My second resolution 2018: Be Happy! Step 1: Believe in Yourself 1/2

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Dear steemians,

Today I want to tell you about my second resolution of the year 2018.

If you want to know what was the first, here are my others posts:
- My first resolution 2018: stop negative thinking 1/2
- My first resolution 2018: stop negative thinking 2/2

We hear all the time talk about happiness and advice to access it. I do not pretend to have the solution. But I share with you a little of my story. In 30 years of life, I learned things and if I can bring my experience to some people, so why not ;).
And if you too want to share about this topic, I invite you to write me a comment. I do not promise to answer in the day but I do my best :)

A few years ago, I watched this movie "The Help". It's a fantastic movie, I recommend it! This film takes place in Mississippi, during the 60s. It's the story of three women that everything had to oppose and who will finally make an incredible friendship. This film talks about the most sensitive social conventions and racism. From this unlikely alliance will be born an extraordinary solidarity and strong bonds between people. He moved me a lot especially for the relationship between a maid who takes care of a little girl. And she tells her every day this:

film's extract "The Help"

"You are nice, you are smart, you are important".

This sentence really inspired me and I wrote it in a notebook. I write things in this notebook, which seem important to me to remember in difficult times ...
It helps me, for example, not to forget to congratulate myself. And yes, it may sound pretentious but not at all! Self-esteem is the basis and we should not wait for it to come from others.

Compliment yourself every day, is good for health! ;)

You are unique and if someone tells you the opposite, ask yourself why this person tells you. And why do you let people say it ...
If you wish, you can read my two posts I quoted above. Because they talk about not letting negative people get into your life and hurt you.

In my opinion, stopping thinking negatively also depends on the choice you make of people around you. There are toxic people, unfortunately ... And I know what I'm talking about ...

Sometimes it's necessary to scan and choose healthier relationships.

We only have one life my friends, why waste time with toxic people?

We can help others become better. On one condition: to be at peace with yourself.

FlaminGirl in Montserrat (Spain)

And to be at peace with yourself, self-esteem is essential, isn't it?
In any case, that's what I believe.
Having self-confidence, self-esteem and being congratulated each day can help you be happy. In the same way as surrounding us with people who value and support us.

I am only at the beginning of this long path to inner peace ...
Now I know some effective ways to get there. The most difficult thing is to be regular. But it will come ;) Step by step.
First, I select my relationships and then I move on!

If you liked this post, do not hesitate to vote, reestem or comment. I will post the the second part, very soon so stay connected! ;)


@flamingirl this New year I promise to impart in the life of other, one of my agenda is progressing, this month alone I have registered over 11 friends on Steemians, another is to reach out to the needy

Believe is success and who believe in yourself is the successful people in the world...

Very good summary! Thanks for your comment :)

Nice Article and really inspiring one, Continue the good work

It takes braniacs to dish out such beautiful masterpiece....lovely write up

I think it's a compliment so thank you sooooooooooooo much! ;)

Lovely post. I’ve found since having my daughter, I’ve had to assess some of my “friendships” - it became very apparent that some of the relationships were one sided, and when I really needed them, they were nowhere to be seen. I don’t have the time, or energy to waste on such toxic relationships - and I’ve realised I’m better off without them.

I haven’t seen ‘The Help’ but I’ll be sure to watch it :)

I think your choice was not easy to do but you did the right, well done!
Unilateral relationships are toxic and indeed we have no time to lose with them!
Thank you for your nice comment and if you want to read more, I just post it ;)

I loved your article! More yoga - more peace, more positive thinking, more smiles, more spiritual and positive people in your life! Exercises and healthy food will also help to stay on the right path 🙌🏻🤗

I completely agree with you! I try to do all this and little by little it gets into my routine;). It's the best thing I've done in my life! Take care of me :) Thank you for your nice comment...
Thank you for your nice comment and if you want to read more, I just post it ;)


I loved your article, we must eliminate those toxic friendships, what it does is harm us... Namaste

Thank you for your comment! If you want to read more, I just post the second part ;)


Namaste! :) I can’t connect to steem chat, if you have a chance, contact me on [email protected]
On the airport, traveling to your city. Enjoy your day! :)

I just sent you an email;)!

See you soon!!!

Just landed :) Write you tomorrow. See you soon! Really looking forward 🎈

Each morning I connect to what I am grateful for in my life and then at night I connect to my "wins" for the day. It's a great way to stay inspired and also congratulate myself for the little (or big) things that happened throughout the day!

Self-confidence, self-respect, self-love...all incredibly important things that I cherish and try to improve upon every day.

Awesome article @flamingirl. I vibe with your message and have followed :) I'd love to hear your thoughts about my recent post: How To Fuel Flirtation And Ignite Irresistible Interactions

Thank you very much @axios for this lovely comment! I'm glad people send me positive feedback on my work, it feels good.
I just read your post and it's a very very good job! I congratulate you! Voted and follow!
I just posted the second part of this article, if you want to continue to vibrate ^^
See you soon!

wow...awesome video.And lovely article

Great post,be happy!i like that
What will make me happy is making enough money to pay my sister fees,well am very hopeful!

Be proud of who you are.
Onegai Shimasu 🙏🏼
Arigatou Gozaimasthita🙏🏼

How do I step up my self esteem aside jus complimenting myself

True happiness begins after you believe in yourself and choose you first
Wonderful piece @flamingirl

When the mind moves with time there is happiness, and when the mind moves with events there is misery. Knowledge and wisdom are what remove the impression of events from the mind, in wisdom there is happiness. Wishing everyone a WFY, a Wisdom Filled Year!-srisri

Excelent post! I have to watch that movie :), when I feel that everything is black and I can't even get out of my bed I listen a song of Sia: unstoppable, also I wrote the chorus in my bedroom's wall: I'm unstoppable, I'm a Porsche with no brakes, I'm invincible, I win every single game, I'm so powerful
I don't need batteries to play, I'm so confident, I'm unstoppable today", and this makes me feel better :). Thanks a lot for sharing this💛.

Hey @flamingirl :) I love surrounding myself with positive and uplifting people on here- happy to find you! <3 I just had 2 whole months off and it was the craziest thing to be away! I love being able to find and read inspiring posts like this (that is the goal of my profile too)! I'm happy we connected here! Looking forward to more <3

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