Can you tell 3 People to vote for @fyrst-witness, please?

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Enable me to expand on my endeavours onboarding investors from the fiat-world as I have constantly been doing since day one.

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 9.12.48 PM.png

Being a STEEM ambassador requires transparency, guts, salesmanship, competence, self-motivation and continuation.

Why I am the right man for a higher position on the witness list!

When I joined STEEM, I created communication and have built it up to a big sustainable open community full of human talents and resources headhunted by others. This I do as part of the openness of teaching people how to become mini-me.

I have onboard Restaurant Owners, Politicians, Lawyers, Blue Collars, Strangers and made many of them long term holders by providing ROI alternatives with inventions like @Booster which created business-space on this very blockchain.

This wont be the first coin I onboard people to - I have onboard countless people into Bitcoins at $200-$300 prices, Dogecoin to 250 Satoshi, Fedoracoin TIPS, Lisk & Waves which I wrote about in my first article on this blockchain, and waves are doing great - so are the rest of the collection.

The First WEEK of DECEMBER I will be hosting @SteemFiesta II - in Lima, Peru -

Summertime with Steemians. I have already hosted one last year to give the format a tryout before the next SteemFiesta which will be bigger, longer & uncut. We charge a small fee for tickets but has also given away hundreds of tickets to groups. SteemFiesta II will be like SteemFiesta I, people pay their own flights, Airbnb and their own food - I will be there, other witnesses/whales/dolphins will be there, hopefully, you will be there and we can get to know one another.

Aching to perform!

This year I will be performing bi-daily hustler courses on @SteemSpeak discord, I will teach the rules of salesmanship, how to close deals and hopefully inspire a lot to start collecting money from friends, family members and strange investors and take some risks themselves going long on STEEMPOWER!

I am on the side who want to see STEEM grow and the people on it prosper

Your Witness-Vote means a lot for my motivation being always enthusiastic about STEEM, like the big Hoover Dam - it was in "beta" until it was in PowerProduction.

Allow me to solve more blocks - Make the circle bigger

I start my workday in about 2.5 hours, I expect to onboard at least 3 people today - that is my goal for today, and I hope to reach my goal before lunch so I can take the rest of the day off.

Language Bridge Building

The #1 reason for the war in the world is a misunderstanding in communication. If two individuals meet, and none of them speaks a common language, they will not be able to understand each other and end up hating each other. I speak 3 languages in order to connect to about the middle and upper-class among about 1 Billion people.

Steem Ambassador

@fyrst-witness has paid for the vacation of 20 Peruvian families this year, as part of my grassroots capture strategy, we have made it possible to introduce STEEM in many different ways getting them all to know about it and start using it.

By WE - I speak about those who help me

I have great assistants that help me appoint with people and move me around. Fulfilling my promise I have already done many times over - and I want to continue doing it and with your friend's votes in addition to your own I will know I have the STEEM community backing me, and that inspires me.

Thank you, and remember:
You Too are a co-owner of STEEM!


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Thanks for asking and letting us know.
You have my witness vote and I will try asking my followers to consider voting you as a witness too.

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I will try to tell, and hopefully they will be good witnesses

You surely have my wintess vote and i will try telling people to vote for you also.

You are still my witness. No worries.

Thanks for the message @fyrstikken, will try to get more people involved to vote you

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@fyrstikken, Keep up the great work brother and hope that soon position of @fyrst-witness will improve and expand. Good wishes from my side. Stay blessed.

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You are one of my witnesses. I have a couple of folks that have me as a proxy. What more can I do?

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