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We have lived an alternative economic model for close to a decade, because we are dedicated to building a better world for ALL! 

We offer seriously EPIC, handmade, and ethically sourced treasures by donation, trade, or barter and dedicate the resources we raise towards feeding, clothing, housing, and educating more people than ever before! 

Rather than shopping at corporations this festive season, we provide an opportunity to get gifts that keep on giving! Not only can you get an incredible piece of unique ART for your loved one from us, but we devote your investment towards a healthier and happier Earth and community.

We have given a taste of our goods on @steemrollin's wonderful Peerhub Marketplace (where you can trade directly with another individual with NO transaction fees, taxes, or regulations), and tomorrow we will return to the Urban Traders Market to showcase our wares for the fine people of Fort Worth!

A space for trading is of supreme importance to any economy; buyers must be able to connect with sellers for transactions to occur. Amber Richardson and Chelsea Kelley of the Urban Traders Market are doing a great job of bringing a network together every month! Their community initiative creates an important marketplace for artisans, and they are excellent hostesses for this emerging forum. The Urban Traders Market is an enjoyable atmosphere for the whole family, with live music and entertainment, fantastic crafts, and food trucks, and we're looking forward to participating in it again!

We invite everyone to come out to Shipping and Receiving tomorrow from 10 am - 5 pm to support the new economy! Use your purchasing power to add value to the community!

In addition to our Epic Handmade Knives

Über Dank Pantry preserves, 

Medicinal Jewelry

beyond organic homegrown tobacco, and wildcrafted herbal blends

we are also bringing select pieces from our Epic Threads Boutique to the UTM tomorrow, and we have a fun way to pay forward every clothing trade we make:

For every Epic Threads item we exchange by donation towards our cause tomorrow, we will donate another clothing item at the annual Feed the Need event for the homeless people of Dallas on December 17th! 

This will be another great event to celebrate honorable community this month! Did you know it's actually illegal to feed homeless people in this area without complying with a series of permits and regulations? We don't bend to fit systems that do not align with our values, so our act of compassion will also be one of civil disobedience.

It would be great to see some Steemians out in Fort Worth tomorrow! Even if you can't make it out, you can find all goods you need for the holiday season and beyond on the Peerhub Marketplace. Please help us build the new economy, where we embody that by helping ourselves we can also help others! 

Urban Traders Market - handcrafted for the city slicker
Shipping & Receiving
201 S. Calhoun Street 
Fort Worth, TX.
Saturday, December 3
10 am - 5 pm
We will gladly accept Steem Dollars!

Feed the Need with Don't Comply
December 17th
12 pm
more info available here

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Building the new economy is so exciting!!! Honorable products, personal relationships, and paying it forward FTW!

It is truly a blessing to have the opportunity to be generous. The layers of sustainability in what is shared by the @gardenofeden are quite profound--perhaps more than more people can really comprehend. I'm grateful for all the realities engaged -- Keep sharing the awesomeness. May it be contagious and be paid forward.

Can't wait to feed the people! It's truly a mutual relationship. Sharing feels just as good as receiving, if not better. I'm sure it will be a similar experience at the trader's market


It's great fun to give! We have an epic abundance to share!

Feeding, clothing, and educating is definitely what y'all do best! Thanks for being so honorable!


A better way is possible! There's more than enough of everything!

All the best wishes and love sent your guys way for tomorrow, have a wonderful day.
It's amazing what all of you do at the gardenofeden


Thank you! Grateful for your well wishes. May tomorrow be the best day ever!


I like that, more than just have a great day, may tomorrow be your best day ever makes today great automatically by bringing positivity to something that is upcoming.

I really enjoy reading the portion of your post about trading "directly with another individual with NO transaction fees, taxes, or regulations", just becareful with the regulations portion as long as you are on a centralized website that just isn't true. Someone above is always controlling things if on a dot com. No centralization and TOR support upcoming on other marketplaces I believe you should have your products among more than one marketplace is all. Good luck, awesome pics of all the different kind of goods, more stores like yours should exist.

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