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Yes Hello! The new addition to the Steemit growing community is right here starting her first blog ever! I am Florence Mae Molina from Guipos, Pagadian City Philippines and I am currently staying in Iligan City Philippines for my studies. I’ll be celebrating my 22nd birthday on October 28, 2018. I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers and also, I am a tita of my 5 nephews and my niece. All in all, that makes us a big family.

Currently I am living in an apartment with my dog, izzy. Going through my favorites, first of all I am literally obsessed with the one and only RiRi, Rihanna. I mean who does not love her music, her fashion and even her acting skills? For me she is amazing.
Then my favorite millennial would be Hailee Steinfield because I think she can basically do anything, like acting, singing, dancing and also her fashion is a must-have.
My forever man crush would be Tom Cruise. His movies are one of the most epic but my favorite is the movie “The Mummy”. It represents my favorite genre of movies which is a mix of mystery, thriller or horror. I also read books with this kind of genre but with the busy schedule, requirements at school and also with the uprising of the social media platforms (of course, my favorite would be instagram), I wasn’t able to read books that much anymore.
With instagram I saw a part of the world that I did not knew before and it inspires me more to get to know different culture, different environment and obtain a different perspective to life. Travelling is more than just enjoying the view behind every photo, its about learning something new and letting it become part of you. But trying and exploring new food and flavor is a bonus in travelling that you can get. And since I am a big eater, good food is a major “plus” to me.
Hope that you enjoyed my first blog about myself and thank you for reading. See you in my upcoming contents.
XX Florence,


Welcome to Steemit platform, from all of us in promo-nigeria. Steemit is a beautiful place to be and we are sure you will be happy here. Get to know more by blogging consistently. Never be discouraged, seek for assistant when necessary. Cheers!

Thanks for the tip.

Welcome to steemit @florencemaej. Hope you could find your spot here in this platform. There are many things to be discovered, and people who have talents like yours are what this platform needs. Just be patient since this is just your start. Don't worry as the community here would love posts of quality and informative content. Just do your best and steem on!

If you would be interested to join a group of like minded people & quality content creators who support, guide & learn from one another, then I am extending an invitation to our #dynamicsteemians discord. Here you can connect with people from all over the world, your country included. Feel free to promote your posts in the relevant channels.


Welcome to Steemit @florencemaej!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings from @introbot & @bycoleman

Thank you very much!

Welcome to Steemit, Hope you have a great time.

i do had a great time, thank you!

Hi! welcome to steemit, hope you have a good time here, you are really pretty !!!

yes thank you!!

@florencemaej hello. Welcome to the Platform! Feel free to post whatever you desire! Happy Steeming! :)

Yes thank you!

Hi @florencemaej.. welcome to steemit and good luck...
Izzy must be so cute.. 💕
And about Tom Cruise.. he is number 1 👌👌👌

Thanks! yes she is, i will be posting smething about her on future content.

Im glad you can relate!

Welcome to steemit community! best of luck

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Welcome to the blockchain. Hope you find your place here.

Also, please tell all your friends that join to not put their full name and date of birth. The internet is not a safe place to put them out in the open.

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