You can either accept it and feel bad or discard it and feel good.

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It takes someone that has made up his/her mind not to be move by anything no matter the situation to really remain happy when faced with things that could make them feel inferior.


Collins and his parents were about to climb the great wall of China. As they headed for the large stone steps, a man approached. He spoke in Chinese, held up his camera and pointed at Collins.

Then Collin's Mum said "I think he wants your picture", their guide, a young Chinese woman explained " people here are interested in anyone different from them. Haven't you noticed everyone watching Collins?". His parents looked around. People were starring at Collins, pointing and talking.

"What's so different about me?" Collins asked. The guide smiled. "It's your hair. There aren't many red-headed people in China. They see you as different". But it was strange having everyone think Collins was different. Collins was not feel different but rather,he enjoyed all the attention.

The attention of others was focused on things that wasn't rampant in their own area but Collins see it as an opportunity to become a celebrity in that area and he was happy taken the shot.

One thing is for people to make you look as if you are inferior to them and another thing is to have a big heart that can always see the best in yourself.
People might not appreciate you in the environment you are but there are some people that have never seen that unique thing in you and they are willing to get close to you and appreciate you for that special thing that you are created with.

Never look down on yourself and never feel bad when people look down on you.

No one can make you look inferior without your own consent. Your heart belongs to you and you are responsible for what you allow to remain there and what is not worthy to dominate your heart.

Shake off all those negative things people see in you and start seeing it as an opportunity of processing what others doesn't have.

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Thanks @funkylove for the continued inspiration you bring through your articles.

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Thank you for this post
I have chosen long ago to always feel good

Thank you for this post
I have chosen long ago
To always feel good

                 - ifioklee

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I love this.... We can always decide how we feel no matter the situation...
Thanks for sharing

Thanks for your time and contribution

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