Dance with me! Flamingirl at the LATIN DANCE FESTIVAL & WTP EUROPEAN MEETING!!! [Episode 1/English version]

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Dear steemians!

As promised I share with you my amazing week at LATIN DANCE FESTIVAL & WTP EUROPEAN MEETING!!!

💃 This Latin Dance Congress took place from December 6 to 10 in Lloret de Mar, Catalonia (Spain).
During 5 days, we participated in workshops of international dancers, incredible shows and unforgettable social dance nights!
This is what I will try to share with you through photos and videos made especially for you my steemians friends!

My First Video! 🎥

9 am: Before starting a dance congress, you have to be ready!
Here are the BASICS THINGS to be a dancer at the top ^^:

  • dance shoes (the most important) 👠
  • training shoes 👟
  • manicure & pedicure 💅
  • workout clothes 👕
  • chic/class clothes 👗
  • ... S.M.I.L.E 😊

My New Dance Shoes! 💗

1 pm : Once the suitcases in the car, Let's go to Lloret de Mar with my dancer friends!
LLORET DE MAR is approximately 1h15 from Barcelona by car.

Welcome to the "Evenia Olympic Resort" my friends!

FlaminGirl position XD

Here is a video to show you our arrival, in exclusivity for you!!!

2 pm: We arrived at our apartment to drop off the luggage.

4 pm: We went shopping at the supermarket!
FOOD is essential when you practice an intensive sports activity!

Our shopping list:

  • superfoods (chlorella, spirulina, goji berries)
  • seeds (chia, flaxseed, sunflower, squash, sesame)
  • fruits (bananas, apples, pears, pomegranate, raspberries...)
  • vegetables (kale, cucumber, zucchini, carrots, tomatoes...)
  • nuts (almonds, cashew nuts, pecan nuts...)
  • pasta (gluten free) and organic rice
  • water (hydration is very important)

This healthy food allowed us to eat HEALTHY and especially FAST for 5 days! We have prepared various super nutritious smoothies and dishes rich in essential nutrients. SUPERALIMENTS provide the body with a maximum protein level, vitamins, minerals or trace elements and are rich in antioxidants! A perfectly healthy and energy mix!

6 pm: We received the information and documents related to the Congress.

8 pm: After a good dinner, we are ready to dance all night !!! 💃💃💃

Stay connected and discover soon the NEXT VIDEO, where you will see me ON THE DANCE FLOOR...!!! 😉


that looks pretty nice,, live your life the best way... dance and eat some healthy food and keep it up always.
this is all what is like abut.

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fantastica dance :)

Yummy lookin food!! Happy Christmas!!

Your Exciment shows you are ready for this dance show.Whishing you your become winner on this dance show.

It is obvious you are having so much fun. The dish looks mouth-watering. That it is healthy food is a plus. I will look out for that dancing video. It is my first time exploring the dance tag, I didn't know there was one. It's good I found it though

How nice it looks, a dream come true for you.

In the same way, some day many of us will can also be fulfilling our dreams.

For example my dream is to help children and for that I study psychology, one day I will be giving the best support of the world to every child that enters my office and I will be doing very large projects to ensure the future of humanity.

I wish you success and the best, I really enjoy watching your blog, it makes me very happy, since dancing is one of my tastes and you show me a beautiful world in relation to it.

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