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RE: You can either accept it and feel bad or discard it and feel good.

in #life6 years ago

Thanks @funkylove for the continued inspiration you bring through your articles.

Thank you for using eSteem and you have been chosen by eSteem curators for Encouragement Program .

Please join our growing community using this link and check our Mobile and Surfer (desktop) apps using this link.


Thanks for your efforts and your supports @coolguy123

Am really having difficulties in getting the Surfer (desktop) apps downloaded.
Am seeing different links on the download page but i don't know which one to download.


1.0.5 is the latest version, but even I am seeing difficulty in downloading that, I have 1.0.4, that and older versions works without any issue.
You can try any of those.

If you still find a difficulty, you can report the issue on eSteem Discord channel with #help or #issue channel on the Discord link provided above.

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