists and white-robed drones kill my grandson with their "treatments."

In any case, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. I pray you (and of course his family) will find comfort in the coming days...