How It Feels Having Big Dreams In A World Where All You See Are Limitations.

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Do you know how it feels having big dreams in a world where all you see are limitations?

The (Old) Reality

There is a huge difference between people not wanting you to go ahead with your plans just because they can, and people actually pointing out the reality of the world you live in. For many years I, like many others, have wanted nothing more than to just get out of the country and never look back but I soon discovered that I was maybe different from the crowd.

Due to my African home training and the huge premium placed on respect and acting right, I've found it somewhat challenging balancing that part of me that wants to go all out and explore, with the part of me that has to listen to opinions and advice from the older ones. This is a very tough act to pull and it's one of the reasons I feel I must posses some superpowers. Well, my parents haven't made it all that difficult for me (Hi Dad @doublecrown) :)

Judging from Hollywood movies (forgive my presumed ignorance) I could just pack my stuff and walk out of the house because I need to go live out my dream somewhere more favorable but hey, my Nigerian brain keeps telling me "Chill, we'll find our own method" and so I have chilled.

I've had dreams. Everyone of us have had dreams at some point in our lives. The difference is that mine have refused to let go of me. Remember how I told you the reality around me made it glaring how impossible it was for me to achieve my dreams? They were actual things you yourself could see and not some made up stories. These things are well documented; basic amenities, jobs, conducive living environment... too many to mention.

One exciting thing is that even when I somewhat decided reluctantly to take a backseat and try to go with the norm, the entire army in my planet of origin (I'm barely human) decided to rise up and see to it that my dreams don't die. I believe in God and I believe he has plans for my life.

Many people might have gotten tired of the many posts praising Steemit and all but if you come from where I come from, you'll understand what we've gone through and what we're currently going through as Steemians. Let me tell you this,

as we on board more Nigerians (and Africans in general), you'll get to see many more of these Steemit praises because the difference is really clear.

The New Reality

I talked about a reality before now that was so glaring you couldn't argue against it; Steem is the new reality.

From trying to fend for myself here, hosting the first ever meetup in Nigeria, to having to manage a community, I've seen my dreams slowly creep back to the forefront of my entire being. All the past fantasies about traveling the world, making an impact in people's lives, all these are now jumping up for joy at the prospect of finally being able to manifest thanks to this new reality.

As someone you could describe as an introvert, I rarely talk about my ideas and dreams and goals but the flip side of this is that I get to dream a lot. It's funny because I hardly really sleep yet I am a big time dreamer. These dreams aren't the ones you get while asleep; they come when you're wide awake. Many of them scare me but over the years I've learnt not to bother myself with how they'll become reality. I just dream and let time work its magic.


@japfive and @tojukaka. @fisteganos is somewhere behing the camera

This time around, it seems as though the time has come, not just for me but for many others like me who previously had bags of dreams and no hope to boot. I feel very excited when I meet Steemians and they show me or talk about things they've been able to achieve because of Steem(it). I was privileged to meet with @tojukaka and @japfive a few hours ago (even though I got there just after they had lunch) and apart from the newly formed friendship/relationship (thanks to Steemit), it was an all smiling affair as we talked about how far we have come. A week old Steemian can easily tell the difference in their lives already. If you don't believe, take a look at the contest being run by @surpassinggoogle

The new reality is that young kids who should have been bothered with the stress of not getting jobs and having to live in not so palatable conditions are instead now scheming ways to make their society better. It amazes me that someone could mention a million naira and someone else will just jokingly say "we can raise that within a week". It's crazy! I don't know if you understand but it's amazingly crazy!

You must have read @ejemai talk about being a crazy dreamer and all, it's what happens when you suddenly have the resources you need to print out the many pictures in your head. You just don't know how to feel or how to express your feelings. You look at yourself and try to understand how it's possible that you're able to do all these you see yourself doing. It's like giving someone who has been rehearsing as second fiddle the opportunity to lead at an opera. It's...

The Come Out

I marked 2018 as my come out year probably since mid 2017. Everything that came to my mind was pushed to 2018 and the other day I touched on it in my roadmap for 2018. I want this year to be the year I actually break out of my shell and begin to do those things I've always wanted to do. It's time to travel the world, meet new people, expand my knowledge and exposure, talk to people, attend conferences.

This is the year to grow up and I'm so excited!

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The new reality-steemit. @fisteganos steemit has really changed a whole lot of lives. You were right when you said we shouldn't be surprised when we see people praising steemit especially from Nigeria. Steemit has helped a lot of us and it's still helping us. I don't know where I would have been if I wasn't introduced to steemit.

Amazing! I just wrote a post stating something similar. The greatest thing about steemit for me is that it's opened up a world of possibilities. Perhaps the best of these will not come to pass but now I know they are possibile and I feel more courage as someone like you, who doesn’t know how to give up they’re dreams.

Push the boundaries. Keep knocking till someone opens that door. Cheers


Thank you bro! We won’t stop.


No longer an option now :)

It is the freedom that @steemit offers that amazes me. In this part of the globe where rigid channels have been established on how to earn a living. This platform has essentially broke the limit to dreams.

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gl with your great year, it is crazy what can be done when we all change our perceptions and expectations / peace

My dream is Russian-spoken Steem!

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Always follow your dreams and the stars will align to help guide you on your personal life journey… that concept is from a book called ‘The Alchemist’. Good luck in all of your endeavors may blessings continue to inspire you as well as lead you to your life’s calling.

Truer words have never been spoken. Well, except "God's not dead"

Best of luck my brother. We are all rooting for you. #youth #inspire

"I talked about a reality before now that was so glaring you couldn't argue against it; Steem is the new reality." Steem is really the next big reality of digital currency. You really need to from coast to coast and break the york around you. The time is now.

the new reality; steemit is the way forward...dont stop dreaming

This post so inspired me that I had to reblog...
I'll like to know you better sir...

The benefits of being in steemit is almost uncountable. Here one can learn a lot while also develop each day both in writing and literary appreciation. The remuneration that accrues from it is just mind blowing. In this place our voices can be heard, ideas exchanged and the cycle continues.


This is so true. We are so lucky to have Steemit.

We all know how hard it is to live your dream in this country of ours. It takes a fighter and someone with courage like to actually overcome the obstacles. Steemit has really affected a lot of life and its the new reality indeed. Great post bro...keep steeming

Being a Nigerian is hard enough
You have to struggle for almost everything
Almost everything has competition tied to it making things more difficult.
But whatever happens you just need to do what you've always wanted to do with your life

Steemit is actually a great opportunity for any reasonable and open minded fellow.. I hope we all strive to utilize at that comes with it.

Haha, when I saw this post it was at $222.22! Nice post!

If your dreams do not scare you you are yet to start dreaming. Thanks goodness there is someone who has dreams. Funny thing is... I do not want them to leave you.

You will get there. Cheers!

Keep pushing. Steemit is the future. Progress with joy

Life is a teacher, you get to learn as you grow. My advice is DON'T STOP learning!
#Learning #Focus #Reading #Coaching #Mentorship knowledge-comes-with-learning.-Skill-comes-with-experience.-Attitude-never-comes-developed-Vishaak.png

Now that you have successfully dragged me into this, young man shey normal.