There Are Always Lessons To Learn From People That Cross Our Path - My Experience Few Weeks Ago

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There are always lessons to learn at every point in time in our life journey and there are always lessons to learn from people that cross our paths.



I learned some great lessons a few weeks ago. A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I were at a fast food joint after work just having an evening chill session, after taking our order, I observed that there was one elderly couple that just walks in holding hands but the gentleman had a cane and it seemed the lady was leading the way.

After getting their order, they settled into a corner and it was absolutely adorable. The guy was obviously blind, but he would casually stoke his wife’s hair telling her that she was beautiful over and over again. It was really sweet and they were happy being together despite the fact that the guy was blind.


The lady helped him to the door of the men’s room, and I was happy within me seeing that lovely couple. When they returned, I took excuse from my guy just to get close to them. On getting to their table, after greetings, am just furious to know more about them and the secret behind the man's ability to still able to know how beautiful the wife is as he often says "You are beautiful my love"

I was amazed by his reply when I asked him "since he was blind, how could he tell how beautiful his wife was." He smiled and told me that "he had been blind for like 46 years, and that the image of his wife in his head is from 46 years ago, and she would always be that beautiful person in his mind."


I was richly blessed by those beautiful replies I got from this man and I kept wondering if someone that was blind can picture this just to remain happy and keep his relationship work. Why can't we just focus on those good aspects of our relationships when things are not cool just to make it work out and enjoyable.

Never allow your disability to take away your ability. There is always something you can picture to make life worth living and relationships worth having.


Regards @funkylove



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I really do believe that everyone I meet has something to teach me..... This is a huge fact. Thanks!

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